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After Effects Tutorials. Maya Tutorial Videos by zeth willie. Production Shaders in MR. 3D Studio Max Mental Ray Tutorials - Using the Production Shaders - Chrome Ball I Introduction : The new set of Mental Ray Production Shaders in 3DS Max enables a whole set of features to help with compositing 3D models into images/environments.

Production Shaders in MR

An example of these shaders in action (created by Zap Andersson) can be found on YouTube: Zap's Production Video This set of tutorials will show how to incorporate your models into photographic locations - using a mirror ball approach and a 360 degree HDRI environment and applying this all to incorporate a 3D car into an environment. After Effects 32-bit Workflow In-Depth. In this week’s podcast, we speak with AE power user Stu Maschwitz of The Orphanage about the recent release of After Effects 7.

After Effects 32-bit Workflow In-Depth

With the new 32-bit workflow in the software, its potential for use in high end compositing has been expanded greatly. Our online story has highlighted information from the interview and we’ve added new tips in our After Effects tips section about using a 32-bit linear workflow.