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New Librarianship

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The information professions: knowledge, memory, heritage. Marcia Bates Department of Information Studies, University of California Los Angeles, 2320A Moore Hall, Los Angeles, CA 90095, USA Introduction At this particular historical moment, we are taking part in an extraordinary sea change in how information science, libraries, archives, and all the information-related disciplines are viewed.

The information professions: knowledge, memory, heritage

Each week, it seems, we learn of a new information-related field. Knowledge management: is that the same as information management? Bioinformatics: not the same as biomedical informatics. We need to be formulating a conception of the information professions that makes sense out of the ferment, one that rationalizes and clarifies just what these fields are, including where the existing information professions play a role in this new landscape. Here I want to present a framework for thinking about these many information professions.

The nature of the information disciplines relative to other disciplines It is important to see these fields in this way. Polizeieinsatz am Bücherregal: Drogenhandel in Neuköllner Bibliothek. Kreuzberg Blog Berlin ist Kreuzberg.

Polizeieinsatz am Bücherregal: Drogenhandel in Neuköllner Bibliothek

Und umgekehrt. Kaum ein anderer Berliner Bezirk wird so stark mit der Hauptstadt in Verbindung gebracht wie Kreuzberg. Was die Kreuzberger bewegt, viele Kiezgeschichten und Meinungen lesen Sie im hyperlokalen Projekt des Tagesspiegels. Zum Kreuzberg Blog Ku'damm-Blog Alle reden vom neuen Aufschwung am berühmten Berliner Kurfürstendamm. Neue Bibliotheken braucht das Land. Wie sieht eine Bibliothek im Zeitalter der Digitalisierung aus?

Neue Bibliotheken braucht das Land

Wo ist der beste Standort? Was ist mit den Öffnungszeiten? Welche Rolle spielt das Internet, vor allen Dingen E-Books? Ist nicht die ganze Stadt Bibliothek und gleichzeitig Lernort? Sind Bücherboxen Satelliten der Bibliotheken und bringen beispielsweise auch thematisches Wissen in die Fläche? Diese Fragen griff der Innovators Club in einem Rundgespräch Anfang Juli in der Hauptgeschäftsstelle des Deutschen Städte- und Gemeindebundes auf. Im Ergebnis stellte sich die überragende Bedeutung der Bibliotheken für die Stadtentwicklung heraus. This Week in Libraries – TWIL #106: Jason Scott and Chris Wild. TWIL über Maker Spaces (gesponsert vom FB Infowiss der FHP)

Survey of 3D Printing in the Library. The 50+ page study presents detailed data and commentary from 30 academic, public, special and school libraries about their experience with 3D printers.

Survey of 3D Printing in the Library

The report helps librarians to answer questions such as: What brands and models are librarians considering and which libraries are buying which brands and models? -What brands and models are librarians considering and which libraries are buying which brands and models? -Are the printers purchased or leased? How much are libraries paying for their 3D printers? Just a few of the report's many findings are that: - The libraries sampled spent a mean of $3,244 to acquire their initial stock of 3D printers- 62.5 percent of libraries deploying more than one 3D printer have offered classes to library patrons on 3D printing- For public libraries, the mean library patron 3D printer session was 52.67 minutes with a median of 45 minutes Data is broken out separately by size and type of library, my number of 3D printers deployed, and other variables.

KoA #005 Creative Spaces. Making Room for Innovation. Two library service prototyping spaces, in two very different places, have a remarkable amount in common.

Making Room for Innovation

Nate Hill runs and operates the 4th Floor in Chattanooga, a large public library loft space operating as a flexible community makerspace and event space. Jeff Goldenson co-ran and operated Labrary, a 37-day design experiment occupying a vacant storefront in Cambridge. ATTRACTION ABOUNDS At top, the 4th Floor Maker space with its 3-D printing lab was a highlight of the night at the 2013Tennessee Library Association annual conference held in the library space; the Labrary storefront (bottom) likewise attracted passers-by into its experimental area to see how future library design might look.4th floor photo by Mary Barnett; Labrary photo courtesy of Jennifer Koerberber. AnthroLib.


Les bibliothèques numériques - Digital libraries - URFIST de LYON. Une bibliothèque numérique est une collection organisée de documents électroniques en accès libre et généralement gratuit sur Internet, associée à une interface permettant la recherche et la consultation de ces documents.Les bibliothèques numériques sont très variables en volume et types de documents.

Les bibliothèques numériques - Digital libraries - URFIST de LYON

A numerical library is an organizedcollection of electronic documents with free access and generally free on Internet, with an interface allowing the search and the consultation for these documents. The numerical libraries are very variable in volume and types of documents. # 98bibliothèques numériques. Byung-Chul Han - Verlag Matthes & Seitz Berlin. Introduction to New Librarianship.