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Holisol Supply Chain Solutions! Fastest leading logistics and supply chain organization, providing solutions in supply chain consulting, warehouse design, e-commerce supply chain design and supply chain IT to offer customers an experience of working like their own extended team.

When you Should Not Opt for Sea Freight Services. Continue reading to put an end to your curiosity – Shipping expensive items might be a huge concern When you need to ship excessively expensive items, you think of the safety before the shipping cost.

When you Should Not Opt for Sea Freight Services

Since shipping via sea freight services involves transporting products through a combination of different modes like – sea, land and rail due to limited coverage of sea, this makes traceability of the product a hectic procedure for the managers. Fundamentals for a Profitable Relationship with 3PL Provider. Precisely defined needs build a strong relationship Needs of every business are unique, so you must define them well in advance before reaching out to 3PLs.

Fundamentals for a Profitable Relationship with 3PL Provider

Not all 3PLs would be able to meet the specific requirements your business might have. Additionally, even those 3PLs who possess the capability to service you, have a wide array of services on offer. Once you are clear with your needs, you would be in a better position to identify which 3PL suits you the best. This way you make sure that you are doing business with the best 3PL provider building a profitable relationship. Pick and Pack Solutions Middle East. Holisol’s Pick and Pack System (PNP) has been developed by our in-house technology experts for efficient management of picking and packing processes in your fulfilment centre to ensure accurate mix/assorted pack order fulfilment.

Pick and Pack Solutions Middle East

Holisol PNP reduces the dependency on manual paper-based operations, where each item being picked for fulfilment needs to be tracked during picking and dispatch stages on a piece of paper, which is then filed separately. Thus, this critical operation can be completely paperless and green, without compromising on service levels. When you Should Not Opt for Sea Freight Services.

Last Mile Delivery Solution. Holiscope – Last mile delivery system is a mobile and web-based platform to empower your last mile delivery operations.

Last Mile Delivery Solution

It enables you to efficiently allocate the delivery jobs, as well as keep a daily log of deliveries to your customers. Holiscope offers full integration with your online marketplaces/ERP/CRM systems to ensure that all the systems are in complete sync on real-time basis. Unit Load Management System. Holisol’s Unit load management system (ULMS) is a web and app-based mobile and static asset management software which uses RFID and/or QR code-based technologies to track your assets in the supply chain.

Unit Load Management System

Key Features includes – Effortlessly manage inventory movement of multiple clients by multiple users across multiple locationsTrack Assets at different locations, or by status such as in transit or consolidation for transportation across different nodes of your supply chain.One clicks snapshot overview of inventory in a location, or across the complete networkSeamless flow of information between all the stakeholdersIn-app provision to scan documents and upload details of assets received Industry Applications: All Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1,2 vendors, Food retailers, Groceries.

Transport Management Solutions. Holisol’s Transportation Management System (TMS) is a web and app-based solution that has been designed based on our decades of experience of managing our customer’s transportation needs.

Transport Management Solutions

We help transportation managers in making strategic decisions & solve their day to day tactical issues as well. Furthermore, with organisations seeking to increase their digitalization maturity to Artificial Intelligence (AI) levels, a TMS forms an essential component of the data lake, which will be used to drive predictive/prescriptive analytics. Along with a seamless real-time transfer of information, our Transport management system offers a smooth mobile-based experience for all the stakeholders (Logistics Users, Transporters, Loading Supervisors, Drivers, Customers, etc.). We incorporate your business logic into the TMS via smart algorithms, so that your transportation operations are automated, audit friendly, and easy to manage. Shipments Delivery Management. Holisol’s Delivery Management System (DMS) has been designed based on our experience of managing complex distribution operations for our customers.

Shipments Delivery Management

Warehouse Management Solutions. VERDIS - Supply Chain Data Analytics. Verdis is a supply chain data analytics software that uses Opportunity Intelligence, a proprietary technology model, that identifies opportunities for maximizing performance in the supply chain.

VERDIS - Supply Chain Data Analytics

Opportunity intelligence utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze data, identify patterns, build causal relationships and then using augmented analytics to push insights to the decision makers. These insights are powerful action drivers that help the SCM function to optimize the performance between the responsiveness and efficiency of the operations at all levels and across different stages. Therefore whether it is identifying the areas for optimizing inventory levels or SCM costs, Verdis is able to provide predictions and give recommendations that help to elevate the performance delivery of the function.

Customer Centric E-Commerce Company with Right Logistics Partner. Enhancing The Future Of E-Commerce Supply Chain In Middle-East. GCC region ranks among the highest in terms of per capita internet penetration levels across the globe.

Enhancing The Future Of E-Commerce Supply Chain In Middle-East

Businesses have also felt the need to go digital and it is safe to assume that e-commerce in the middle-east is on the rise. Experts also predict clear blue skies for e-commerce with booming internet spending. Increase Supermarket Profits with Returnable Packaging Solutions. 1.

Increase Supermarket Profits with Returnable Packaging Solutions

Reduced OpEx, more returns The concept itself speaks volumes about its utility of reusability. Supermarkets need not purchase the packaging solutions for multiple times. They can enjoy the cost related benefits by using single packaging unit multiple times. 2. Overcome Logistics Challenges of E-Commerce in Middle East. Internet penetration has contributed to a rapidly increasing growth in the middle-east e-commerce industry.

Although the evolution was bit late compared to the other countries, the future is promising and retailers are slowly embracing the diversification in the business. However, these opportunities do bring challenges which range from consumer concerns over cyber security, electronic payment gateways, as well as the regulatory framework to improve the ease of doing business for online retailers. Industrial Component Packaging Solutions. Multi Channel Retail Solutions - Dubai. Operational Excellence Tool. As a professional, we all faced issues of getting things done within timelines. Smart Manufacturing Solutions Dubai.

Complete Order Fulfillment Solutions. Overcome Logistics Challenges of E-Commerce in Middle East. Supply Chain and Logistics modelling. Reverse Logistics can be profitable in your E-commerce Supply Chain. 1. Speedy pickups Since the customer is the one who initiates the return of the product, it is paramount that the item in question gets picked at the earliest. Minimum TAT should be clearly defined for the return request generated by the customer. E-commerce players must make sure that within max. time of 24 hours, the product must be picked up from the customer’s end for further resolution. 2. 6 Unmatchable Benefits of Outsourcing Storage & Distribution Process to 3PL Providers. 1. No initial CapEx investment required The first thing you need for storing goods in a proper manner is a good warehousing space.

Modern supply chain requirements are not confined to a godown-like structure. You need a good racking system, MHEs, current IT systems and other assets to aid the operation. By now, you must have realized that it’ll require a huge amount of initial investment. 2. Overcome The Major Warehousing Challenges With 3PL Providers. Maximize your business Profits with 3PL in 7 Ways.

How outsourcing your warehousing process is the best bet for your Business? 1. End-to-End Optimization and Management of Storage Infra & Distribution Network for a Pharmaceutical Distribution Company - Holisol analyzed the complete process of the client, thoroughly. Based on end to end inspection of the client’s operations we came up with AS-IS reports, pointing out the loopholes in the operations. Our experts team in pharmaceutical operations discussed these shortcomings with the client simultaneously taking note of client’s inputs. This way Holisol came up with the final TO-BE report highlighting the key actionable items. Remarkably, considering the delicacy of running operations, solutions were implemented step by step not affecting client’s business. • Site planning – Process wise mapping Existing facilities of the customer were remapped to maximize the output of each key operation. Best Five Logistics Cost Reduction Strategies.

Are Last Mile Delivery challenges hurting your Business? Let’s explore the key challenges faced by the retailers and the respective recommended solutions for efficient last mile delivery: 1. How 3pl providers are impacting your supply chain performance? Strengthen your supply chain with fruitful relationship. Cross border E-commerce in MENA region. Cross border shopping not only offers customers hitherto unavailable product selection at attractive prices, but also a higher degree of protection for buyers from counterfeit products. Warehousing Design Solutions. Warehouse Process Intelligence. Heavy Machinery Packaging Solutions. Feasibility Study Dubai.

Supply Chain Consulting. Warehouse Management System. These systems automate operations and drive productivity and efficiency in overall supply chain. Warehouse Management System (WMS) Holisol’s WMS has been designed to support the warehouse operators in the extensive management of all the key activities such as receiving, put-away, handling, picking, dispatching and inventory management.