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PATIENT SELF TESTING is a division of Alternative Health Care Inc. (AHC). Established as a California corporation in 1983, AHC is a state of the art technology and disease management company specializing in innovative solutions for patients/physicians and clinics.Website:

HOW TO USE A PT/INR MACHINE AT HOME ? - The Prothrombin (PT/INR) tests are done to evaluate blood clotting.


This is necessary for people who are taking the blood thinning medication WARFARIN or COUMADIN. They are often required to monitor their INR level and report to their Health care providers according to their health conditions. This usually involves visiting a doctor’s office or a lab on a regular basis to have a blood test. However, there is another more convenient option to test your blood by using a PATIENT SELF TESTING KIT at home.

It is a very easy monitor to use, as shown below. 1. 2. 3. PT/ INR Home Monitoring System. WHY A HOME PT/INR MACHINE? - PT/INR (PT or PRO TIME TEST) is usually done to measure the time it takes for Blood to clot.


Prothrombin is a protein secreted by the liver which helps the blood to clot appropriately. Therefore, Prothrombin time is monitored if you are taking a blood thinning medication such as WARFARIN or COUMADIN. Patients who are taking WARFARIN need regular monitoring to determine the response to their blood thinning medication. This may be checked often until it is in the correct range. Mechanical Heart Valve. What is PT/INR Test and Why it’s Beneficial - PT/INR: Prothrombin Time is a test that measures the time it takes for a clot to form in a blood sample.

What is PT/INR Test and Why it’s Beneficial -

Additionally, The INR ( International Normalization Ratio) is the Prothrombin Time result multiplied by a coefficient. It’s the same information just expressed differently. The INR allows standardization and comparison of data from all parts of the world. PT/INR TEST results are used for monitoring people who are being treated with blood thinning medication.

Usually Coumadin or Warfarin. To understand this more precisely, we should know what Prothrombin is: Prothrombin is a protein present in Blood Plasma which is converted into active thrombin during Coagulation. When the Blood is too thick, doctors generally prescribe Blood thining medicine like WARFARIN [COUMADIN] which is an anticoagulant drug. It is very important to know whether your clotting factor is high or low.A low clotting factor may cause you to bleed too much and a high clotting factor may cause dangerous clots. Patient Self Testing at Home. PT/INR Patient Self Testing Machine. PT/INR Patient Self Testing Taking the right portion is urgent for productive Anticoagulation Machinetreatment.

PT/INR Patient Self Testing Machine

The right portion is set up by estimating what amount of time it requires for blood to clump, and is known as the International Normalized Ratio (INR). The extent of time inr machine esteems are inside the upper and lower target esteem is called Time in Therapeutic Range, or TTR. This is significant in light of the fact that the additional time patients are in reach, the less possibility of difficulties, for example, blood clumps or inordinate dying.

PT INR Home Monitoring System AnticoagulationMachineoffices, don't actually present in-home testing as another option," he continued, perceiving that there's no specific reason behind why in-home inr testing isn't advanced even more customarily to patients. PT/INR Patient Self Testing Machine. PT/INR Patient Self Testing Machine. Covered Call Option Strategy. Covered Call Option Strategy. Aortic valve stenosis. Homeinr Testing's answer to What is mechanical heart valve/heart valve disease? - Quora. Mechanical Heart Valve. Heart Valve Disease, California City. PT/ INR Home Monitoring System. PT/ INR Home Monitoring System, California City. Patient Self Testing/ benefits of self testing. INR Self Testing with Anticogulation machine by Patient Self Testing a home INR observing organization.

Patient Self Testing/ benefits of self testing.

This extended help offering is intended to help your telehealth work process and decrease presentation by disposing of the requirement for in-person INR blood test. Advantages of INR Patient Self Testing 1. Patient Satisfaction and Compliance - 90% of patients incline toward INR self testing over testing in the anticogulation facility and show a 67% improvement in testing recurrence. 2. 3. 4. Source: Patients who are on Warfarin and Coumadin need to visit the lab to check the INR levels. With the assistance of the pt INR machine a patient simply needs to do an INR test at home. Artificial Heart Valve. Artificial Heart Valve, California City. A “” artificial heart valve”” is a single direction valve embedded into an individual's heart to supplant a valve that isn't working as expected (valvular coronary illness).

Artificial Heart Valve, California City

Fake heart valves can be isolated into three wide classes: mechanical heart valves, bioprosthetic tissue valves and designed tissue valves. The human heart contains four valves: tricuspid valve, “” prosthetic heart valve””, mitral valve regurgitation and aortic valve replacement.Their primary design is to keep blood streaming the appropriate way through the heart, and from the heart into the significant veins associated with it (the aspiratory course and the aorta). Heart valves can breakdown for an assortment of reasons, which can hinder the progression of blood through the valve (stenosis) as well as allowed blood to in reverse through the valve (spewing forth).

The two cycles put strain on the heart and may prompt significant issues, including cardiovascular breakdown. Heart Valve Replacement. Heart Valve Replacement, California City. Heart is a siphon made of muscle tissue.

Heart Valve Replacement, California City

It has 4 siphoning chambers: 2 upper chambers, called atria, and 2 lower chambers, called ventricles. “” heart valve replacement”” between every one of the heart's siphoning chambers keep blood streaming forward through the heart. Tricuspid valve. Situated between the correct chamber and the correct ventricle Aspiratory valve. Situated between the correct ventricle and the pneumonic vein “” Mitral valve regurgitation””. Situated between the left chamber and the left ventricle Aortic valve. PT/ INR Home Monitoring System. Expected Benefits of INR Self-Testing, California City. While INR levels can be checked adequately and securely through customary in- testing, there are a few points of interest related with “” INR test meters at home””.

Expected Benefits of INR Self-Testing, California City

While inr self-testing may not be appropriate for each understanding, there are a few patients for whom it could be helpful, including: •Patients who have exhibited consistence with past “” Anticoagulation Machine”” the executives. •Patients who have the actual capacity to perform testing or have a submitted parental figure who will help with home inr testing. •Patients who have a medical services supplier who endorses patient utilization of a POC gadget. •Patients who concur, with their medical care suppliers, upon a strategy for correspondence for examining conveyance of results and drug changes. Expected Benefits of INR Self-Testing?