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GA 48th Inf Regt

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And Then A.P. Hill Came Up - A.P. Hill, Confederate General. ** return to Third Corps Officers - Anderson's Division main page. ** The core of this brigade consisted of the 3d Georgia, 22d Georgia, 48th Georgia, and the 2d Georgia Battalion.

And Then A.P. Hill Came Up - A.P. Hill, Confederate General

Later additions to it include the 64th Georgia (joined III Corps around time of Petersburg) and the 10th Georgia Battalion (joined ANV early in 1864). Page3. By May the Regiment had completed several weeks of brief basic training and was sent to Grahamvill South Carolina.


The units first assigment was the defense of Charleston, South Carolina. When the Northern Army began its advance on the Confederate Capital of Richmond the Regiment began its march towards the battlefields of Virginia. The Seven Days Campaign The 48th Georgia, arriving in Richmond, was assigned to Roswell Ripley's Brigade of D.H. Hill's Division of the Army of Northern Virginia just after the Battle of Seven Pines. At Seven pines the Commanding General of the Army of Northern Virginia,General Joe Johnston, had been severly wounded.

The 48th as part of Ripley's brigade was ordered to advance on Mechanicsville where Lee And his Generals planned to attack the Federal Army on June 26. Ripley ordered two Regiments left, The 48th Ga & 3rd NC, to provide support for Pender .The Men of Ripley's Brigade charged but could not reach the creek. 2nd Manassas. Page4. Undefined Chancellorsville The first major battle of 1863 took place at a small crossroads west of Fredericksburg named Chancellorsville.


Wright was ordered to move to Hamilton's crossing where After a short rest the brigade moved to Gen. Anderson's headquarters on the military road. There they bivouacked for the night. The Brigade marched in a drenching storm arriving at Chancellorsville at dawn. The Confederates were positioned along the Old Turnpike and Orange Plank Road . Wright moved the brigade back three quarters of a mile to a ridge upon which a small hospital and old church sat. About mid morning on May 1st, Jackson took a force to the south along the Plank Road. About 3 o'clock Wright and the 48th Georgia took the left as Posey ran into resistance along the road to Catherine Furnance.

Wright took the road where he found Jeb Stuart's cavalry at Catherine Furnance around six o'clock. 48th Regiment Infantry Georgia1. Troup County, Georgia and Georgia 48th Regiment Infantry Georgia Format by C.

48th Regiment Infantry Georgia1

W. Barnum Return to Georgia Infantry CSA Index 2,137 Names. 48th Regiment Infantry Georgia4. 48 Georgia Regiment, Company G, Slappey Guards. 48th Regiment Company G, Slappey Guards 48th Infantry Regiment completed its organization at Macon, Georgia, during the winter of 1861-1862.

48 Georgia Regiment, Company G, Slappey Guards

Its companies were recruited in the counties of Burke, Glascock, Warren, Richmond, Jefferson, Emanuel, and Harris. Ordered to Virginia, the 48th was brigaded under Generals Ripley, A.R. Wright, and Sorrel. It served on many battlefields of the Army of Northern Virginia from the Seven Days' Battles to Cold Harbor, then was involved in the long Petersburg siege south of the James River and the Appomattox Campaign. 23 in this company surrendered on 4/9/1865 at Appomattox Court House, VA Isham G.

Residence Twiggs County GA; 19 years old. Robin Andrews Residence Twiggs County GA; Enlisted on 5/8/1862 as a Private. Andrew J. Henry Ard Residence Twiggs County GA; Enlisted on 5/8/1862 as a Private.He died of disease on 9/10/1862 at Hospl, Culpeper, VA James W. Residence Twiggs County GA; Enlisted on 5/8/1862 as a Private.Wounded 9/17/1862 Sharpsburg, MD. 48th Georgia Infantry Regiment. 48th Infantry Regiment. 48th Ga Vol Inf Rgmt Roster - Pg 1 - Jack Poynter Web Site. 48th REGIMENT Formed March 4, 1862 Source Information This file was contributed for use in the USGenWebArchives by: Betty and Bernie Johnson Georgia Table of Contents: Abbreviations: TCGR: Twiggs County Georgia Records: A Reconstructed Heritage, by Bess Vaughn Clark.

48th Ga Vol Inf Rgmt Roster - Pg 1 - Jack Poynter Web Site

BVC: Bess Vaughn Clark; see above. General Notes: TCGR - The Read (Reid, Reed) family is one of BVC's direct lines. TCGR p450-452: Brief History of Company G, 48th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry Army of Northern Virginia, C. [BVC note 20: "This article came from Floyd R Read (grandson of Russell Floyd Read, CSA) of Columbus, Georgia, who is now deceased. "] Company G was organized at the county seat of Twiggs County, Georgia on March 4, 1862. He established quotas for each county in the state, then issued a proclamation requiring every eligible male to be present at the county Parade Ground on March 4, 1862. Company G suffered losses or wounds at the following locations: 48th Ga Vol Inf Rgmt Roster - Pg 3 - Jack Poynter Web Site.