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Preparing a Senior Loved One for Knee Surgery. Preparations for any type of surgery that isn’t immediately necessary, as is often the case with knee surgery that doesn’t involve a serious injury, should start as soon as the date for the procedure has been set.

Preparing a Senior Loved One for Knee Surgery

There are also steps you can take to provide your senior loved one with some much-appreciated peace of mind as he or she prepares for knee surgery. Help Your Loved One Understand the Surgery While the doctor likely explained the procedure in detail, your loved one may not fully understand what’s involved with the surgery, which can cause added stress that’s not good to have before an operation. Consider the following steps to further increase your parent’s comfort level: Due to limited mobility, seniors may need help with daily tasks in the initial days after knee surgery. Make Clear Plans for the Recovery Period. 5 Ways to Lower a Senior’s Risk of Stroke. Steps To Reduce Elderly Anxiety at Night. Your elderly loved one does well by themselves during the day.

Steps To Reduce Elderly Anxiety at Night

They are able to take care of themselves and do the daily tasks that come with living alone. Your older adult may have the confidence needed to assure the family that they are capable of maintaining their independence. Suddenly, you and other family members notice a change in your senior loved one's behavior and attitude usually toward the close of the day.

As the evening hours approach, some seniors may experience some anxiety associated with the setting of the sun. Becoming aggressive, yelling at others or being confused could indicate that your senior loved one may have Sundown Syndrome. Sundowning Is A Real Ailment When behavioral and mental changes affect your senior loved one in the evening hours it is called sundowning. Massage Therapy For Seniors With Dementia. Other types of dementia include Lewy body dementia and frontotemporal dementia.

Massage Therapy For Seniors With Dementia

A person can suffer from more than one type of the disease. Efforts at state and federal levels strive to treat this disease without the use of anti-psychotic medication. One natural method that helps those suffering from dementia is massage. Because they don't receive a lot of human touch, many older people experience feelings of loneliness, isolation and anxiety. Top 5 Activities for Keeping Seniors with Alzheimer's Occupied.

Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease may face difficulties with cognitive function, but this doesn’t mean their brains quit working entirely.

Top 5 Activities for Keeping Seniors with Alzheimer's Occupied

Just like everyone else, seniors with Alzheimer’s still get bored and want meaningful activities to fill their days with. Helping your aging loved one find ways to stay occupied ensures he or she enjoys each day to the fullest and reduces bouts of agitation and anger. Here are a few ways you can help your loved one stay occupied throughout the day. 1. Senior Nutrition Needs – Home Care Assistance Dallas, TX. Walk into any supermarket and your first impression might be they are marketing to children who can – and do – eat anything and everything. When you’re young, indestructible and immune to processed foods and additives it’s not a problem. After your body matures it can make you sick. The first failure is a lack of knowing what your body needs, and what it cannot tolerate. How many of us know what calorie level will sustain us without adding weight?

Home Care Assistance Dallas, TX: Helping a Parent with Cancer. Cancer is a frightening and devastating disease that impacts health, finances, and family.

Home Care Assistance Dallas, TX: Helping a Parent with Cancer

Senior Nutrition Needs – Home Care Assistance Dallas, TX. Home Care Assistance Dallas, TX: The Duties of a Caregiver. An at home caregiver for the elderly can take on many different roles, and they must be well-versed enough to meet many different needs of the person under their care.

Home Care Assistance Dallas, TX: The Duties of a Caregiver

Here are some of the common elements of service that a home caregiver provides. Taking care of the Home Many elderly are able to stay in their homes with the help of a supportive caregiver. A caregiver right take on daily home maintenance tasks such as doing the dishes, doing the laundry, and tidying up the person’s home. Some people like to keep control over certain tasks that they are still able to do, while allowing the caregiver to take on the more difficult tasks around the home. Keeping Schedules Organized. How Caregiver Burnout Damages Our Brains. What does caregiver burnout mean?

How Caregiver Burnout Damages Our Brains

Can it be prevented? It’s not unusual to read about work-related stress and how it leads to burnout, as it has been studied and talked about often. There hasn’t been as much research specific to family caregiver burnout, yet it can also be stressful and may actually damage the brain, as well. How to Tell if Your Senior Loved One Requires Home Care. While most seniors want to preserve their independence, there may come a time when home care services are necessary.

How to Tell if Your Senior Loved One Requires Home Care

As a caregiver, you need to monitor your loved one for signs of decreasing physical and psychological health to determine if he or she needs help in the home. Here are some things that may indicate your loved one requires home care. Laundry Piling Up If you notice your loved one’s laundry is piling up or that he or she is wearing soiled clothing, consider the services of a home care professional. Your loved one may be unable to do laundry because he or she is no longer able to navigate the stairs to the laundry room. 3 Rewarding Reasons to Be a Family Caregiver. Preventing Winter Depression Among Seniors. Fun and Safe Winter Activities for Seniors. How Seniors Can Beat Out Cold and Flu Season.

With this year’s cold and flu season upon us, it’s important for Dallas caregivers for senior loved ones to learn how to protect the elderly from getting sick this winter.

How Seniors Can Beat Out Cold and Flu Season

Seniors are more prone to developing a serious illness that may start out as a mere cold, so precautions are important. Get Vaccinated Many seniors never receive a flu vaccine, either because they put it off or because they consider vaccines to be inconvenient. However, seniors no longer have to make a doctor’s appointment to get a vaccine since many local health departments and even pharmacies are now offering flu shots. Another important vaccine to receive is a pneumonia vaccine, which can play a big part in warding off colds and protects against different types of bacteria from the flu shot. Wash Hands. Signs of Senior Alcohol Dependency. Understanding the Dangers of Elderly Pneumonia. By Jennifer Satery, 9:00 am on January 28, 2016 Pneumonia can be dangerous for those of any age, but seniors are more susceptible to pneumonia than other age groups.

Understanding the Dangers of Elderly Pneumonia

There are many causes for pneumonia including bacteria, viruses, and even fungi. Signs of pneumonia include a fever, chills, difficulty breathing, and cough with phlegm. But according Dallas live-in care provider, these symptoms often pose several complications for seniors. Vulnerable Immune System Due to natural aging, the immune system among seniors is already at a disadvantage. Lack of Symptoms When the immune system is compromised, seniors may not even know they have pneumonia because the symptoms are not always distinguishable from other illnesses. Comparing Home Care with Assisted Living. There are a number of options available for family members concerned about providing long-term care for their elderly loved ones. Both assisted living and home care services offer solutions for seniors who need help with daily tasks like grooming, shopping and housekeeping, but there are significant differences between the two.

The following article explains the differences between at-home care and assisted living in the hopes that family members will make the right choice for their senior loved ones. Melt Holiday Stress with These Caregiver Tips. Just anticipating holiday hustle and bustle can be a source of anxiety. Family caregivers in particular are susceptible to stress during the holiday season, a trusted provider of in-home care in Dallas have prepared the following tips to help family members ease the tension and enjoy some quality time with their loved ones.

Simplify Holiday Tasks Many people max themselves out with holiday “must-dos”, but scaling them down will immediately reduce your stress. Do Any Foods Cause Alzheimer's Disease? Years of research have provided scientists with more information regarding the mystery of Alzheimer’s. Studies have revealed the physiological events that take place in the brain along with lifestyle factors that raise the risk of developing the disease. Along with being overweight and having diabetes or hypertension, diet may also be a contributing factor. There are various foods seniors might consider limiting or giving up to reduce their risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Red Meat Red meat contains an abundance of iron, which is necessary for building strong muscles and avoiding anemia. How Does Parkinson's Disease Affect the Family? When seniors are diagnosed with Parkinson’s, the diagnosis can also impact their families and friends.

The disease can bring families closer together, but it can also lead to emotional and mental burdens. Learns how Parkinson’s disease affects the whole family. Impacts Emotions. Online Dating: Is it Right for My Senior Loved One? Senior Eating Disorders: Knowing the Signs. Eating disorders are commonly thought of as problems for young people, but that is a myth. People with eating disorders are found among various age groups and genders, including senior citizens.

Escaping Cold and Flu Season Unscathed. Helping Your Elderly Loved One Avoid Winter Depression. As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, people of all ages start to feel more lethargic and perhaps even sad. Winter depression occurs because the brain and body are naturally affected by the daily cycle of light and dark. Senior Nutrition Needs. 3 Joys of Being a Family Caregiver. Melt Holiday Stress with These Caregiver Tips. Comparing Home Care with Assisted Living.