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Factors When Considering In-Home Care. Seniors and individuals with disabilities may need care and assistance most of the time.

Factors When Considering In-Home Care

However, when hiring a caregiver, be careful at choosing the right person for your loved one. If you live in Pennsylvania, our home care in Philadelphia offers quality services for the elderly and the homebound. Here are the perks of working with us: Benefits of Home Care Services for Your Senior. Juggling between work and domestic demands might be a struggle.

Benefits of Home Care Services for Your Senior

Importance of Adherence to Medication Schedule. People with serious medical conditions especially older adults need to be religious in taking their prescription medicines.

Importance of Adherence to Medication Schedule

Often, they rely on their medication to maintain their health or manage their chronic illness especially those who need long term care. It is important that their medication is taken as scheduled to maximize its benefits. Otherwise, these medicines won’t be effective or there would be an occurrence of harmful side effects that can worsen their conditions. Beating Post-Holiday Blues. The holiday season is filled with so much fun and laughter but after all the decorations are kept and families going back to their usual routine, a lot of older adults feel alone again.

Beating Post-Holiday Blues

Most senior adults feel isolated from their family and friends and the happy feelings that they felt over the holidays can be replaced with anxiety and depression especially those seniors who require long term care. Home Care of Philadelphia believes that seniors can fight against post-holiday blues. Staying Connected with Senior Loved Ones. Home quarantine during this global pandemic has definitely made it more difficult for people to be physically connected and socialize.

Staying Connected with Senior Loved Ones

It is especially hard for older adults and those with pre-existing medical conditions, and those in long-term care. While there are seniors who approve of home care in Philadelphia, most of them do believe that independent living is what’s good for them. But in the times of COVID-19, they do need the help that they can get so they may live through this health crisis. One of the major drawbacks of staying at home is the need for social connections—this is why so many people would still go out. Our home care agency may just have the solution to that. Seniors adults can live comfortably and maintain that social connection from another person. Celebrating the Holidays During the Pandemic. It’s no secret that this global pandemic has taken a toll on everyone—particularly the seniors.

Celebrating the Holidays During the Pandemic

Being part of the group deemed to be the most vulnerable, especially those with pre-existing medical conditions, this entire home quarantine is challenging for them. Bringing some holiday cheer to them will surely enliven their spirit. If you don’t live with your senior loved ones, you might have to change how you celebrate the holidays with them, especially if they have a long-term care plan.

Caregiving Tips: Winter Safety for the Elderly. As the cold season approaches, seniors are at a higher risk of developing health problems and injuries related to the weather.

Caregiving Tips: Winter Safety for the Elderly

The slippery sidewalks, snow, and cold air could make life challenging for older adults. Helping Your Senior Loved Ones Enjoy the Holiday Season. The holiday season is a time of thanksgiving, celebration, and spending quality time with our loved ones.

Helping Your Senior Loved Ones Enjoy the Holiday Season

However, navigating this time of the year could be too hectic, confusing, and stressful for seniors. Knowing how to support your senior loved ones during the holidays could help them embrace the season. At Home Care of Philadelphia, a provider of quality home care services in Philadelphia, our care team is dedicated to helping seniors as well as their family members enjoy the holidays. This is why we’re sharing tips for helping seniors enjoy the holiday season. If your senior loved ones have a medical condition, make sure to review their dietary needs, and prepare dishes accordingly.

A Guide to Finding the Right Home Care Agency. As you may know, most seniors prefer aging in place as it allows them to spend their golden years in a familiar place.

A Guide to Finding the Right Home Care Agency

However, there comes a time where they may need assistance with their personal or long term care needs. One of the best ways to ensure their care needs are well-provided, family members hire a provider of home care services in Philadelphia. If this is your first time looking for a home care agency, we’ve created this guide to help you choose the right provider. Talk to the expert The first step to finding the right home care in Philadelphia is talking to the experts. Signs That Your Senior Loved One Needs Home Care. Take Note of the Early Signs of Senior Depression. Depression can happen to anyone, but it becomes particularly harmful for seniors as often it is mistaken as a normal part of aging or that they’re just sad and lonely.

Take Note of the Early Signs of Senior Depression

But left untreated, senior depression can bring about various effects such as unexplained aches and pains, weight loss, and others. As a provider of home care services in Philadelphia, we make sure to keep watch of signs of senior depression in our patients. Here are some early signs: Memory problemsNeglecting personal care such as skipping meals, forgetting medication, neglecting personal hygiene, etc.Weight loss or loss of appetiteUnexplained or aggravated aches and painsLack of motivation and energy. Meal Prepping for Seniors: Balanced Nutrition. Malnutrition is one of the biggest health issues that seniors face, especially those who live alone.

As their metabolic processes slow down, they tend to eat less and not get enough of the nutrients they need. As a provider of home care services in Philadelphia, we consider meal prepping for our senior patients important. Here are some tips: Always have food ready to go. It’s easy to put off cooking if it’s too much work to do solo.

If this seems too daunting and time-consuming for you, you may benefit from home care in Philadelphia. We provide various services such as in-home caregivers, light housekeeping, long term care, and others. Remembering to Take Your Medication. Missing a dose of your medication may seem harmless, but it can have real consequences. The effects may not be apparent at first but it can have serious consequences in the long-term. Your home care agency would usually help you prevent missing a dose as it can result in your treatment being less effective, the treatment not working at all, you developing resistance to your current treatment, withdrawal symptoms, or even fatal complications.

Senior Skincare: Preventing Dryness and Itching. Our skin goes through changes as we age. It becomes thinner, loses fat, and is no longer as plump or smooth as before. This makes senior skin prone to dryness, itching, and other skin conditions. Medications: Ways to Help Your Aging Loved Ones Remember. A lot of older adults often need long-term care. Nursing Home Vs. Home Care: Benefits and Drawbacks.