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Tiny House Inspiration!

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Escape Traveler packs a whole lot of home onto a towable trailer. Regular readers may remember the Escape home we reported on last year that brings the kind of fixtures and fittings you'd usually expect to find in a full-sized house to a Park Home.

Escape Traveler packs a whole lot of home onto a towable trailer

The company is back with the Escape Traveler which, as you might have guessed, takes this compact living concept and puts it on a trailer for easier transportation. The Escape Traveler comes in two sizes: the standard, which sits on a 28 ft (8.5 m) trailer, and the XL, which rests on an even larger 34 ft (10.3 m) trailer. The models measure 269 sq ft (24 sq m) and 344 sq ft (32 sq m) respectively. Wohnwagon – Wege zur Autarkie Dein Wohnwagon - Außen & Innen. From Harvard Innovation Lab, A Startup To Help Take Tiny Houses Mainstream. Tiny houses occupy a curious position in our cultural consciousness.

From Harvard Innovation Lab, A Startup To Help Take Tiny Houses Mainstream

They're a cottage industry, but are also a full-fledged lifestyle movement with devotees and fans spanning the entire globe. But even though they command a freak fascination that's borderline obsessive for some, most people still think of them as curios, not viable living situations. A startup called Getaway wants to make that lifestyle less of an aspiration and more of a reality. Tumbleweed Tiny House Company - Welcome to our website ! Eco-friendly tiny home on wheels has living roof. Tiny Homes You Can Collect. Inside the rain-battered tents of last week’s art fair, there were bears made from feathers, a painting made from shoes and shoelaces, and a stabbing incident involving an X-Acto knife that was not a performance piece.

Tiny Homes You Can Collect

Among these and other, expected curiosities were two architectural prototypes: an aluminum and steel dining pavilion designed by with Patrik Schumacher, which sprouted like a kind of Martian flower over a molded timber table and chairs, and a 350-square-foot white box sheathed in laminated plywood designed by Gluckman Tang as an art pavilion. (It would certainly make an appropriate container to house one’s art fair purchases once home.) The structures and other “bespoke, architectural collectibles,” as their developer, Robbie Antonio, called the designs, were for sale through a new company called Revolution Precrafted Properties that aims to deliver limited editions of small houses and pavilions designed by big names within a few months of an order.

Mr. Mr. The idea, Mr. Inside Muji's Beautiful, Affordable Prehab Houses. 8 Micro Shelters That Are Cooler Than Your Apartment. Creator of RelaxShacks and HGTV native, Derek "Deek" Diedricksen, doesn't only have an awesome name; he also has an awesome book, Microshelters, which offers a photographic survey of 59 creative cabins, tiny houses, tree houses, shoffices (shed-offices), homes on wheels, forts, backyard retreats, garden follies and simple shacks among other small structures.

8 Micro Shelters That Are Cooler Than Your Apartment

Tiny houses are an art-culture phenomenon, and they’re just plain rad. Here are some of our favorites from his latest curated collection, including work from leading bloggers, architects and designers in the ‘tiny’ field. This one is located in New Paltz, New York and named after the New York City attorney who hired Diedricksen for the build. It's small, but feels larger than it is due to its almost 360-degree view. In Dorchester, Dorset, UK, the Plankbridge Hutmakers designed this hut on wheels. Woman Living Simply in Off Grid Tiny Home on Wheels. On September 23, 2014 I’m excited to show you an updated tour (and new video tour and interview) with Vina and her tiny home on wheels (of Sol Haus Design) thanks to the amazing Joshua and Natsuko of Chibi Moku.

Woman Living Simply in Off Grid Tiny Home on Wheels

They’re a husband and wife couple who live and travel in their RV throughout the United States (and beyond?). Right now I’d like to share with you their video and photo tour of Vina’s amazing tiny house on a trailer that she lives simply in full time. 25 Brilliant Tiny Homes That Will Inspire You To Live Small. Sweden. College and high school students are embracing the tiny house concept with gusto.


One of the leading architecture firms in Sweden is right behind them with a series of affordable, portable micro dorms that are also environmentally friendly. The “10 smart square” dorms are only 107 square feet, but feature lofts, kitchen, living and dining areas and an interesting use of cross laminated wood. Tengbom Architects is working in collaboration with wood manufacturer Martinsons, real estate company AF Bostäder and Lund University in Sweden to develop sustainable and smart housing for students. The first unit was on display in the Virserum Art Museum in 2013 and this year there will be 22 units available for students to move in. Cross laminated timber is an engineered wood building system designed to complement light- and heavy-timber framing options. The units are made from cross laminated wood and are assembled on site. Photos courtesy of Tengbom Architects. ESCAPE Traveler. It Can Be Put Together in One Day, but It Will Last a Lifetime. Sponsored Ad This modern and beautifully designed cabin is just one example in tiny house living that can be put together in a day.

It Can Be Put Together in One Day, but It Will Last a Lifetime

This tiny house located in Michigan was designed by architect Michael Fitzhugh. This tiny cottage in a Day is a modern, modular pre fabricated structure that is based on a 14 foot square module. The tiny cottages are built using structural insulated panels for floor, walls and roof. Once transported to the building location the tiny cottage modules are then assembled in approximately five hours. On this site you will find all sorts of prefabricated tiny homes. Prefabricated homes have been around longer than you would think. If living in a tiny house is something that you think you may be interested in, you can find lots of great tiny house resources from books, websites, step by step video tutorials and literature. To improve page loading speed, we have put the photo gallery for this article on the next page: view photo gallery.

Gallery - Tiny Houses by Greenpod Developement. Photos of FirstDay Cottage House Kits For Owner Builders. A number of FirstDays have been built all over the country.

Photos of FirstDay Cottage House Kits For Owner Builders

Here are some pictures to help get a good feel for FirstDay. Every finished FirstDay is a little different. Here are some pictures of completed homes to give you an idea of the variety of possibilities with a FirstDay Cottage. ShelterKraft WerksHome » ShelterKraft Werks. Cargotecture. - Montainer Container Homes. Tiny Houses. Resources. Tiny House "How to" Guides & Plans. Case Studies & Stories.