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Teardrop Inspiration!

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TerraDrop: Off Road Capable, Overland -inspired Teardrop Trailer. Built for Adventure! - Oregon Trail'R - Teardrop Trailers and Accessories. AT Overland. Go to slide 1Go to slide 2Go to slide 3Go to slide 4Go to slide 5Go to slide 6Go to slide 7Go to slide 8Go to slide 9 The AT Teardrop is a combination of Classic design and capable engineering.

AT Overland

Handcrafted from Baltic Birch and skinned in anodized aluminum, the AT Teardrop is eye catching and able. It features plenty of ground clearance to get you to your favorite remote camping spot, and loads of amenities when you get there. Enjoy camping in a hard sided trailer. The Off Road TeardropHorizon features our 4th generation proprietary Trailing Arm Air Suspension, TAAS 4.0. The rear hatch lifts up giving access to a full kitchen, with room for a 2 burner stove, a 45 liter Engel fridge, and storage for all your cooking gear, crockery and cutlery.

The interior cabin provides ample space for two to sleep, and is outfitted with shelves, drawers, and drink holders. Optional lighting the cabin are high quality LED lights that can switch between white light and red light. Moby1 XTR Teardrop Trailer — Moby1 Expedition Trailers LLC. The ultimate escape and adventure lifestyle trailer.

Moby1 XTR Teardrop Trailer — Moby1 Expedition Trailers LLC

The XTR is built around the principle that one can hook up their vehicle to a compact but fully self-contained trailer and head out into the wilderness and not look back. The concept behind the Moby1 is to make your journey into rugged and remote locations as comfortable and convenient as possible, to be light and mobile. With a compact package based on the design of a traditional teardrop trailer, with an interior bed and cabinetry for clothing and gear, it enables you to live outdoors, connecting with nature around you, cooking in an open air galley and relaxing under the shelter of the large awning. The comforts and functionality that are afforded by the XTR will enhance your time decompressing from the stress and strain of life. Our trailers are crafted with all of our components picked from suppliers as the highest quality available. Hear that? Base prices start at $18,500.00 Standard Features Optional Features.

10 Awesome Teardrop Trailers for Exploring the Great Outdoors. We at RVShare have talked about our fondness for teardrop trailers before, and a recent article in 50 campfires has only rekindled our love of these tiny trailers.

10 Awesome Teardrop Trailers for Exploring the Great Outdoors

Their list of 10 unique teardrop trailers is chock-full of trailers that recall simpler times and invite those of us with wanderlust to explore the world beyond our front door. Let’s review those trailers. But beware! You might just find yourself falling head over heels for the nostalgic charm of Teardrop Trailers. 1. This teardrop trailer was constructed as part of a celebration for the 75th anniversary of the Keeneland Race Track in Lexington, Kentucky. 2.

This trailer combines rustic and modern aesthetics designed to create something truly unique. 3. If you’re something of a military enthusiast, or simply want your trailer to blend in with the natural surrounding, this is the teardrop for you. Travel Trailers with Solar Power. So-Cal Teardrops - Home. Little Guy Teardrop Trailers - Home. T@B Teardrop Trailers. Sneak Peak: TAXA’s New Tiger Moth. This week the 8th Annual Elkhart Open House is taking place in Elkhart, Indiana.

Sneak Peak: TAXA’s New Tiger Moth

This is the show where RV dealers nationwide can get an early look at all the upcoming…and current…offerings from most of the manufacturers in the region. One of the new offerings at this year’s show is from TAXA, the makers of the Cricket trailer, which I covered earlier in September here. Coming sometime late fall of 2015, TAXA will be adding the Tiger Moth to their lineup.

The Tiger Moth will weigh in at about 900 lbs and have a price tag in the $12,000 range. Once they get into production and more details surface, I’ll have some more for you here. Woody teardrop trailers. Teardrop Trailer Basics: Tiny Living on the Go. We who embrace tiny living understand that life isn’t about how much space you own, but how much space you explore.

Teardrop Trailer Basics: Tiny Living on the Go

If you dream of living on the road but can’t afford an RV or an Airstream (not to mention the gas they hog), a teardrop trailer may just be the best option for you. What Are Teardrop Trailers? Typically 4-6 feet wide and 8-10 feet long, teardrops are compact travel trailers. The side door or doors open to a sleeping area with overhead storage, while the back hatch usually opens to a small kitchen.

Some teardrop trailers have a folding table and cushions so the sleeping area doubles as a dining area or workspace. These campers were very popular in the 1930s-1960s, and have made a comeback in recent years when vintage plans from magazines like Popular Mechanics began surfacing online. Building Your Own Teardrop Trailer Nothing beats the pride of creating something with your own hands. News & info for the small trailer enthusiast.