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Creating Your Off-Grid Homestead eBook. Property Purchase Guide. Wofati eco building. Most Amazing Shipping Container Homes. Shipping Container Homes Design Ideas. MY CONTAINER HOME. Spectacular 40ft Small Shipping Container Home. Super High Spec Professionally Built Tiny House. This item has been hidden 2014 HOUSES Awards Play all Fine Homebuilding magazine's annual HOUSES Awards celebrate the most well-designed and well-built homes in North America.

Every year, hundreds of homes are considered for recognition in six award categories. Together, they offer a snapshot of the most-progressive design ideas and construction techniques being executed by today's top architects and builders. The winners of the coveted HOUSES Awards are featured in the pages of the annual HOUSES awards issue, the industry's premier design resource, and digitally through extended photo galleries and inspirational design videos. Learn more about these homes at 3:20 3:33 4:19 3:09 4:12 4:21 2:00 This item has been hidden There's a Better Way Play all Fine Homebuilding magazine's video series covering quick tips and techniques that save time and money on the job site.

Tiny House Update Part 2 - Why We Sold Our Land. TINY HOUSE AND LAND how we saved $24,000 in 18 months for our home & land - Home. How We Save $24,000 in 18 Months Making $10/Hour- pt1. Land For Sale in Virginia. Tiny Houses - Tiny House Talk. Let’s Get Small. As a rule, people in New York wish for smaller places to live about as often as people on airplanes wish for smaller seats.

Let’s Get Small

I used to dream sometimes that I had found rooms in my apartment that I didn’t know were there, and, as I explored them, I felt a serenity that I did not feel in my waking life. I never had a dream where my apartment was smaller, and I don’t think I would feel very good if I did. When I was a child, I wanted a house so big that to go from one end to the other I’d have to ride a motorcycle. Impressive Tiny Houses - Town & Country Living. TinyHouses: a place for people interested in small or tiny houses. How The Zero Based Budget and Envelope System Work. People who abandoned their tiny homes. Welcome to Arched Cabins! - Home. Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building. Are you dreaming of a tiny house to call home?

Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

Whether you’re looking to downsize for financial freedom or a smaller environmental footprint, you’ll be pleased to know that a whole market has sprung up to offer a wide array of micro-homes that are not only affordable, but also beautiful to boot. We’ve rounded up six such tiny homes that you can buy right now - from prefabricated cabins available for under $10,000 to a portable timber home ready for move-in and immediate travel.

One of the most affordable housing options we’ve seen lately are Arched Cabins’ prefabricated steel homes. Ingenious Staircase by Tiny Houses by Darla - Tiny House Blog. During the Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado Springs there were plenty of tiny homes to tour and inspect.

Ingenious Staircase by Tiny Houses by Darla - Tiny House Blog

One stood out to me because as soon as I walked inside I exclaimed out loud, “Why hasn’t that been done before?” I was talking about the house by Darla Vercruysse of Tiny Houses by Darla. She placed the staircase to the sleeping loft at the back of the house—keeping it out of the way of the high traffic living and kitchen area. The refrigerator tucks neatly under the stairs leaving plenty of room for cooking. The idea is simple, efficient and quite beautiful. ESCAPE Vintage is a Classic, Affordable THOW - Tiny House Blog. The ESCAPE brand of tiny homes are some of the most memorable.

ESCAPE Vintage is a Classic, Affordable THOW - Tiny House Blog

Forbes has even called the homes “the most beautiful Tiny Houses in the world.” The latest ESCAPE design, Vintage, is also the company’s most affordable. ESCAPE is also offering a special for the first 10 buyers of the Vintage. Hikari Box Tiny House Plans - Introducing the Hikari Box Tiny House Plans - Tiny House Blog. Introducing the Hikari Box Tiny House Plans from Shelter Wise: Bright, Spacious and Uncomplicated If you’re looking for a tiny house design that’s spacious, bright and relatively simple to build, then take a look at the new Hikari Box Tiny House from Portland, Oregon tiny house designers and builders Shelter Wise.

Introducing the Hikari Box Tiny House Plans - Tiny House Blog

After building numerous custom-designed tiny homes on wheels for clients over the past few years, Shelter Wise combined several of their favorite ideas into the Hikari Box design. Homepage 1 - Tiny House Blog. Thompson Tiny House – Tiny House Swoon. Tiny-house A 240 square feet tiny house on wheels in San Antonio, Texas.

Thompson Tiny House – Tiny House Swoon

More info. here. 10 Tiny Houses To Make Your Inner Minimalist Salivate. Shutterstock Tiny houses are where it’s at.

10 Tiny Houses To Make Your Inner Minimalist Salivate

Matt Bonner knows this, and so do all the people who watch Tiny House Nation. Forget the grandiose floor plans of yesteryear. Tiny houses are affordable, they’re cozy, and they let you cut down on the amount of stuff you own. This Amazing Tiny House Shows How To Make The Most Of Small Interior Space. Tiny Heirloom Luxury Custom Built Tiny Homes. Liberation Tiny Homes Inventor Pennsylvania. Armed with 14 years of carpentry experience and a keen interest in the "Tiny House Movement" (as those in the know call it these days), James Stoltzfus set out to build his own compact home in his free time last year — and within eight months, he had himself a seriously sleek new mini abode.

Liberation Tiny Homes Inventor Pennsylvania

Sporting a streamlined and decidedly masculine exterior, the 8-and-1/2-foot-by-20-foot tiny home features all the expected spaces: a living area, a full kitchen, one sleeping loft, and a compact bathroom. As is de rigueur with any tiny home, this 170-square-foot interior employs some of the usual space-saving tactics: A sectional sofa fits into the corner of the living room, keeping the path through the home clear, and doubles as a bed for guests. The kitchen relies on tried-and-true hanging storage for cutting boards, knives, and utensils with a petite table tucked against the wall, its two stools stored underneath. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. The Tiny House Movement – 33 Tiny House Pictures. The Raven Yurt - Rainier Yurts. Tiny House Hunters Full Episodes.

Scrublands : Antoine Bruy. What Is The Tiny House Movement? What are tiny houses?

What Is The Tiny House Movement?

The tiny house movement? Tiny living? Simply put, it is a social movement where people are choosing to downsize the space they live in. 5 Tiny Houses We Loved This Week: From the Ultra-Trendy to the Off-Grid - Curbed. Learn how to build your own tiny house! Tiny House Movement @ Wikipedia. The tiny house movement (also known as the "small house movement"[1]) is a description for the architectural and social movement that advocates living simply in small homes. There is currently no set definition of what constitutes a tiny house; however, a residential structure under 500 square feet (46 m2) is generally accepted to be a tiny home.[2] Background[edit] In the United States the average size of new single family homes grew from 1,780 square feet (165 m2) in 1978 to 2,479 square feet (230.3 m2) in 2007, and to 2,662 square feet (247.3 m2) in 2013, despite a decrease in the size of the average family.[3][4] Reasons for this include increased material wealth and prestige.[3]