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Khadiza Electricals is the one-stop destination to buy a wide variety of Electrical products. All our electrical goods and items are made of strong and durable materials for maintaining high standards. We apply the most innovative ideas in an excellent with excellence to produce something unique for our customers. At our online store, you get beautiful flashlights, torches and festive lights in different shapes, sizes, and colours. Our offerings also extend to electrical home decor items such as decorative table lamp, decorative pendant lamp, decorative chandeliers, decorative wall lamp and many more.

What are Important Tips and Tricks for Maintenance of a Ceiling Fan? A ceiling fan is not only useful but also an ornament for your home.

What are Important Tips and Tricks for Maintenance of a Ceiling Fan?

Luxury ceiling fans are very much in trend nowadays. Almost every household has some version of the ceiling fan, but this is one appliance that never gets the due cleaning and maintenance it deserves. Lacks of maintenance not only affect the aesthetic ambience of the room but also the performance of the fan. Find out how you can properly care for and maintain this very important electrical appliance of your home. How to Style Your Bedroom with Decorative Hanging Lamps? The correct lighting is a crucial aspect of creating a good ambience in any room.

How to Style Your Bedroom with Decorative Hanging Lamps?

As the bedroom is a space we associate with relaxation, it is essential that it has a comforting atmosphere. Therefore, it is better to have light sources that emit a warm, soft glow than harsh bright lights in the bedroom. Hanging lamps are both utilitarians as well as affordable options for bedroom decor. They are a modern, minimalistic alternative to large, expensive light fixtures like chandeliers. They are perfect for smaller spaces and are adaptable to suit all your lighting needs. Moreover, they are available in variable colors, shapes, sizes, designs, and can be made of a diverse range of materials. Maintenance of Decorative Chandeliers: How to Keep Them Sparkling? – Khadiza Electricals. Chandeliers have become a symbol of status and grandeur since medieval times.

Maintenance of Decorative Chandeliers: How to Keep Them Sparkling? – Khadiza Electricals

They are now available in an array of trendy designs that can make any room appear luxurious. There are different types made from a wide range of materials, like wood, metal, crystal or a combination of different materials. A unique chandelier is the central focus of any room it occupies. So, it is important to keep it sparkling and clean at all times. Home Decorative Lighting Ideas - Electrical Items Wholesale. The role of a supplier or a wholesaler of electrical items may sound easy.

Home Decorative Lighting Ideas - Electrical Items Wholesale

The textbook definition of a wholesaler is someone who acts as a middleman between the manufacturer and the seller. But the role requires a lot more than just acting as a mere middleman. Here are 5 things you need to remember if you want to become electrical goods wholesalers. Networking and creating contacts: Like every other industry, you need to have contacts in this electrical goods industry as well to establish your business.

Knowledge about the regulations regarding electrical fixtures: Every state has different regulations regarding electrical wholesale devices and fixtures. Start slow and start small: All the giant players in the wholesale industry began small. Invest in marketing: No matter how much of a great service you provide, it will not be enough to get you more clients. Basic electrical knowledge: Following these five tips will surely help you to carve your place in the distribution market! Home Decorative Lighting Ideas - Decorative Ceiling Fans. So, did you find the title tempting?

Home Decorative Lighting Ideas - Decorative Ceiling Fans

Well, obviously, it is because we are going to discuss great home decor stuff, a decorative ceiling fan. We all know that ceiling fans are one of the most important parts of the household in tropical countries. Khadizaelectricals. Modern 3 Ring Crystal Lustres Chandelier Ah!


Wait, come back to reality! We have chandelier shopping to do before this happens! Well, chandeliers do make rooms look majestic. Hence, the most important task is to understand the chemistry between your rooms and the chandeliers you are about to buy. Types of Chandeliers The first thing we have to understand is, chandeliers also have an evolution, therefore, it has a vintage style, contemporary and modern style! Different types based on the shapes: • Bowl chandelier, cluster chandelier, caged Chandelier, beaded chandelier, rectangular chandelier, industrial chandelier, craftsmanship chandelier, Sputnik chandelier, contemporary artistic chandelier, crystal chandeliers, linear chandeliers, lantern chandeliers and so on. Interior Home Decoration Ideas - Why Are Stained Glass Pendant Lamps A Necessary Home Decor Tool For Home Improvement?

Home Decorative Lighting Ideas. Decorative lamps are one of the most important ornamental items and the best gift of creativity.

Home Decorative Lighting Ideas

Decorative lights are available online and also in various physical stores. These pendant lights can be fixed at any corner of your house or even outdoors. Notable advantages of hanging glass pendant lamp. A decorative pendant lights attracts many when it comes to home decor items.

Notable advantages of hanging glass pendant lamp

But, few people worry about its maintenance as it is made of glass. Especially, people with kids in their house are more worried as children have the tendency to explore everything in the house, and unknowingly, they might climb a chair and pull it leading to an accident. But, if you are still a pendant lamp fanatic and want to buy it despite the shortcomings, here are some of the benefits you should consider. Low electricity consumption The biggest advantage of using these lamps is low power consumption.

Style statement Everything is about flaunting style these days. With this in light, investing your money in a hanging glass pendant lamp will be worthwhile as it will act as a marvellous style statement in your living room. Multipurpose These pendant lamps are multipurpose as they can be hung in various places other than only your living room. Variations Summing up. How To Choose The Best Decorative Wall Lamps For Your Living Space? What Make Stained Glass Table Lamps Popular These Days. Have you ever wondered why older films used stained glass table lamps to make the most of an ambience?

What Make Stained Glass Table Lamps Popular These Days

Doesn't it look beautifully elegant? If you are a creative person and are looking forward to knowing more about lights, this article is for you. In this piece of writing, you will get to know about decorative lights and how a stained glass table lamp can help you renovate your interiors like never before.

If you wonder why these lights are popular, you need to know something about these lights. Other than decorative lights, these lights also serve various other purposes that make them popular amongst the customers. They consume less power: Stained glass table lamps consume less power. Magical Ways To Decorate Your Home With Decorative Indoor String Lights. 5 Awesome Bar Lighting Ideas for Business Owners - Khadiza Electricals - Medium. Types of Light Fixtures to Use in Your Bar Here are some of the lighting ideas to consider for your bar: 1.

5 Awesome Bar Lighting Ideas for Business Owners - Khadiza Electricals - Medium

Pendant Lights From unique shades to glass orbs, you can find a wide variety of pendant lights to hang down from the ceiling and use them as focal point pieces. You can place them over tables or at different points of your bar. 2. Track lights come in different styles with varying levels of brightness.