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Aphic: le chantier de la recherche en soins primaires en france. Wordpress. RapidWeaver FAQ - Popup windows. Replace page.html in the codes with this URL.

RapidWeaver FAQ - Popup windows

The first step consists in uploading the image to your server as follows… 1. Create a new folder2. Name this new folder something like ‘files’ or ‘media’ or whatever3. Copy your .jpg or any other image file to that folder4. It is recommended to upload two versions of the picture: a smaller version and one of the size you want it top display in the popup. Take code 4.2 or 4.3 and use the path to the image as the URL to open in the popup.

Chapter 4: Codes To open the pop up you can have people clicking on a text-link, on an image-link or on a rollover image-link. General instructions: Replace page.html with the URL to the page you want to display in the popup window or to the URL of the image you want to display inside the popup windowEdit width=300, height=200 to the size you want the popup window to be and to fit the content of the popup window Once you edited the code copy and paste it into your page or post. FAQ - A propos du Favicon... C'est une petite icône que l'on peut apercevoir à côté de l'url dans le champ d'adresse d'un navigateur comme ici : Cette icône est d'un format particulier .ico, sa taille est soit de 32x32 ou 16x16 pixels sinon l'image n'apparaîtra pas, en 256 couleurs.

FAQ - A propos du Favicon...

Le format du fichier .ico est un format MIME Windows, on peut créer un fichier avec cette extension en utilisant Graphic Converter. Le nom du fichier doit être "favicon.ico" (en minuscules). Installation Une fois créé vous l'installez dans votre site en le faisant glisser dans la fenêtre de l'inspecteur de site (inspector ou pom+i puis onglet "site") ou avec le bouton "Choose... ". Safari et les favicons. FAQ - Installer un compteur de visites sur votre site. Dewplayer lecteur mp3 en Flash - Alsacréations. Newbie's guide to Dewplayer with multiple mp3 files in a popup window [see UPDATE for IE friendly co - realmacsoftware. OK, I'm the newbie.

Newbie's guide to Dewplayer with multiple mp3 files in a popup window [see UPDATE for IE friendly co - realmacsoftware

But I've received great help from these forums, and so decided to post my method (arrived at after a lot of trial and error, attempting to use various suggestions/tutorials I found here and elsewhere) for having a popup window with an mp3 player that displays name/artist while playing. I am not a coder, so maybe some experts can improve on these instructions. Other BIG caveat: I haven't yet tested this on IE, but it works well on my Mac with Chrome/Safari/Firefox. I purchased the mp3 stack but abandoned it after many hours of frustration trying to get it to display name/artist. Then I discovered the free Dewplayer - eureka!

Here's the short version of what I did: 1) download Dewplayer files 2) on server, place your mp3 files and the dewplayer-multi.swf file 3) use code generator on Dewplayer home page, inserting correct name/location of your mp3 files. And here are the full details: I saved this code as a snippet in RW. [update: oops. see post below for this] The result: Creating Icon-based Menus in RapidWeaver. Step by step directions on how to create visually compelling icon menus in RapidWeaver.

Creating Icon-based Menus in RapidWeaver

Download the PDF. 1. Select your theme in RapidWeaver’s Theme Drawer Right-click to reveal the contextual menu, and choose "Reveal Theme Contents in Finder…" (1). A new Finder window will open, displaying the core theme files. 2. Depending on the theme you’re using, the "images" folder may be named something else, like "editable_images", "graphics", etc. 3. The %pathto()% syntax is a special keyword that RapidWeaver uses to create the URL to that image.

If the folder you dragged your icons into (in Step 2 above) was named something else (like "graphics"), you’ll also need to edit the folder name in this snippet (3) to match. RapidWeaver Pro — Become a master of RapidWeaver web design. Combinaisons de touches de démarrage pour les ordinateurs Mac à processeur Intel. Raccourcis-clavier sous Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) (part 1) Balvanz Enterprises - MiniDV Stabilizer.


How To Preview Unrendered Clips in Final Cut Pro. Photoshop. The Zooming Presentation Editor. PmWikiFr / PmWiki. PmWiki est un système de type wiki pour la création et l'entretien collectif de sites Internet.

PmWikiFr / PmWiki

Les pages PmWiki ont le même aspect et fonctionnent comme des pages Internet ordinaires, sauf qu'elles possèdent un lien pour "Éditer" ce qui permet de modifier ou d'ajouter facilement (pas toujours) des pages à un site, en utilisant les règles d'édition de base. Vous n'avez pas besoin de connaître le langage HTML ou les CSS.


Drupal. Gestion des couleurs. Icones.