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Menswear startup tailors app to pick clothes based on Spotify tastes. Brief Brief: Eison Triple Thread (ETT), a startup that makes tailored men's clothing, this week debuted an app that picks clothing from its collection based on a mobile user's listening habits on Spotify, per Racked. The menswear company's Fits app retrieves the music history data of people who log into Spotify, the on-demand music streaming service with 83 million paid subscribers.The Fits app also asks people to take a lifestyle quiz that gathers information about job and skin tone, which the company considers necessary to match clothing colors. ETT's algorithm analyzes a user's Spotify data and pairs styles with music genres and favorite recording artists.​Previously, ETT customized clothing picks based on 3D body-imaging technology from a startup called Body Labs, which Amazon acquired last year for $50 million to $70 million, per TechCrunch.

That deal led ETT to look for other ways to personalize clothing recommendations. Insight: The Crazy Range of Supreme’s Brand Collaborations. Wgsn. The Rise Of The UK 'Football Casual' Subculture ~ Cool Things Collection | UK Lifestyle Blog. Here in the UK we love our subcultures, but one of the most popular subcultures that hasn’t been so well received up until now is the ‘football casual’. It’s understandable, the culture of ‘football casual’ has it’s roots in football hooliganism.

Elijah Wood starring in Green Street Hooligans, a 2005 British-American independent drama film about football hooliganism in the UK. But the culture’s more than that, especially these days. It’s all about a love of the game of football or ‘soccer’ for those over the pond, and of course the fashion. It’s very much about the fashion, almost like a badge of honour. The football casual has always been part of the subculture. Teddy Boys In the 60’s it was the all about the skinhead.

By the time the 70’s came around the guys on the terraces were on the look out for their own sense of identity. The football casual was born. These days, 13 million people go to watch football matches and the casual is as strong as ever. Stone Island Stone Island Jackets. About – Mundial. Behind the Brand | The Luke 1977 Story | Episode 7 | Mainline Menswear. #PartOfThePride: LUKE 1977’s Luke Roper on kit deal. Weekend Offender | Official UK Online Store.

Fashion label 'Weekend Offender' faces action over logo inspired by Prison Service emblem. Decree Magazine X Weekend offender.