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11 basic patterns of fingerprint. 11 basic patterns of fingerprint If there is lack of nurturing to foster development of genetic strengths, these strengths will be hindered.

11 basic patterns of fingerprint

Vice versa, practice may strengthen one’s weaknesses, regardless of how much potential this person has. Therefore, understanding the analysis of a child’s dermatoglyphy may help parents to nurture their children based on their personality, strengths and weaknesses, so to add to his strengths and improve areas of weaknesses.

The following 11 patterns that appear on our fingerprints generally explain one’s personality, each pattern on each different finger may be explained differently with different analysis. How to Analyze Fingerprints: 3 Steps. Showthread. Fingerprints Reveal More Than You ThinkFingerprints are uniquely our own, and are as singular as a snowflake.


Formed in the womb, they are one of the few aspects of our physiology that remains unchanged throughout our lives. But did you know that lurking within the ridges on your finger tips are the secrets of your personality? Your fingerprints reveal who you are in more ways then one.The Art of Fingerprint Reading The art of studying fingerprints to determine personality traits has been practiced for thousands of years and is believed to have originated in India. As well as studying fingerprints, many practitioners also use foot and palm prints to ascertain information about a person's health and character.Many palm readers use a combination of the lines and mounts on a person's palm as well as their fingerprints to discern a complete profile of the person they are dealing with. What Your Fingerprints Say About You: The Link Between Fingerprints and Personality. Fingerprint Personality. Fingerprint Personality : ( Determine your Personality through your Fingerprints ) The following in English..., my second Language., so excuse the tenses.

Fingerprint Personality

When working almost a lifetime with certain aspects of live, you tend to pick up things that other people don't.I started out just after my grade 12..., working with crime and fingerprints..., and notice that certain people with the same personalities, have the same trend of Fingerprint patterns...!? After years of studying this..., I came to a conclusion..., that your personality..., and mine..., are based on the fingerprint pattern and counts in your fingers. After testing my theory with my friends..., people I drink with in bars..., and random selected people..., I have a good understanding of your "blue-print" on your fingers. You can't change who you are..., and we were all design by the "Bigger Power" ..., to fit in a job so that there would be people who clean the streets..., and others who design the streets they clean.

Behavior: Do you have unusual fingerprints? Character traits Handreaders have associated fingerprints with certain character traits.Loops*: flexible, adaptable, easy going, highly receptive, impressionable, unfocussed, team players.Arches: down to earth, pragmatic, responsible, reserved, consistent.Tented arches: hyperactive, impulsive, intense, fiery.Whorls*: independent, inflexible, individualistic, highly focussed.Double loop (a.k.a. composite): indecisive, uncertain, diplomatic.

Do you have unusual fingerprints?

Some double loops look more like whorls, others are more clearly two intertwined loops. Depending on which one it is, see also the associated loop or whorl characteristics.Peacock's eye (a.k.a. central pocket loop): perfectionistic, good eye for detail. It is more of a whorl than a loop, so see also whorl characteristics. *Note that loops and whorls are quite common - so it would take about 4+ whorls to make you a 'whorly' person and 7+ loops to make you a 'loopy' person. Handreaders also give specific meaning to the fingers. There Are Secrets In Your Fingerprints — And This Test Reveals Them All. This Is Spooky! According to modern science, if you’re looking to uncover the truth about your personality — including strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and even potential — look no further than your own two hands.

There Are Secrets In Your Fingerprints — And This Test Reveals Them All. This Is Spooky!

Evidently, your hands are like maps to your personality. Not only do the lengths of your fingers and the shapes of your nails reveal the truth, but so do your fingerprint patterns — and there’s a whole science behind the analysis of these prints. Founded in the mid-1900s by Dr. Fingerprint Patterns 1946 Lecture. Notes on lecture given by Mr.

Fingerprint Patterns 1946 Lecture

J. F. Schupbach at Walton House on 10/2/1946 In the SSPP we have come to realize that every form in the human anatomy may reflect some invisible pattern of the individual’s mental and emotional composition. All hand patterns change except dermatoglyphics. That exception is a fundamental trait and attitude - something neither mental nor emotional - but a coloring or tone affecting the expression and outlook which is represented by the finger print patterns. Why should they show us an unalterable basic attitude, when all else in the person can change? There are many typologies or methods of classifying people which are more or less well known. Hands in Scripture. Counting with the FingersFingerprint TypesClasses of CivilizationBasic Types of Fingerprints Counting with the Fingers One of the obvious uses of the fingers is for counting.

Hands in Scripture

Since the numbers in scripture always come true, knowing the number of the finger reveals its meaning. From the ministry of the Levitical Priests, it is obvious that the thumb set apart from the other fingers.