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Fiberglass Campers. BaseCamp Bonn Young Hostel Upcycles Vintage Trailers and Railcars into Quirky... After a long journey, a rickety old cot inside a hostel dormitory seems about as appealing as a package of saltine crackers.

BaseCamp Bonn Young Hostel Upcycles Vintage Trailers and Railcars into Quirky...

Hotelier Michael Schloesser makes the traditional hostel a great deal more exciting with his venture, the BaseCamp Bonn Young Hostel. Located in Bonn, Germany the lodgings houses travelers in old campers, Airstreams, and Pullman railcars. Each of the vintage units are decorated to a theme by a professional interior designer possessing a background in film and TV sets. Lodgers can choose from 120 bed spots across 15 caravans clustered around a communal area. Ecocapsules by Nice Architects are portable egg-shaped microdwellings that run on wind, sun, and rainwater.

Rendering courtesy of Nice Architects The Ecocapsule is an egg-shaped, wind- and solar-powered microdwelling from Bratislava, Slovakia–based Nice Architects that is billed as a portable tiny home, cottage, pop-up hotel, or emergency shelter that doubles as a charging station for electric vehicles.

Ecocapsules by Nice Architects are portable egg-shaped microdwellings that run on wind, sun, and rainwater.

The Ecocapsule’s original design has evolved since 2008, the designers write in a project description, when they first came up with the concept of a tiny, self-contained unit as a “frontier dwelling” for scientists, photographers, rangers, or extreme tourists who wanted to set up camp in the great outdoors. Renderings courtesy of Nice Architects In refining the design, they have made the unit more compact for easier mobility and focused on increasing energy independence to make it viable for long-term, ecofriendly, off-grid living in both rural and urban settings (barring zoning laws that are unfriendly to tiny houses, of course).

Courtesy of Nice Architects. On the Green Road - conserve. explore. inspire. The Small Trailer Enthusiast. Last month I was invited by Rusty Eckstein of Mount Comfort RV to take a look at the Cricket Trailer at their lot in Greenfield, Indiana.

The Small Trailer Enthusiast

When I asked him just who the demographic was for this “thing”, without hesitation he just pointed to this graphic on the back end of the 2015 Cricket Sport we were inspecting. With that in mind, I was able to get a better understanding of just what kind of trailer I was looking at and who the target audience is for it. Simply put, the Cricket Trailer is a base camp. It’s a 1500 lbs trailer that anyone you’d find in that first picture above would find useful, from mountain climbers, kayakers, hikers….anyone who’s lifestyle revolves around outdoor adventure. The 14.5″ ground clearance on the Sport model with rugged tires, Thule roof racks, optional diamond plate front storage box, and front stone guards standard on the Sport add to the adventure one can have with a Cricket.

Obviously the unique shape of a Cricket will be the first thing you notice. Sneak Peak: TAXA’s New Tiger Moth. This week the 8th Annual Elkhart Open House is taking place in Elkhart, Indiana.

Sneak Peak: TAXA’s New Tiger Moth

This is the show where RV dealers nationwide can get an early look at all the upcoming…and current…offerings from most of the manufacturers in the region. One of the new offerings at this year’s show is from TAXA, the makers of the Cricket trailer, which I covered earlier in September here. Coming sometime late fall of 2015, TAXA will be adding the Tiger Moth to their lineup. The Tiger Moth will weigh in at about 900 lbs and have a price tag in the $12,000 range. Once they get into production and more details surface, I’ll have some more for you here. Caravane Alto 1743. A true outdoors Fashionista, this ultralight travel trailer includes a large wardrobe and a private shower/toilet cabinet.

Caravane Alto 1743

Its fixed roof gives you more overhead storage and its large European-style windows are fully accessorized. Caravane Alto 1713. The junior of our ultralight travel trailer includes two alternate dining areas, a two-seat or a five-seat dinette perfect for meals with friends or family.

Caravane Alto 1713

It comes with a King-size bed convertible to twin beds, and its roof is retractable. Alto R1713 highlights. Caravane Alto 1723. Equipped with interior shower and a Queen-size bed, its roof is also retractable.Like its junior, this ultralight travel trailer also offers two alternate dining areas, a two-seat or a five-seat dinette perfect for meals with friends or family.

Caravane Alto 1723

Alto R1723 highlights 60" X 76" King size bed Front dining area converts to 36" X 81" single bed Dining area available even while main bed is set-up The table can be moved to create two distinct dining areas : a two-seat and a five-seat dinette Fixed flush toilet Interior shower with curtain 1715 lb 3-4 opt. Price starting from 31 494$ CAD Sold in USA directly from the factory. The Green Trailer Project - Home. Safari Condo Recreational vehicles (RV) Motorhomes and Travel trailers. R-pod West Coast Travel Trailers by Forest River RV. GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) – is the maximum permissible weight of the unit when fully loaded.

r-pod West Coast Travel Trailers by Forest River RV

It includes all weights, inclusive of all fluids, cargo, optional equipment and accessories. For safety and product performance do NOT exceed the GVWR. GAWR (Gross Axle Weight Rating) – is the maximum permissible weight, including cargo, fluids, optional equipment and accessories that can be safely supported by a combination of all axles. UVW (Unloaded Vehicle Weight)* – is the typical weight of the unit as manufactured at the factory. It includes all weight at the unit’s axle(s) and tongue or pin and LP Gas. CCC (Cargo Carrying Capacity) ** – is the amount of weight available for fresh potable water, cargo, additional optional equipment and accessories. Each Forest River RV is weighed at the manufacturing facility prior to shipping.

Casita Travel Trailers - America's favorite Lightweight Travel Trailer. Lightweight Travel Trailers & Small Campers - Scamp Trailers. T@B Teardrop Trailers. So-Cal Teardrops - Home. Little Guy Teardrop Trailers - Home. Global Green USA. Emergency Response Studio (ERS) exhibited at Global Green's Holy Cross Project Emergency Response Studio, by Paul Villinski, is a solar-powered, mobile artist's studio, repurposed from a salvaged FEMA-style trailer.

Global Green USA

This sustainably re-built, off-the-grid living and work space is designed to enable artists to "embed" in post-disaster settings, and respond and contribute creatively. Villinski conceived the project in response to the devastation of post-Katrina New Orleans as "a symbol of transformation and possibility for the communities of the Gulf Coast. " ERS will be exhibited in Prospect .1 New Orleans, the largest exhibition of international contemporary art ever organized in the United States, which opens throughout the Cresent City November first, 2008. The project playfully and purposefully deconstructs the template of the now iconic FEMA trailer.

[flickr] Helios Eco-Trailer Powered by the Sun. Helios is an Eco-Trailer from King Kong Production Vehicles, a company that provides trailers and motor homes to the entertainment industry.

Helios Eco-Trailer Powered by the Sun

The company claims this is the world’s first solar hybrid production trailer and expected to be “the most advanced Eco trailer with the least impact on the environment,” according to a press release. The green trailer has solar panels, bamboo cabinetry, FSC-certified lumber, recycled-content glass desks and countertops, recycled rubber floors, and a bio-diesel generator. During a use of the Helios on location, the trailer ran for 14 hours without the use of a generator or other fuel. This saved about 28 gallons of fuel that would have been used without the solar panels on the roof. Credits: King Kong Production Trailers. Renovated Airstream Trailer Showcases Stylish Off-Grid Living.

Photos: Y Studio for On the Green Road An off-grid, mobile lifestyle may be a far-off dream for some of us settled schmucks. But not for Cece Reinhardt and Brenda Daugherty, who realized that dream by getting sponsors to help renovate a 2003 Airstream Safari into an impressive mobile eco-home. The enterprising pair are now taking it on the road to demonstrate how simple, off-grid living can still be stylish. The Ultra-Light Travel Trailer Coming Soon. Guide to RV trailers. Cricket TrailerCricket Trailer. Hütte Hut. Tiny houses vs. campers & trailers: Which is better? (Survey) There's been a bit of a debate going on in tiny living circles about which is better: tiny houses built from scratch, or customized trailers and campers that have been retrofitted for full-time living.

It's a lively discussion, and here on TreeHugger, we are pretty neutral about it, having showcased both amazing tiny homes as well as renovated vintage campers and custom-built new trailers that have been built to operate off the grid. But for those who are thinking of downsizing, but still haven't decided which way to go, it's worthwhile to take a look at both camps. Why tiny houses are better © Sol Haus Design 1. 2. 3. 4. Why campers and recreational vehicles are better Julia Fowler/Video screen capture 1. 2. 3. 4. Best of both worlds © Ron Rusnak. Trailer. Pricing - Drift House. Travel Trailers with Solar Power. My Green Trailer Project Blog.