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History Timeline Templates

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The Bible Timeline of History. Bible Timeline. How to Create a Homeschool History Timeline. Homeschool families teach their children history in many different ways.

How to Create a Homeschool History Timeline

Some families learn history based off the usual public school method of jumping from period to period with little rhyme or reason. Others start at the very beginning and follow it chronologically through to present day. Whatever the method used, many homeschool families create history timelines to help them. Materials Needed for the Homeschool History Timeline 1. Constructing the Homeschool History Timeline Template The first step in constructing a homeschool history timeline is taping the poster board pieces together. After the poster board is connected, draw a line about three inches down from the top across all of the poster board pieces.

Recording Dates and Eras on the Homeschool History Timeline The next step is to write in the dates across the top of the timeline. The pages after that are reserved for actual history. Creation to Resurrection Historical Timeline Figures. I have a fun Creation to Resurrection Historical Timeline set to share with you today!

Creation to Resurrection Historical Timeline Figures

Why create a timeline? Timelines are a wonderful way to see all of history in one glance! They make it easier to see when things happened, as well as what was happening before, during, and after certain events. They’re also great for visual learners and kinesthetic learners as they are a hands-on approach to learning the history of our world! Since your children will be coloring and filling in some of the information on each figure, they’ll remember the event, person, or thing much better than just reading about it in a book. (Not all figures shown) $5.00 – Instant Download What’s Included? This download includes 142 individual timeline figures that students can add to a timeline wall or binder as they learn. As you progress through your curriculum, you can have students cut out the appropriate timeline figure, color the piece, and add in the appropriate dates for each item.

Homeschool Timeline Templates and Resources. Timeline Forms. Centurychart. Timeline-dates. HTTA - Timeline Helps. One of the best things about timeline figures is getting the children to work with them!

HTTA - Timeline Helps

And what could be more fun than learning by coloring! This way, the child observes the nuances of the picture, pays attention to detail, and has just filed this particular lesson in his memory! If your child is of reading age, he most likely reads the text while coloring, again reviewing the material. However, before your children sink much time, effort, and hard work into creating a timeline that will last all their years, there are some things to consider to eliminate possible pit-falls! Here are some tips we've learned along the way that may be of some help to you! MEDIUMS: MARKERS: Markers are a classic choice of most young children when it comes to coloring. 1.) 2.) 3.) CRAYONS: Crayons are another choice of younger ones, and although they do work fine, they are still hard for getting small detail due to their fatter tips. COLORED PENCILS: Colored pencil! Homeschool Curriculum, Printables & Resources.

May 2011: I've been working on making timeline figures for Otter's timeline notebook.

Homeschool Curriculum, Printables & Resources

I thought I'd share the template below with everyone else with a sample of how it works. Feel free to download and use to make your own timeline figures for any period of history. It's easy to clear the template for your own use. I've included instructions on how to do that quickly (1 click!) For Microsoft Word and Open Office users. Want to see a blog post about Otter's timeline and see examples of the pages he's put together? A little bit more about timelines... I've found that a timeline is a very wonderful tool for not only seeing the big picture of history, but also as a way to help foster the retention of everything we've studied. If you liked these printables, please check out our other printables! Some Other Timeline Ideas: Take the pages out of your notebook and line them up on the floor to really see how time and events have progressed -stretch it across the room and down the hall!