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We at Hi-Tech BPO Services are one of the leading BPO Service providers in India. For outsourced data processing solutions, right from data collection through web scrapping to data entry, data processing to document management and graphics designs; we are the preferred ones for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Are Real Estate Data Companies Struggling to Stay Relevant to their Consumers? What are the biggest challenges that real estate data companies face?

Are Real Estate Data Companies Struggling to Stay Relevant to their Consumers?

And how can they overcome those challenges? 2016 is a month old already, and an increasing number of businesses are waking up to bigger challenges of survival every day. The most pressing among them, often, is the need to stay relevant to the consumer; to be able to pre-empt the consumer’s needs and offer value-added, proactive solutions; and to be able to predict market trends, and safeguard their customers’ interests. The more spirited organizations make it a practice to invest more resources on introducing process innovations that add value to their products and services. For data collection & processing companies, staying relevant depends almost entirely on the quality of the data they employ.

Over the past two decades, as the outsourcing business has grown steadily, the range of solutions has expanded in tandem with it. Outsource Data Entry Projects to Get 5 Data Management Benefits...Free!!! The news that “M.B.A.

Outsource Data Entry Projects to Get 5 Data Management Benefits...Free!!!

Programs have started following Silicon Valley In this Data Age” is making rounds these days. The belief that, MBAs are all decked up with finance and corporate strategies but lack big time when it comes to arts of this digital age such as A/B testing and data-driven decision making which happens to be the bread and butter, may it be personal or professional life of any individual; is taking up deep roots in minds of everyone. Data Processing for Data Analytics is Like Eating an Elephant. The day when data analytics, clubbed with data processing, was discovered; it proved its worth for organizations to attain results needed for making informed decisions.

Data Processing for Data Analytics is Like Eating an Elephant

It has now been a universally accepted fact that data is the life line for any organization, as it plays a pivotal role for organizations to thrive and survive in today’s data driven culture. Data may come from any source, but merely having the data is not enough. It is what you do with that data, and the insights that you gain from the data, is more important. This makes it more than necessary for one and all to have a sound strategy for data management and analytics. The results of a survey conducted on 376 individuals responsible for data initiatives, of which 104 in the executive capacity, is really eye catchy. How Outsourced Data Entry Services Benefited Top 5 Major Industries? Increasing customer and market demands have compelled companies and organizations to offshore their back office activities to outsourced service providers.

How Outsourced Data Entry Services Benefited Top 5 Major Industries?

One more reason why people are inclined towards outsourcing is that they do not need to set up in-house teams and establish infrastructure for these activities, as back office activities clubbed with data entry, data processing, data mining and many more are provided by these data entry experts, at a very low cost. These so very reputed outsourced service providers not only provide timely services but are very rigid about the accuracy that they committed and deliver.

Resume Data Entry Makes Automated Resume Screening, a Convenience. A lot of staffing and recruiting companies, corporate HR departments, job boards, job fair organizers and several others; in this age of automation, consider automated resume screening to be a novelty.

Resume Data Entry Makes Automated Resume Screening, a Convenience

They are grossly underestimating its impact, and making a huge mistake in doing so. Paper resumes have and will keep causing problems at most of the corporations, organizations and businesses. Individuals who submit paper resumes by email or at a career fair are known to create challenges as they are not in a uniform format, and are full of mistakes and formatting mistakes done due to individual beliefs or misconceptions. Insurance Data Processing Saves Those Valuable Man-Hours and Finances.

Is undocumented or unarchived database affecting down your productivity quotient badly?

Insurance Data Processing Saves Those Valuable Man-Hours and Finances

If yes is the answer; then your database is clearly in a bad shape! A well-documented and archived information cache forms the most strategic assets for any organization. In this information obsessed business sphere; where data literally pours in; it has become extremely crucial to process this raw, unrefined data and convert it into a comprehensive and relevant set of information. Infographic: Why You Should Outsource Clipping Path Services? Posted by: Ritesh Sanghani | Posted on: October 20th, 2016 Outsourcing clipping path services, as experts at Photoshop with help of pen tool enhance the look of images for product photographs across Ecommerce, Real estate, Publishing, wedding and fashion industry, and creates a sense of reality with striking visuals.

Infographic: Why You Should Outsource Clipping Path Services?

If you are looking for the best outsource partner to take care of your photo editing work; our clipping path experts can craft any of your image in any format – to perfection. Photo Editing & Retouching Services: Background Removal. If you need product photo editing for high volume e-commerce, headshot/wedding photo retouching, and background removal and clipping path, we have exactly what you are looking for.

Photo Editing & Retouching Services: Background Removal

Hi-Tech BPO Services is an India – based full service photo editing company that provides professional photo retouching services across the world. We are trusted by professional photographers, digital agencies, ecommerce & online retailers etc. and have processed over 10 million images since 1992. Specialists in Photo Editing & Retouching Services which Includes: Our experts provide hand-drawn clipping path or vector path for that perfectly edged product photos. We specialize in single, advanced and multiple clipping paths. Our clipping path services are perfect for: Photographers, Graphic Designers, Website Design houses, Advertising Agencies, Product Catalogue companies, Magazines, Publishers, Retouchers, etc. Offshore Data Entry; Benefits of Outsourcing it to The Most Sought Destination — INDIA. Outsourcing, what started as mere offshoring of non-productive back office activities, has now become a prominent aspect of the globalization process.

Offshore Data Entry; Benefits of Outsourcing it to The Most Sought Destination — INDIA

Explained simply, business process outsourcing is where developed countries outsource their back office operations and activities to developing countries. Business process outsourcing, fondly known as BPO, incepted as a cost saving activity followed by time and quality. However; now all these have taken a back seat, whereas innovation, process automation and value addition have become the front runners. India has become one of the favorite destinations for BPOs, and why not? With increasing literacy rate, and huge pool of skilled & talented labor force, this was bound to happen. Online Stores & Ecommerce Sites; Product Image Background Removal Increases Sales & Revenue.

It has become more than necessary to have images with attractive aesthetics and elaborated details, which is possible; mostly through image background removal.

Online Stores & Ecommerce Sites; Product Image Background Removal Increases Sales & Revenue

Here the objective always is to match the site context and convey an appropriate and convincing message. Since images are not always captured in a suitable background, you cannot upload them directly; and here is where background removal services clubbed with clipping path comes to the rescue. Let us elaborate more on this. Data Cleansing helps Your Expiring Data & Poor Leads.

Database maintenance is not on any of the company’s priority list, though somewhere down in their hearts they know that their existence depends on their data. Although it can and will pay rich dividends, combing through thousands of contacts is a daunting task. Companies looking out to maximize their profits should prioritize a clean, tidy and up-to date marketing database. Data Cleansing helps You Keep Track Of Your Customers & Contact Data Expiration Dates It may be the meat on the supermarket shelve, milk in the fridge or prescription of a medicine placed in your cabinet at home; all customer and data have a use- by date. Though each contact is meant to be different, as per a recent survey up to 25% of data in any organization expires annually. Outsourced Data Processing; Accuracy or Efficiency - What is More Important? Process automation is not the only important aspect of any data processing project, if several other benefits such as improved process control and efficiency are neglected.

Step further in unrealistic expectations Several outsourcing service providers use business process management, workload balancing and productivity reporting to manage various tasks within any data processing activity. But none of these need any sophisticated data processing technology, nor are any significant efforts required to fine-tune the processed results. Do You Really Need Professional Real Estate Photo Editing Service for Your Business?

It is no news that real estate businesses have become heavily reliant upon quality pictures to keep running smoothly. About 6 years back, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), declared that “listings with nicer photos gain anywhere between $935 and $116,076” in comparison to those that have low quality pictures, or no pictures at all. To corroborate this statement’s validity in the present scenario, one can look at a 2015 survey conducted by REAL Trends. The survey participants included America’s top real estate agents and brokerages. 94% of the agents, and 73% of the brokers surveyed rated the importance of professional pictures as very high. Quora. Why and where to outsource data entry services? Top 5 Reasons: Why You Should Outsource Your Data Entry Services to India? Donald Trump has made outsourcing trend, and how!

The US lawmakers have been debating H1B norms, arguing against the practice of hiring skilled resources at a fracti on of the salaries that their American counterparts would get. The debate has got IT companies on tenterhooks, along with hundreds of skilled professionals who await the golden opportunity to make their fortune working in the United States of America.

As that happens, there are simultaneous reports of one of the most popular fast food chains in the world – McDonald’s – laying off employees in the USA and outsourcing their jobs to India. Marketing Trends Continually Change, Data Remains Constant. Traditional marketing models are continually evolving. Contemporary methods like guesswork and approximation no longer exists. Marketing decisions are made by closely referring the data, for better insights. With help of data-driven marketing, businesses right from retail to real estate and from banking & insurance to media & publication can systematically pull out inferences from various data-sets. This further helps them to gain actionable insights of the prevailing trends and create opportunities to develop marketing effectiveness. In fact, in a study by a leading newspaper, it was revealed that almost two-thirds of senior marketing and advertising managers strongly believe that data-driven marketing is essential to survive and succeed in the hyper-competitive global markets.

Outsourced Invoice Processing Leverages the Financial Health of Logistic Companies. Globalization and the shift in international trade patterns have significantly impacted modern-day logistics industry.

Business Processing Outsourcing

Healthcare Data Entry Services to Focus on Your Core Competencies. Product Photo Editing and Retouching Boosts Your Online E-Commerce Business. Change is constant; take a look around, everything is changing at jet pace. In fact, with a rapid technological advancement; there is a 360 degree turn in every walk of life! Even the very basic activity of buying and selling has undergone tremendous transformation; and the conventional marketplace is now replaced by various supremely advanced online stores. E-Commerce has become the norm of the day. Image Editing - Transform Static Photography into Beautifully Animated Photographs..!!! Fixed Layout for ePub Conversion is The New In-Thing.

Data Processing and Business Intelligence Solutions Transforming Insurance Sector. TweetTweet. Make Your Online Store Logo More Enticing With These Do’s And Don’ts. Want to Attain Success Real Quickly? Opt for Document Conversion Services.! TweetTweet Perfect documentation forms the backbone of any business – In fact there are two things that every enterprise, irrespective of industry, has to deal with – well-kept documents and physical storage space/capacity. Though, being a very important part; these two elements tend to create numerous challenges. The most tedious of these two is of course, ‘storing-out-of-documents’ – it takes up too much space.

Digitized Patient Records Set to Change Diagnoses and Course of Medical Treatment. Everything is going the digital way – No office or no industry is untouched by this digital revolution. DTP and E-Publication Goes Hand-in-Hand Enhancing Readers’ Engagement..!! Image Manipulation - Is It Ethical. Professional Data Formatting and Cleansing Services Can Help Fix Bad Data. Data mining services - how real estate industry can benefit by identifying customer preferences.

3 Data Management Tips to have a Solid Database!!! Web Data Mining Services Give Business Intelligence to Your Start-up! - DZone. Data Processing Capabilities Strengthen Ecommerce Sales. Image Editing and Retouching Using Photoshop..!!! 7 Benefits of Raw Format Images for Photo Editing. Extensive Benefits of Data Mining Services to Marketing – Retail and Outreach Sectors…!!! Scrape the Web, Future is Brighter - Though The Road is Bumpy!!! Ecommerce Companies Should Outsource Data Related Tasks. Web Scraping Services Imperative for Effective Business Decision Making Process. Raw Image Conversion and Processing Into JPEG. Graphic Design. Ecommerce. Data Processing for Online Shops - Catalog Building & Indexing to Bring in More Business. Predict Market Trends through Data to Grow your Publication! Image Enhancement and Ecommerce - Made For Each Other..!! Data Processing - A Boon for Publishers for Rapid Book Digitization. Manual Data Entry Challenges - Is Your Organization Prepared for it?

Create Striking Advertisements for Successful Branding! Image Editing or Manipulation is NOT Always BAD..!!! Wedding Photo Editing / Retouching. How to Avoid Data Entry Disasters? How image retouching and editing help your eCommerce store? Data Extraction is not a Rocket Science: Follow These 4 Tips to Get Exemplary Results!

Outsource Data Entry Projects to Get 5 Data Management Benefits...Free!!! EBook Conversion for Authors: Automated Tools or Personalized eBook Experts. Data Processing is Mandatory for Information-Driven Media and Publishing Houses. EBook Conversion for Authors: Automated Tools or Personalized eBook Experts. Utility Bills Invoices Data Processing Solutions. 4 Tips for Quality Jury Instruction Transcription. Image Editing and Retouching Using Photoshop..!!! Data mining services - how real estate industry can benefit by identifying customer preferences. Transcription Services for Academicians – A Breath of Fresh Air for Students and Educators. Data Extraction Services will Change the Face of Travel Industry…!!! Data Extraction is not a Rocket Science: Follow These 4 Tips to Get Exemplary. EBook Conversion - Readers More Inclined Towards Kindle than Traditional Books…!!! Raw Image Conversion and Processing Into JPEG. 4 Amazing Multi-Tasking Benefits When You Hire a Virtual Assistant…!!!!!

eBook Conversion Services Set To Change Face Of Publication Industry. Desktop Publishing Services to Set EBook Market on Fire..!!! Delivering Brand Value via Package Design. Myths About Graphic Design Debunked…!!! 6 Book Cover Design Mistakes; You Should Absolutely Avoid. Outsource Data Entry Projects to Get 5 Data Management Benefits...Free!!!

What is Medical Transcription and why it is needed? Outsource Data Conversion Services to Have the Best Value for Money. Benefits of Outsourcing Your Data Entry Needs! Outsource Data Processing Services, A Smart Move Indeed. Cart Data Entry Services Revolutionizing E-Commerce. Scanning Services - A Great Way to Preserve Essential Documents. How Important Are The Data Entry Services For The Businesses? Outsourcing Interview Transcription Services India – Save Time, Operating Cost & Resources. How Book Typesetting Services Help In Typeset Your Book? How to Pick Best Outsource Image Processing Services? Outsource Medical Billing Services to India? Audio Conversion Services – Digital and Analog. Relevance of Medical Billing & Coding in 21st Century.

Why Outsourcing Data Scanning & Indexing has become a Necessity? All You Want To Know About Transcription Services Is Here! Professional Typesetting Services. 3 Amazing Benefits When You Outsource Data Processing. Desktop Publishing Software – Empowers Your Print Media for Better Communication. Web Research – A Market Intelligence Tool. Data Processing: - A Vital Tool for Database Management. Importance of Data Conversion in Corporate World. 4 Data Mining Tips to Scrap Real Estate Data; Innovative Way to Give Realty Business a Boost.

Data Extraction-Helping Businesses See the Bigger Picture. Lead an Effectual Digital Marketing Campaign with Creative Graphic Design. Why outsource online and offline data entry projects? Logo Design Failures and Its Impact on Brand Image.