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Nejrychlejší způsob, jak vytvořit a rozvíjet profesionální web – solidpixels. Tabledo — Transform spreadsheets into sites. Dashboard. Landing pages - Popular. Pricing Tables. Webflow - Top Responsive Website Builder. 21 (Mostly) Free Web Usability Tools You Can't Do Without. Comprehensive Review Of Usability And User Experience Testing Tools. Advertisement Usability and user experience testing is vital to creating a successful website, and only more so if it’s an e-commerce website, a complex app or another website for which there’s a definite ROI.

Comprehensive Review Of Usability And User Experience Testing Tools

And running your own user tests to find out how users are interacting with your website and where problems might arise is completely possible. But using one of the many existing tools and services for user testing is a lot easier than creating your own. Free, freemium and premium tools are out there, with options for most budgets. The important thing is to find a tool or service that works for your website and then use it to gather real-world data on what works and what doesn’t, rather than relying purely on instinct or abstract theories. Heatmaps, Usability & Analytics. A Fast and Powerful Scraping and Web Crawling Framework.

Pricing. Cliperado - Improve your support 500 screenshots at a time. SEO overview tool - The best free way to evaluate webpages online. Selenium IDE Plugins. Selenium IDE is an integrated development environment for Selenium scripts.

Selenium IDE Plugins

It is implemented as a Firefox extension, and allows you to record, edit, and debug tests. Selenium IDE includes the entire Selenium Core, allowing you to easily and quickly record and play back tests in the actual environment that they will run in. Selenium IDE – Part II » Source Allies Blog. In Part I we covered Setting UpRecording TestsPlaying Back TestsSaving Test CasesResuming RecordingSaving Test Suites All examples will use the sample site Store Value There are two ways to store values.First, you can define custom variables Second you can use the drop-down ‘storeText’ option.

Selenium IDE – Part II » Source Allies Blog

Enter a variable name. Variables can be used by simply surrounding the variable name with ‘${ }’ Running this script will result in an insert of both variables separated with an ‘and’. Debug To debug a script insert a breakpoint. Run the test case. The button resumes the execution of the script.The button steps through the test case one action at a time. XPath Selenium IDE can navigate html using XPath. You can verify your XPath by clicking the ‘Find’ button. Exporting Scripts Recorded scripts can be extracted into a number of programming languages.

For this example lets export this test case as ‘JUnit 4 (Remote Control)’.Copy the resulting code into your favorite IDE. Canva – Amazingly simple graphic design for blogs, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers and so much more. Conjure — Share designs, gather feedback, get approval. Best Web Gallery. PrestaShop: Logiciel e-Commerce pour Créer votre Boutique en Ligne. Wufoo · Online Form Builder! Quick Introduction to Moqups · Moqups. Samples - Wireframes made with MockFlow. Am I Responsive?


Ecommerce Software, Online Store Builder, Website Store Hosting Solution- Free 14 day Trial by Shopify. The best web text editor for everyone. UI Design Development & Digital Photography. Tools - Compare the speed of two websites in 5 seconds. FROONT – design responsive websites in the browser. Blank Website Templates For Creative Minds. 13 Really Useful Online CSS Tools to Streamline Development.

CSS is nearly used on every modern website design.

13 Really Useful Online CSS Tools to Streamline Development

However, having to write and structure CSS code from scratch every time you have a project is extremely time consuming. Below, we present you with 13 amazingly useful CSS tools for hacking on writing time consuming code. We tried to place emphasis on unknown tools that every developer should have a looksy at, however don’t be surprised if we included a few known sources.

We encourage you to find use of these tools and find ways to improve your development process. After all, developing websites shouldn’t be a task, it should be fun and rewarding. CSS Cheat Sheets As simple tool as this may seem, the CSS Cheat Sheet can be very useful. Telerik Visual Style Builder Telerik Visual Style Builder is an online CSS customization tool that allows you to easily, point-and-click customization of skins for the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX. This tool is ideal for ASP.NET developers. CSS Type Set CSS Frame Generator Grid Designer MoreCSS. Tips on Web Page Designs. 40+ Useful Online Generators For Web Designers. Oct 11 2010 Generators can be a great way to save time in your web design projects.

40+ Useful Online Generators For Web Designers

High-quality generators can create graphics or code or even layouts in a matter of seconds or minutes, things that might take an hour or more if done by hand. Below are some useful generators to help you speed up your web design process. There’s everything from color scheme tools to complete layout generators included. If you know of other useful generators out there, please share in the comments! 20 HTML Best Practices You Should Follow. Most of the web pages you encounter is presented to you via HTML, the world wide web’s markup language.

20 HTML Best Practices You Should Follow

In this article, I will share with you 20 best practices that will lead to clean and correct markup. 1. Always Declare a Doctype The doctype declaration should be the first thing in your HTML documents. The doctype declaration tells the browser about the XHTML standards you will be using and helps it read and render your markup correctly. Primary CSS. The CSS Box Model. At the risk of over-repeating myself: every element in web design is a rectangular box.

The CSS Box Model

This was my ah-ha moment that helped me really start to understand CSS-based web design and accomplish the layouts I wanted to accomplish. We've talked about the positioning of these boxes a bit, and about their behavior. What we haven't talked about much is the box itself. HTML Website Templates for Advertising & Marketing. Aviary.