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Holisol Logistics

We are AI-enabled End to End Supply Chain Solution providers having the domain expertise in Multichannel Fulfillment, Packaging, Consulting & Technology.

Sustainable refurbishment solutions for a fashion & lifestyle brand - Holisol Logistics. Project Description About the customer The customer is a leading apparel company in the retail sector that includes product lines ranging from affordable to premier international brands.

Sustainable refurbishment solutions for a fashion & lifestyle brand - Holisol Logistics

Customer Challenge Our customer has one of the highest sales volumes in India. On an average 20% of total sales volume was being returned which resulted in: High volumes of wastageRevenue loss The customer was looking for an organised player who not only understood the return process but could also facilitate the refurbishment infrastructure and services; to enable them to reduce the wastage & resale of the products. Our Solution At Holisol, we provide customized end to end solutions to our customers and as per our customer’s requirement, we added refurbishment as a part of their fulfilment solution.

Overview of the process implementation and execution: Benefits to the customer With refurbishment there is: Growing relationship: For more information contact us at- VERDIS - Supply Chain Data Analytics. Today’s global supply chains have become tremendously complex and are influenced by so many uncertainties that we believe that it is humanly impossible to visualize and analyze their impact on supply chains.

VERDIS - Supply Chain Data Analytics

Verdis – Virtual Data Scientist is an AI powered supply chain data analytics software which empowers you to take decision proactively based on the diverse data across your supply chain. Verdis makes your supply chain responsive and enables you to have a real-time control on your supply chain. Supply Chain Management is essentially a balancing act of consistently reducing cost, inventory & lead time while maintaining or further improving customer service levels. But if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Transport Management Solution. Holisol’s Transport Management System (TMS) has been designed based on our decades of experience of managing our customer’s transportation needs.

Transport Management Solution

We help transportation managers to solve their day to day tactical issues, as well as to make strategic decisions. Furthermore, with organizations seeking to increase their digitalization maturity to Artificial Intelligence (AI) levels, a TMS forms an integral component of the data lake, which will be used to drive predictive/prescriptive analytics. In an increasingly mobile-first business environment, our Transport management system offers a smooth mobile-based experience for all the stakeholders (Logistics Users, Transporters, Loading Supervisors, Drivers, Customers, etc.), with a seamless real-time transfer of information. We incorporate your business logic into the TMS via smart algorithms, so that your transportation operations are automated, audit friendly, and easy to manage. Warehouse Management System.

Our years of experience with both new and old age supply chain enables us to understand the complexities of warehousing operations better than anyone else and have designed a product which manages multichannel fulfilment operations with ease.

Warehouse Management System

We offer standard, professional and enterprise versions of WMS, so that you pay only for the functionalities which you need. Efficiently manage your day-to-day warehouse operations with Holisol Warehouse management system. The tool enables a warehouse manager to swiftly cater to multiple clients by efficiently recording the overall inventory & its movement. Our WMS solution works in multi customer, multi-location, multi warehouse scenario to seamlessly manage multi-channel fulfilment for you and provide you the solution which best fits your requirement. We understand your challenges and bring in industry best practices with our WMS to ensure you are in full control of inventory. Order Fulfilment Solutions. 100 % COD Last Mile Operation Design & Set Up for A Beauty Product Company - Holisol Logistics. Project Description Our Client is a leading Direct Selling Beauty Company offering high quality beauty products , having presence in more than 60 countries.

100 % COD Last Mile Operation Design & Set Up for A Beauty Product Company - Holisol Logistics

The client was looking for a reliable distribution solution offering guaranteed next day deliveries. Also 100 % of the business was on COD basis and client wanted fastest possible remittance of cash . Client’s distribution requirement was understood in detail after a thorough analysis of past volume trends . A delivery pilot was initiated in Delhi With Hub and spoke network . Holisol has been successfully handling the delivery operations consistently maintaining SLA performance levels of 99.9 % . For more information contact us at- The Latest Digital Trends Shaping the Future of Delivery & Logistics - Holisol Logistics.

Digital transformation has dramatically increased efficiency throughout the day-to-day operations of countless industries.

The Latest Digital Trends Shaping the Future of Delivery & Logistics - Holisol Logistics

Repetitive tasks can be automated, information can be shared very rapidly, and workers can get things done at any time (and from almost anywhere). The Indian economy has done an excellent job of taking advantage in recent years, using digitization to make significant strides in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index — and being the only big economy to feature in the 10 most improved over the last 2 years. Even so, there’s still so much more room to improve, particularly in certain fields. One such field is freight logistics. When you’re working on a regular office task that takes a few minutes, you can only realistically save a small amount of time through efficiency improvements — that time will add up, yes, but it won’t make a huge difference.

Machine learning Machine learning, then, is a potent weapon for almost every part of freight logistics.