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Making it Big with Multi-Channel B2B Marketing. The march towards modernity continues.

Making it Big with Multi-Channel B2B Marketing

B2B marketing is actively evolving, as evidenced by the increasing prevalence of marketing automation software. Everywhere, B2B sellers are constantly upgrading their lead management and lead nurturing platforms to grow their enterprises. Trends in the use of new marketing technologies are being harnessed, and new opportunities are introduced alongside developments in niches such as wearable devices and mobile connectivity. From the onset, it looks like B2B marketing is hardly slowing down as moreharnessed. What are Your Social Marketing Goals in Singapore? A article states most B2B marketers struggle with defining their social media marketing goals.

What are Your Social Marketing Goals in Singapore?

“For instance, should you focus on the number of blog posts per week and tweets per day? How about the number of fans and followers? Maybe retweets, brand mentions, and social reach? Or what about website traffic, clicks, and leads coming from social? Setting social goals can be confusing,” the article said. But for all its setup, social media can still provide businesses with an edge in terms of acquiring high quality leads. Use the CARE model. Why B2B Companies Should Prioritize Case Studies. A recent report has cited case studies as the most effective content format.

Why B2B Companies Should Prioritize Case Studies

Findings from the Content Marketing Benchmarking Report published in reveal that 66 percent of B2B marketers from a sample of 122 say producing case studies are the most effective means of attracting their target audiences. While 32 percent say that case studies are “quite effective,” the number presents no significant counterweight to the majority of B2B marketers that say they are “very effective,” implying that these content forms are highly reliable.

And it’s easy to see why. An article from summarizes the intrinsic value of case studies to companies in their B2B lead generation. Credibility The first thing a case study does is to establish your credibility. Evidence Case studies provide evidence about the effectiveness of your product or solution. Stories Case studies provide a narrative structure with a beginning, a middle and an end.

Guides and tips. Social B2B Marketing Trends to Watch Out in the “-Ber” months. It’s back to school for many kids.

Social B2B Marketing Trends to Watch Out in the “-Ber” months

But specialists in the B2B marketing industry could also say that winter is coming. It would take a few more months, but winter is definitely coming. But aside from the snow and layered clothing, the so-called Ber months suggest festive times coming our way. This fact compounds our excitement. There are just so many things to consider and to discuss about the string of the coming holidays.

Opportunities abound in the last months of the year. Discovering New Demand Generation Opportunities Using Four Simple Ways. For this post, we are featuring the four essential steps to effective demand generation.

Discovering New Demand Generation Opportunities Using Four Simple Ways

ALEA Group CEO Louis Foong mentions the Blue Ocean Strategy, a method mirroring the expeditions of the great explorers of old. To get to the gist of it, the approach encourages marketers to be more adventurous in terms of discovering new areas of opportunity and establishing a firm foothold in their respective markets. For Foong, “In the demand generation landscape, I think it is time to embark on a new expedition. Marketing Trends in Asia That Will Still Work in 2016. ‘A bow, handshake, smile, eye to eye contact are just as important as the business itself’ said Judy Caroll in an article Expanding Business in Asia 2016.

Marketing Trends in Asia That Will Still Work in 2016

Asia has always been known for their rich culture and tradition that never get carried away by trends even in business they are very particular in their beliefs and they value real relationship more than ever but this does not necessarily mean that they would disregard changes that will improve their business. According to, B2C marketers in China are increasingly investing in social marketing and expect great returns but face the challenge of determining the right social marketing strategies and tactics. Read more.. Hubspot survey, State of the Inbound 2015 Asia, also find out that, Top B2B Telemarketing Sales Techniques for Better Results. Not experiencing enough conversions?

Top B2B Telemarketing Sales Techniques for Better Results

Is your lead generation not producing high quality B2B leads? Do you feel that there’s a need to further enhance your B2B telemarketing efforts? These questions are typical among marketers nowadays; typical in the sense that all of them share the very same problems that impede them from gaining a competitive advantage. Social Media: A Revolutionized Business Tool. Social networking has created a comprehensive virtual environment that allows people around the globe to converse.

Social Media: A Revolutionized Business Tool

Since the advent of social networking sites – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, our involvement to the global trend has been revolutionized. It gave people an opportunity to meet new friends on a more diverse domain. The definition of social media does not end with that, as it goes beyond what we think it can do. Social media has been altered to become a significant aspect of the modern business sector, especially in lead generation, to constantly promote consumer interest and address inquiries on products and services. For instance, LinkedIn has been establishing connections between potential human resources to respective companies across the world.

The Checklist every B2B Singaporean Company Needs to Hold Smashing Events. Preparing for a corporate event entails a lot of investment in terms of time, money and energy.

The Checklist every B2B Singaporean Company Needs to Hold Smashing Events

Blueprint of a Successful B2B Event. Top 10 Thought Leaders in Sales and Marketing in Asia. Business to business or B2B marketing essentially refers to techniques and strategies used by companies who sell or market their products and/or services to other businesses.

Top 10 Thought Leaders in Sales and Marketing in Asia

However, using traditional sales channels to reach prospective B2B buyers seem difficult. The Singaporean Experience: How to Generate Leads for Less. It’s a still good time to invest in Singapore. Despite what analysts tell the local business councils, there is still enough positivity to go around. A slight economic downturn is not enough to deride the country’s image as an attraction for offshore B2B companies. Its hospitable climate and strong levels of government support has enabled it to maintain business vibrancy. With business opportunities experiencing a steady growth, B2B solutions providers should see this as a chance to expand their current client base and grow their revenue. Outbound Marketing: Reaching out to your Target Market. Even with the advent of inbound marketing which aims to ‘attract’ audiences instead of chasing them, there’s still a significant need for outbound activities.

After all, deliberately reaching out to prospects isn’t just about hard selling; sometimes, outbound efforts help maintain the fluidity of other marketing campaigns. Are Your Business Clients Happy? Tips in Measuring B2B Customer Satisfaction. We see satisfaction surveys virtually everywhere – restaurants, grocery stores, boutiques and many other business establishments. It’s a common enough practice in the B2C arena, but is it worth doing in the B2B sector as well? While B2B clients are fellow businesses, they are still technically your “customers” whose feedback also merits attention. There are differences in the manner by which this information would be gathered, though – you can’t just hand them a small piece of paper with checkboxes and Liker scales.

Feedback channels The simplest and most clear-cut way to collect feedback is by phone. It's NOT the End of The World: Nor 'Telemarketing' in Singapore! I came across a Yahoo article headlined:“ Cassette Tapes Make Comeback After Big Stars Release Albums On Old Format”… were these ever been extinct? 10 years ago, Telemarketing was said to become extinct. But what went wrong? Telemarketing is still one of the most pursued and executed B2B prospecting strategies most specially by giant industries like IT and Software.

Entrepreneur magazine’s article in 2007 titled “10 Businesses Facing Extinction in 10 Years” talked about the industries that were likely to get extinct 10 years after. Telemarketing was included but stood out among others listed. Business Startups: Singapore’s boosters. By stimulating the vital segments of the country – political stability, infrastructures, environmental protection, and population management – Singapore was able to sustain constant growth. Singapore’s economic freedom index overall score is 89.4, a 1.4 increase compared to last year and the second highest next to Hong Kong. These parameters show its significant improvements in global investments, labor freedom, businesses growth and employment. Given this attributes, Singapore is a very suitable market in establishing new businesses.

To sustain this idea, according to World Bank’s annual report, it hosted more than 500 foreign corporations and has a booming high-class population. The combination of these two areas shows its relevant leverages on holding businesses, both local and international-based. How Event Companies in Singapore Make Their Events Successful.