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Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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Latest Tech Reveal. Release Date of Galaxy Note 4 to be Revealed by Samsung. We have already told you about Galaxy Note 4 in our main article that this device is not officially confirmed by Samsung. Note 4 is already creating buzz among internet users. There is no presence of this device in offline market. After the launch of Galaxy S5, everyone has set their eyes on Note 4. They are eagerly waiting to know the release of Galaxy Note 4. After observing the trend of release date in Note series, it can be confirmed that this device will be released either in August or September. Take a look on the release date of previous devices in this series. N7000 Galaxy Note which is the first device in this series was launched in September, 2011N7100 Galaxy note 2, second device in the series was launched in August, 2012Note 3 which is the latest device available in the market was launched in September, 2013 It is expected that this device can be seen in August, 2014 but nothing can be confirmed as there is no official news for this device by Samsung.

Galaxy Note 4 Specs out to catch your attention. Few days before, Samsung released Galaxy S5 for the market. We are now wondering what Korean manufacturer will offer us with its upcoming phablet Galaxy Note 4. There are many rumored specifications for this device available on web but will they be featuring in the upcoming device? IP67 Certification to Note 4 This is a big question to the fans; will Samsung provide IP67 certification for its new device like Galaxy S5? New device with increased screen size and battery Like always Samsung will increase the screen size of new device which make Note 4 bigger than its predecessor. Better Security As the technology is improving day by day and we have seen increased security in Galaxy S5 so we can expect more from Galaxy Note 4.

More Storage Space New device in market is featuring variants with different memory sizes and you can also increase it with memory cards. Optical Image Stabilizer and Low Light Sensitivity Samsung has not provided this feature in recently launched device. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - Rumors, Release Date and Things to Believe. Galaxy Note 4: What to Expect? | XTek Hub-Smartphones,Tablets,Laptops. It is now confirmed that Galaxy Note 4 will be released in the next half of the year. This has already caused much debate and discussion concerning the features and goodies that will come with the Note 4 phablet.

If the rumors circulating around the globe are anything to go by, then we can expect new features and design in the yet to be released phablet. Right now we do not have much news from the company concerning the Note 4. However, analysts expect the giant tech company to upgrade several features that appeared in the Note 4’s predecessor, Galaxy Note 3. Some of the changes expected are in: DesignProcessorFeaturesCameraBatteryDisplay Also Read: Top 5 Upcoming Verizon Phones of 2014 Design This is one aspect that is sure to change. Also Read: Galaxy S5 Specs- All About the Rumored Specs of Samsung Galaxy S5 This can be as a result of other smartphone manufacturers dropping plastic for better and more appealing materials.

Galaxy Note 4 Camera Processor Screen Size. Experience More Innovation from Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Phablet. Galaxy Note 4 Phablet is likely to be the next big device in the world of handheld devices. While all people are busy talking about the release of the Galaxy S5, rumors has it that this techno logy giant is planning to release a new phablet. The new device is an innovative technology creation that will be a successor to its Galaxy Note 3. Rumors have it that the new Note 4 will be released during the second half of this year. According to the executive vice present of Samsung Lee Young Hee, the device is being designed to meet the needs of high-end segment of the market. This implies that this device is likely to have new-age technology that will impress the market. The device is being developed by professionals for professionals. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date Rumors are that this device will be released during the third quarter of this year.

Galaxy Note 3 had a fabulous response from consumers. Specs of Galaxy Note 4 Among the specs of this device include the following: Samsung's Piece of Wonder- Galaxy Note 4 - SaveInTrash. Just when the consumers Smartphone world cannot get any better, Samsung brings into the market a new device that is way beyond the limits. This can be seen clearly from the series of notes that the Korean giant has released into the market. Each of the devices has an amazing performance, and has features that other competitors tend to ignore or have not yet perfected. It is only great manufacturers such as Samsung who can come up with a term phablet to indicate that their note series features everything you would need in a Smartphone and a tablet. By buying any of the note series, you will have bought two gadgets at the same time.

These devices are bigger than the normal Smartphone but smaller than a tablet. The unique design paired with incredible features makes these devices command a different and a huge market in the phone world. Amazing Specifications in Galaxy Note 4 The last note featured a 4.3 jolly bean android system. Meeting the Demands of the Consumers. Samsung Galaxy Note 4-The Incredible 2014 Device.

There is very little that has been confirmed about Samsung Galaxy Note 4. People are yet to find out about the release date, price and specifications on the next note. However, they have not stopped speculating, especially in consideration of the fact that Note 3 was one incredible device that was warmly received in the market. People believe that the next Note will actually be much better!

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of the series of devices released into the market going by the name of phablets. A phablet is a device that combines both the features of a Smartphone and a tablet all in one device. The result is that one gets a bigger Smartphone yet at the same time a smaller tablet. Note 4 will be offering people what they have never imagined they could receive from Smartphone or tablet.

Galaxy round was not well received in the market. Samsung is said to invest billions of dollars in order to feature flexible OLEDs in most of the 2014 devices, which includes Note 4. Rumors about Galaxy Note 4UseMe 4 Info. Galaxy 4 Phablet –The top must have Features. The world renowned Smartphone manufacturer Samsung is at it again with yet another amazing product Galaxy note 4 phablet. For those still in the dark, a phablet is basically a cross between a smart phone and a tablet- usually larger than a standard Smartphone and smaller than a tablet.

Reportedly, Galaxy 4 will release later in the year. Top features Reportedly, Galaxy note 4 will retain a minimalistic Samsung trademark design with a 6 inch HD screen and a small bezel. The exterior of the phablet is rumored to be more like that of the note 3. It is also expected to be ultra slim and lightweight with a 8mm thickness and weigh roughly around 160g. Screen Samsung is expected to unleash a new 3-sided display concept full HD AMOLED with the Galaxy note 4. Operating systems Galaxy note 4 is expected to be running on Android 4.4 KitKat which will not only ensure smooth access to your applications but which will also ensure multitasking. Camera.