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Bugatti 16C Galibier. ANDERSON GERMANY. Maybach 57s (Anderson Germany Carbon Edition) Porsche Cayenne Turbo (Anderson Germany White Dream Edition) Ford Mustand Shelby GT 500 (Anderson Germany Super Venom Edition) Mercedes CL65 AMG (Anderson Germany Special Grey Stone Edition) Bentley Continental GT 2013 (Anderson Germany Carbon Edition) Porsche Cayenne S Diesel 2013 (Anderson Germany Black Edition) Porsche Panamera GTS (Anderson Germany White Snow Edition) Porsche Cayenne GTS (Anderson Germany White Venom Edition) Porsche Cayenne GTS (Anderson Germany Black Satin Edition) Range Rover Vogue Supercharged (Anderson Germany Black Edition) Bentley GT V12 (Anderson Germany Black Edition) Range Rover Sport Supercharged (Anderson Germany Carbon Edition) Aston Martin DBS (Anderson Germany Platinum Grey Edition) Lincoln Navigator 2012 (Anderson Germany Hyper Gloss Black Edition)


Lamborghini-Ankonian-Concept-Design-by-Slavche-Tanevski-Rendering-9-1280x960.jpg (JPEG Image, 1280x960 pixels) - Scaled (57%) Epic Homemade Porsche Win. Epic Homemade Porsche Win373 By jason in Win on April 17, 2011 Browsing: Epic Homemade Porsche Win Share: FACEBOOK twitter Comment: FACEBOOK trollzone Cosplay Fail FAIL 4090 39 Comments Cake Fail FAIL 1874 54 Comments Share on Facebook epic epic win homemade porsche homemade porsche win Guy Wants A Job Done But Doesn’t Pay For It.

Epic Homemade Porsche Win

Stealing WiFi On The Highway WIN WINS: 303 Parenting Done Right : A Compilation FAILS: 14 WINS: 540 Mother Son Wedding Dance WIN FAILS: 87 Mario Shots WIN WINS: 449 Add Our New Site To Your Daily Routine WINS: 303 iPhone Cops Prank WIN WINS: 597 Grandma WIN FAILS: 18 WINS: 696 prev related next related 373 COMMENTStroll 373 Comments : trollzone Yeoldwolf posted on June 22, 2012 at 6:57 pm With talent like this one could get a job at any auto manufacture in the design department.

Recent Activity Connect with Enter your e-mail address to get the from Epic Fail delivered to your mail Tag cloud on Win Sites EPIC Channels Your name: Close. Watch a Volvo wagon blow the doors off a Ferrari 458 Italia. SExpand Hey, at least it is a Volvo motor. He could've just shoved a smallblock Chevy under the hood like every other car-building asshole out there. I mean a goddamn original Amazon motor couldn't make 200 horsepower if you threw $10K at it, and this modern motor makes 3x that much.

I give him a lot of credit for having stuck with the marque of the car, most builders wouldn't have. I couldn't find the specs on that volvo. Find an cheap holset hx40, bigger injectors, mls headgasket and a good injection say Vipec. Gearbox? Diff? The biggest problem is this 500-600hp cars is so regular in Sweden and Norway that none notice them anymore, it's to easy to build. This is an Sierra with m50. Anyone with a work can save up to that kind of money. The most impressing thing with the Vöcks Amzon is the bodywork, it's just stunning.