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Winter time can be pleasant for many.

But at the same time we realize we miss the warmer days. Especially when night falls and the cold sets in. So with that in mind I am sharing a few tips to stay warm. But also safely warm. Fireplace If you are fortunate enough to have a fireplace dont be afraid to use it. Using a heater If you feel it is a good to use a heater. Electric blanket I dont think there is anything quite as nice as getting into a warm bed on a cold evening. Dont forget to layer up To wear an extra shirt or leggings is a good way to protect yourself from the cold weather. Warmer foods It is good to consider hot coffee or tea. Alcohol is a no no Yes I know some will say but,,, It feels warm. Layer your covers and blankets Start with your cozy fuzzy and warm blankets first. Bake and cook to your heart's content Using the oven helps spread heat through out the house.

Remember a warm bottle. Consider this only if you think of losing weight for that special day or date.

Most look and say I can accept everything except this flabby belly fat.

But what to do? If you are one of the many who feel like this. You really are not alone. Exercising and eating right is the right way to go. But what about helping your body with a much needed boost. If you want to use natural moisturisers.

Then look no further. As you may already have any of these products in your kitchen cupboards. Olive oil. It isn't even strange that olive oil would be named as it is full of nutrients and an added bonus. If you love doing your own nail art designs and you are a beginner.

Yet you want a sophisticated and glamourous look. This might just be for you. As seen in the image this is yet another easy design. All you need is some imagination and you end up with beautiful nails such as this one Items needed. Haven't done any nail art in a while.

Another easy DIY nail art tutorial.

It looks difficult but is so easy to do. You can choose your own prefered colours. Always remember that these are just suggestions to inspire you. Items needed You will need a base coat nail polish. Some have mild symptoms.

Others suffers severely. But all women know that it is not a happy time. From your teen years to the next stage in your life you deal with this issue. Yes I am talking of PMS as women call it. We tend to think that a face lift means going for cosmetic procedures.

But the truth is with a little know how you can do it at home. With the safe and simple way you can pamper your skin. Eggs. It is something many worry about or fear.

Because of this condition you may not even want to go out. Yes not even considering to go outside or discover the outside world. As some parts of the world now celebrate seasons changing. Feeling weather improve, becoming warmer and much more pleasant. Other parts of the world start to experience cool to cold weather. Colds and flu becomes a reality and everyone knows to boost immunity. If you have a sore throat and you need relief fast. There is a few trusted home remedies that works. This painful condition can keep you awake the whole night. So if ever you find yourself in this situation here is a few home remedies you can consider if you have a sore throat. Salt water Half teaspoon salt Glass of warm water. If you are one of the many who suffer from hair loss. You know it can be absolutely devastating. It does affect self confidence and creates a feeling of helplessness. So you may go and try so many products hoping that at least one of them works.

Getting a cold sore isn't only disturbing but can also cause embarrassment. It can make you uncomfortable. So if you want a safe home remedy to get rid of that cold sore easily and effectively. Why not consider this home remedy? I usually get one at least once a year. We all know how important it is to relax. But how many of us can take time and go to a spa? If you are one of the millions of women who wonder how to stop ageing or reverse ageing. Some times we need to look at nature to improve our health. We live in a time where so many people consider self improvement very important. Some will say it is necessary and I too agree with that. Why is it so important? In previous articles I posted why we need to drink more water. Water is good for health and beauty and has numerous benefits.

Did you ever look at people and see how motivated they are? How can they accomplish their goals while others struggle and lose their motivation? Did you ever hear about the Daniel diet Others would call it the Daniel fast. I haven't posted any nail art in a while. So today I am sharing an easy nail art projects for beginners. We know hands gets noticed and when you know your hands look good. If you are one of the people that worry about the health of your hair. Lifestyle Tips for all: Home remedies for cough. Lifestyle Tips for all: 5 natural home remedies for tooth abscess that works. Lifestyle Tips for all: This is why you should start to drink water if you havent started yet. Yoga explained and why it is is beneficial for you to start now ~ Lifestyle Tips for all. Strengthen your immune system naturally ~ Lifestyle Tips.

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