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HitechPeople Inc consults organizations on technologies that focus on profit growth, performance enhancement, improved delivery system and cost reduction. Website :

App Development. The ever improving experience has increased worldwide dependency on digital platforms.

App Development

Businesses hold diverse relations with consumers, suppliers, manufacturers, employees, businesses partners, and government etc. It is imperative for businesses to build a system of engagement that give users access to multiple communication, collaborations and transactions in a channeled way. Therefore businesses are on a continuous look out for app based solutions that enhances stakeholders’ rich interactions & responses. HitechPeople Inc understands the necessity of developing and maintaining applications that focuses on performance optimization. Hence we work on Rich Internet Applications such as HTML5, CSS3/4, advanced OOAD Javascript along with MVC frameworks such as AngularJS, EmberJS, BackboneJS, KnockoutJS, D3JS.

Hire An App Developer For Your Business. We all use Smartphone and we cannot think a single day without this magical gadget.

Hire An App Developer For Your Business

It makes our life so easy. We are connected with people, banks, photos, real-time activities and much more. An internet connection, a Smartphone and user-friendly apps make the life really interesting. So, apps play an important role for Smartphone. Hire An App Developer For Your Business. IT Services. How To Search For A Dream Job. Staff Augmentation. People are the main source of success for any business.

Staff Augmentation

A committed professional with innovative solutions is the need of any company. Searching and assessing the right skill with the right talent has always been a lengthy but imperative task for companies. Despite operating with an intensive HR vertical, sometimes businesses need to fill up positions after extensive sourcing and background check. Here they require additional support that can easy out their task and let the company focus on new candidate integration and planning growth roadmap of employees. Therefore HitechPeople Inc under People Management service is providing recruitment services that address the crucial IT based people resource requisites. How To Set Good Photo For LinkedIn Profile. IT Recruitment. Who Is The Mentor And What He Does? A mentor is a person who guides you in your professional development as a strategist, leader and a good person.

Who Is The Mentor And What He Does?

He is a person who never instructs the professionals or never gives on-spot training rather give challenges, encourage the new professionals to go through the issues and then think logical to come up with the approaches that will help you in the transformation. They act as a wisdom and the mentees will have a strong impact in the work. So, you should understand what is right and wrong and ask your mentors accordingly to get the positive result in your professional career. IT Solutions. HitechPeople Inc., headquartered in California, is an IT and ITES solution provider firm that builds technology prototypes and products for global businesses.

IT Solutions

Through tech based solutions HitechPeople Inc is strengthening businesses internal and external performance, products and people. As a technology partner we offer services in strategic consulting for turn-key projects, IT solutions for business management and IT staffing that adds values to business operations. As an IT consulting partner we advise our clients on adopting the best of emerging tools and introduce technologies that optimizes their operations, keep them ahead of their competition, updated about latest industry insights and real time solutions for increased market reach ability. HitechPeople Inc as a recruiting partner understands business crucial needs and search out potential leaders that drive organization towards technological excellence.

10Cs Of Team Building. Working as a team in office is really effective in the growth of the business.

10Cs Of Team Building

But, creating a good team and working as efficient team players need lots of courage, confidence, and patience. When someone is a part of a team, then one should have clear objectives to run the organization in a proper way. 10Cs Of Team Building. IT Staffing. Steps To Follow To Handle Tough Boss. At the workplace, creating a good relationship with your boss or colleague helps you in the progress of your career.

Steps To Follow To Handle Tough Boss

Sometimes, your boss is really tough to handle, but that should never stop you to achieve your professional goal. A boss may have independent thoughts and ideas, but the head person needs employees help to achieve company’s goal. Hence, you should be able to create a good relationship with the boss to create an ongoing environment of work. If you manage well, then the relationship you serve with them will also grow and give you the positive outcome.

Steps To Follow To Handle Tough Boss. QA Testing. Around the world multiple technology based applications, products and platforms are being launched everyday to attract more and more users.

QA Testing

Not only this there is a continuous trend of upgrading the existing technology so as to improve customer experience and increase work efficiency. However developing and improving software requires combination of custom specific codes, open source codes and partner-developed codes. This hybrid combination of codes requires quality and assurance testing of gap holes and success points before making it available for larger audience. At HitechPeople Inc our team of Engineers, Developers, Architects and Analysts holds inbound knowledge of conducting almost all kinds of testing and maintenance for all social platforms and technologies. Scaling up the existing technologies as per market dynamics Manual, automated, back-end, REST, API, white-box, black-box, functional, regression, performance and load testing. 6 Ways To Motivate Your Employees.

Mobility Services. Mobile as a digital tool has integrated strongly within our lives.

Mobility Services

For businesses it has become an imperative marketing techniques where web based apps are being launched everyday to attract the right stakeholders and communicate relevant information to the entire world. 9 Ways To Appreciate Your Employees. It is very important to appreciate your employees to boost their confidence and mood.

9 Ways To Appreciate Your Employees

It is very important to make them realize how much they are important for you. When you praise them, they will automatically feel good and a little surprise and sweet gesture make them feel proud to be a part of the company. HitechPeople: 9 Ways To Appreciate Your Employees. IT Consultant. Platform DevOps Engineer Web Developer 3+ years 75$/hr Lewisville, TX WFM (Aspect, Verint), Linux, Windows W2K12, DB (Oracle), UIP Desktop SDK Platform Dev Ops engineer working on a team that will implement a Back Office Workforce system. Points To Look To Hire An IT Consultant. The growth of IT industry is taking a huge revolution and this is happening because of the expert IT professionals. They are doing the course in the IT field and use their logical brain to give the clients the best IT solutions. It is because of them that the growth is taking place in a positive direction and helps a particular client’s business to grow. When a company hires an IT consultant, then it is obvious that they look certain things on the candidate so that they can give the good solution to the business and help the clients in their business.

Positive Attitude- A candidate should have a positive attitude to bring out the best from the complex situation. It will help the company to get the desired result in the IT market. Now that you have across to these points, you should definitely hire the best candidate based on these above points and you will find the right candidate. Points To Look To Hire An IT Consultant. IT Recruitment. IT Staffing. The Power Of Women In Today’s Corporate World. Cloud Services. Information accessibility is the key for successful transaction, collaboration, performance and partnership.

Businesses have realized that access of diverse information to diverse stakeholders is imperative for transparency. Therefore organizations believes in communicating information on cloud based platforms that reduces their time to reach out to the diverse stakeholder and also make information anytime anywhere available. HitechPeople Inc understands that any information is crucial for business therefore under Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud Computing services our expert team strategize architects, develops and support cloud information.

We know that converting information demands a complete IT organizational shift hence HitechPeople Inc offers complete each-step support to change and align their operational strategies with innovation. Reducing capital and time based expenditure and empowering customer service Cloud computing, Big data, Hadoop, Amazon web services, Open Stack. Benefits Of Cloud Computing Services. Reduction in Cost- Financial pressure is tremendous in today’s cut throat business opportunities. It helps in lower the cost because it transforms the old way of work into a new form of work that will make the work easy and reliable. This in a way reduce the financial pressure and you can pay as per your need.Work flexibility- The cloud computing service makes the work flexible and easy.

One does not have to sit on the work desk and work for hours rather one can definitely save the time of work and it helps to manage all the cloud-related systems. The work flexibility plays an important role in cloud computing and one should definitely get the best result.Manage of Documents- One can easily manage data and documents because there is no more paperwork and one can easily manage the data perfectly to get the best help. It makes the outsource service easy and reliable without much of a pain.Improves coordination- Teams can coordinate among each other very nicely. App Development. How To Choose The Best App Developer? Staff Augmentation.

Staff Augmentation or Managed Services: Which One? In a company, when new projects come in, they always look for some talented people to accomplish their goal. There are two types of business models that a company can go for and they are staff augmentation and managed services. Well, both the models are different from each other and before you take up new projects, you should know which model you want to implement in your new projects and want to carry forward your business in a positive way.

Here, the discussion will be in detail of both the models and your company can choose one as per the requirement. In SA I.e. Staff Augmentation companies prefer qualified workers from outside to work in-house with the employees who are full time and continue side by side work. For short-term projects, this model is really a very good idea, but in the long run, it downsizes the reputation of the company. Staff Augmentation or Managed Services: Which One?

Web development. Why Web development service is important? An online business has no meaning without a website. QA Testing. QA Testing Companies And Their Roles. IT Solutions. Different IT Solutions That Will Increase Company’s Productivity. Mobility Services. The Popularity Of Mobility Services. Technology is gaining importance with a rapid speed. IT Consultant. How To Choose An IT Consultant? HowToChooseAnITConsultant. App Development. The Popularity Of Mobile App Development. We cannot imagine our life without a Smartphone. Today, it has taken a huge revolution and this device almost complete all our desires. How? Oh! Its simple through an app. Cloud Services. IT Services. The Importance Of IT Services. Staff Augmentation. Benefits of Staff Augmentation Services. IT Recruitment. The Key Factors Of HR Placement Firms In IT Recruitment. HR focuses on the process of IT recruitment in the selection and then highlight the benefits of general assessment, interviews, psychometric testing in the employee selection.

It can be done both external and internal which involved both online and offline like policies of recruitment, advertising, job description and application, decision making, assessment, interviews and training. HitechPeople: The Key Factors Of HR Placement Firms In IT Recruitment. The Key Factors Of HR Placement Firms In IT Recruitment. IT Solutions. IT Solutions Job Through Placement Firms. QA Testing. How to Choose the Best QA Testing Companies. QA Testing focus on cost reduction of the project through the best employment and the resource I.e. cheap for the same service.

How to Choose the Best QA Testing Companies. IT Consultant. How to Become An IT Consultant. Mobility Services. Ways to Find Mobility Services Provider. IT Services. IT Staffing Solutions For The Successful Business. IT Services. The Importance Of IT Services For Small Business. Today, the emergence of technology has no boundary. Staff Augmentation. Staff Augmentation vs Project Outsourcing: Which One Is Better?

Staff Augmentation vs Project Outsourcing: Which One Is Better? Staff Augmentation. Staff Augmentation Standing Out From Contractual Or Consultant Resources. IT Services. IT Service Management And Its Intricacies. IT Recruitment. New trends of recruitment to look out for in the year 2017. App Development. Mobile Applications That Have Changed The Face Of Hiring Process. Cloud Services. Cloud Services Options That Cater To Minimal Business Needs. IT Solutions. The Advantages Of Staffing Solutions In The Business World. QA Testing.

Stages Of Development Of A New Product. IT Staffing. Organizational Staffing – One Of The Recruitment Processes For Niche Industries. Organizational Staffing – One of the recruitment processes for Niche industries. Candidate Sourcing. Candidate Sourcing. Role, Responsibilities And Requirements For An IT Consultant. Mobility Services. Managed Mobility Services Are The Need Of The Hour For The Corporate. Cloud Services. App Development. Mobile Apps That Have Revolutionized Recruitment. Staff Augmentation. Project Outsourcing Or Staff Augmentation — Which One Is Better For Your Business? Project Outsourcing Or Staff Augmentation — Which One Is Better For Your Business. IT Recruitment.