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Gifted people

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Surdoué(e) adulte. Surefficience Mentale. Difficultés en amitié comme en amour du surdoué - ETRE SURDOUE - PRECOCITE ET DOUANCE : Un handicap plutôt qu'une chance ! Un sujet atteint de surefficience mentale, comme mentionné de nombreuses fois dans ce site, a le cerveau monté à l'envers. La notion d'amour va donc être analysée beaucoup plus en profondeur qu'elle ne l'est par un sujet ordinaire.

Résultat, il va attaquer le grand sujet de l'amour avec sa moitié...A l'envers de la façon de le vivre habituellement en société ! Il faudra alors beaucoup d'efforts et de concessions chez sa moitié pour accepter le comportement déroutant de cet extraterrestre de l'amour qui semble mettre immédiatement la charrue avant les boeufs ! Ce sont les raisons pour lesquelles ce type de sujet s'avère souvent très intriguant pour une femme en paraissant être une personne frustratoire et tyrannique (un vrai TGV de l'amour absolu en quelque-sorte) ! Un surdoué est avant tout un compagnon aux sentiments exaltés et à l'attachement absolu. Personal Excellence | For people passionate about achieving excellence in life. Qualities of Highly Gifted Adults / Gifted People | Framing Giftedness. With a beginning vocabulary for the unique way that you experience the world, your ability to take care of your needs will be enhanced.

Please remember, what I am describing applies to you in the arena of your giftedness. High moral standards. As a gifted person, you have a strong sense of what is right and wrong and how others should be treated. It hurts you to see others mistreat each other, animals or the environment. Passionate devotion to what interests you. What absorbs you – absorbs you.

Independent, tend not to be a follower. High degree of sensitivity to inner and outer stimulus. Depression or boredom if you are not engaged. Feeling something is wrong with you because you are unlike others. Elaborate inner dialogues, thoughts or imaginings.Whether it is what you think when you watch a movie, read a book, hear a lecture, or what you dream – you have a rich inner world. Seeing the underpinnings of things. Seeing outcomes before they occur. A maverick. Many skills or interests. Characteristics and Behaviors of the Gifted. Characteristics of Gifted Children Identifying The Gifted Recognizing the Characteristics of Gifted Children General Behavior Characteristics Learning Characteristics Creative Characteristics Who are the Highly Gifted? Some Myths About Gifted Children Identifying The Gifted Einstein was four years old before he could speak and seven before he could read.

Recognizing the Characteristics of Gifted Children ERIC Clearinghouse on Handicapped and Gifted Children (1985) cites three types of characteristics of gifted children: general behavioral, learning, and creative characteristics. General Behavior Characteristics Gifted children's behavior differs from that of their age-mates in the following ways: Learning Characteristics Gifted children are natural learners who often show many of these characteristics: Creative Characteristics Gifted children's creative abilities often set them apart from their age-mates. Who are the Highly Gifted?

Learn at a much faster pace. Printed with Permission Not necessarily. How to Survive As an Intellectually Gifted Person: 5 Steps.