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Visual Music Search Engine Welcome to the original visual music mapping tool. Music Plasma is a visual search service that allows music lovers to discover new bands and artists that are closely related to their favorites. Our graphic interface lets you visualize how the groups are fused together. Just enter your favorite musical artist in the search bar below.
vintage progressive rock vintage progressive rock Welcome Page Whatever happened...? Well, I think it's about time to admit that I'm not able to update the site much more.
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Gibraltar - encyclopedia of progressive rock
prog archives Berlin and Germany all, are characterized by a typical geographic meaning. It could be recognized for the great philosophical current of '700 (Surm und Grang), for a series of characters around its history as Hegel, Karl Marx, Heinstein, Wagner, Nietzsche, Shopenhauer, for the Second World War, ect... But surely it must be remembered now and in future for Krautrock, expression of the rebirth from the post-war period. From the great cultural ferment that was rising all over the world, in Berlin some intellectual artists and bands, with a sound never heard, faced to the music of those years. In a whirl of new ideas stands out overbearingly Günter Schickert, an artist often forgotten which has been great innovator especially for guitar echo.

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shadow metal Pues aqui les traigo el audio del gran historico concierto de thrash mas esperado del año THE BIG 4 que se llevo acabo el 22/jun/2010 en Sofia, Bulgaria en el Sonisphere Festival ............y vaya q fue un megaconcierto q no c volvera a repetir (ojala y me equivoque pero eso parece ser) q no necesita mencion de las grandes bandas q participaron en este megaconcierto.......tenemos los maravillosos y virtuosos solos de Dave Mustaine.....el gran ritmo y velocidad de Dave gran energia de Scott Ian........y el unico y gran estilo de Kirk Hammet. ......solamente me queda decir.....enjoy it!!!!!!! como este concierto no hay dos.......THRASH FOREVER!!!!!!!!!..............LARGA VIDA A LOS 4 GRANDES!!!!!!!!! Tracklist shadow metal
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Encyclopaedia Metallum Link Bloodstock Festival stream / 2013-08-09 05:53 Hey, we're gonna try something new. As many of you may know, this weekend is the Bloodstock Festival in the UK.
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