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Quails – Raising and Egg Hatching - My Hobby Portal. Introduction: An interesting hobby that could provide you several benefits.

Quails – Raising and Egg Hatching - My Hobby Portal

These benefits could be financial or non-financial. Non-financial benefits include meat, eggs and getting fertilizer for the garden. Above all it is a fun activity to anyone. Due to short life, people do not keep them as pet. Raising Quails: Depending upon the size of the farm or the place, you may raise your quails accordingly. Benefits of Raising Quails Quail Eggs As discussed above, this smallest poultry bird produces meat, eggs and fertilizer. Egg Hatching: Quails egg hatching is an interesting process and fun to observe. Low Cost Egg Hatching Setup All you need is: In addition to above, you may add egg trays with rotation setup. Care during Hatching Process Machine setup require very little attention, all you have to note is hatching day. Post Hatching Care: Clean the hatching machine or eggs trays of the manual setup once a batch is hatched. Farming Care.

Story of the Felidae - My Hobby Portal. Throwing his book aside, he rubbed at his eyes.

Story of the Felidae - My Hobby Portal

He’d been reading about animals for an awfully long time. They are so unique and different, just like humans. If you combined those things, you’d get either an ordinary being, or a magnificent creature. And that’s what Alastair’s world consisted of, an innumerable amount of ordinary beings and magnificent creatures, and Alastair, for one, was the ordinariest of the ordinary beings. Alastair went outside to get some fresh and found Jordy leaning against the wall. “Hello kitty cat”, Jordy gibed. Cringing at the words ‘kitty cat’, Alastair grumbled, “Shut up Jordy.” Jordy was a friend of Alastair’s, and the only friend of Alastair’s. Since Jordy’s spirit animal was a Cheetah, he and his family served the King, Xalvador as knights and guards. “What are you doing here? Rolling his eyes, Jordy replied, “It got boring.” “That’s it?” Hamster - My Hobby Portal. Maine Coon - My Hobby Portal. Maine Coon is the cat I love to have due to its appearance, size and qualities.

Maine Coon - My Hobby Portal

Appearance Maine coon is the largest cat breed. It has fur that can stay thick in winter and thin in summer. They have a lion like mane. They were introduced in united states of America. Personality Maine coon were sometimes called gentle giants since they were gentle and quiet. Foods Foods you should feed a Maine Coon is cooked meat, Kibble and Maine coon wet food.

There are some foods you should not give to your pet cats. Grooming Cats like Maine Coon with big hair needs to be groomed well or their fur will get tangled easily. Care You need to check the ears of your Maine coon weekly and if it looks dirty clean it with cotton ball. To bathe a Maine coon is needed only if its dirty and you may do it every few weeks to few months. Fennec Fox - My Hobby Portal. There’s a fox, With two huge ears, Dissipating heat, And a cloudy tail, Black tipped, Light yellow, As the sand of the desert, Flowing through the air, As to its small size, Sensing the preys, Escaping the predators, Light to carry, Won’t feel a touch,

Fennec Fox - My Hobby Portal

Caring and Grooming a Cockatiel - My Hobby Portal. Cockatiel are native to Australia but have spread far and wide.

Caring and Grooming a Cockatiel - My Hobby Portal

They are very common pet birds and the second most kept bird pet in the world. They belong to the cockatoo family and have their own genus, Nymphicus hollandicus. Cockatoo family has around twenty-one (21) species of parrots but cockatiels are one of the smallest members of the cockatoo family. They are also the number one most kept bird in America and are easy to keep and take care. They also are good whistlers, great family pet too! Caring and Grooming a Cockatiel Caring and grooming a cockatiel is as necessary as it is for any other pets.

Cockatiels are very social birds as they need someone with them. Foods that your Cockatiel should eat Fruits and vegetablesSeedsPalletsMilletsMake sure it has clean freshwater to drinkHoney stick as treats Food that your Cockatiel should not eat. SaltChocolateAvocadoApple seedsFatsOnion and GarlicCaffeineXylitolAlcohol Sounds. Labrador: A Loyal Pet - My Hobby Portal. Labrador, a loyal pet breed of the dogs.

Labrador: A Loyal Pet - My Hobby Portal

It is also nicknamed as lab. It is a very popular breed in many countries. As it is a medium-large sized dog which may also be used as a fishing dog by their owners. The breed is best known for their loyalty, obedience and playful habits. They are also trained to help and aid those with blindness or autism. Why to prefer Labrador over other breeds? Labrador Retrievers are family friendly dogs. Appearance Labrador tend to shed their fur twice or regularly a year in temperate seasons. What should Labradors not eat?