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Home | Drag City Home | Drag City {*style:<b>*}New Bums{*style:</b>*} have just about finished thumbin' around the USA leaving echoes of their dueling guitars and voices all around the finest and ugliest venue circuit this country has to offer. It's a {*style:<a href=''>*}{*style:<b>*}Bums{*style:</b>*}{*style:</a>*}' life, where delicacies of both high and low cultures are to be cherished, like the fellow humans and sub-humans their songs both describe and appeal towards. Now, with the end of the USA leg in plain site (get on it, San Francisco!), these {*style:<b>*}Bums{*style:</b>*} set their sights on Europe, with...
Joanna Newsom "Sprout and the Bean" on Vimeo
Miriam Bryant - Finders Keepers (Official)
Laing - Morgens immer müde
Caro Emerald - Die offizielle deutsche Webseite - News, Diskografie, Bilder und Videos, 2011
‪Maybebop Witzig‬‏
Imelda May » Official website for Imelda May
Agnes Obel Videos | Myspace Musik - The official dEUS site - The official dEUS site We are happy to confirm four dEUS concerts for 2014: First, dEUS will open the renewed Hedon venue in Zwolle, The Netherlands on Februari 7th. Then, on March 15 the band will perform at Pias Nights Tour & Taxis in Brussels, Belgium. Finally, on May 15th dEUS will perform in the old Tivoli venue in Utrecht, The Netherlands and the next day, May 16th, they will perform a semi-acoustic seated show in the new TivoliVredenburg. More info via: In 2005 dEUS opened the renewed Patronaat music venue in Haarlem, The Netherlands. 8 years later dEUS will again open a renewed music venue in Haarlem.
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