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Multics History. See the Site Timeline for a chart of Multics sites by date.

Multics History

For a list of significant Multics dates, see the Multics Chronology. A 1989 ACM talk by John Gintell on Multics history is. Die Falle der völligen Freiheit: Scientology, Dianetik und L. Ron Hubbard. Extremophiles. Extremophiles are organisms that thrive in what, for most terrestrial life-forms, are intolerably hostile environments.1 The majority of known extremophiles are varieties of archaea and bacteria.


They are classified, according to the conditions in which they exist, as thermophiles, hyperthermophiles, psychrophiles, halophiles, acidophiles, alkaliphiles, barophiles, and endoliths. These categories are not mutually exclusive, so that, for example, some endoliths are also thermophiles. The discovery of extremophiles points out the extraordinary adaptability of primitive life-forms and further raises the prospect of finding at least microbial life elsewhere in the Solar System and beyond.2 There is also growing support for the idea that extremophiles were among the earliest living things on Earth (see life, origin of) Chemoautotrophs, which obtain their energy from the oxidation of inorganic chemicals, might be particularly suited to alien environments. References.

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