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We at Hi-Tech BPO Services are one of the leading BPO Service providers in India. For outsourced data processing solutions, right from data collection through web scrapping to data entry, data processing to document management and graphics designs; we are the preferred ones for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Business Process Outsourcing

Importance of HQ images in real estate industries. 5 vital points to be kept in mind before outsourcing data entry. Why Should I Outsource Data Entry? June 20th, 2016Posted by Chirag Shivalker | Data Entry Services Save time, reduce your administrative burdens, resources and increase top line growth of your company, followed with cost effectiveness is what makes Data Entry/ Data Processing a core necessity. One more objective that you achieve is the saving on large scale investments in setting up required infrastructure for the data entry process, and save on the expenses incurred to hire data entry manpower and their salaries. A group of 300 executives actually involved with outsourcing services, particularly data entry services for their clients were surveyed to reach a conclusion that suggested: Source: You may be from Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Banking & Finance, Media & Publishing, Travel & Hospitality, Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing, or Transportation & Logistics industry.

Automatic Data Processing and Analysis; Right Time to Buy In the Opportunity. March 19th, 2018Posted by Chirag Shivalker | Data Processing Automatic data processing is used by companies’ big time, but unlike previous years, it is no more an activity carried out for operations on data, especially by a computer, to retrieve, transform, or classify information.

Automatic Data Processing and Analysis; Right Time to Buy In the Opportunity

Transformation has impacted the entire data processing cycle right from types of data processing and method of data processing. Processed data is further used for data analysis process and results are presented in form of images, graphs, tables, vector files, audios, charts, forecasts, business profile or any other desired format – based on data processing methodology used. Why Outsource Image Editing to Hi-Tech BPO Services India? Ecommerce Product Data Enrichment Converts Search to Sale.

September 24th, 2018Posted by Chirag Shivalker | Data Cleansing E-commerce companies are growing like anything, and so are growing the challenges they have to address.

Ecommerce Product Data Enrichment Converts Search to Sale

Inappropriate or absolutely no enrichment of the product data is one such challenge that takes a proportionate bite from the annual revenue, upsell opportunities, and dents the potential for new business with help of referrals from lost users. E-commerce product data enrichment turns weak information into amazing customer-facing product information, and converts product search to increased sale. The fact is that unless product descriptions are enriched with relevant information, the products are less likely to receive due attention, it deserves from customers. Most eCommerce players tend to lose customers even before the check-out, as the customers found the product descriptions – inadequate or inappropriate.

Data collection from Facebook, benefits real estate. August 21st, 2018Posted by Chirag Shivalker | Web Scraping A fine morning on my way to office I suddenly received a message from my landlord to search for a new apartment.

Data collection from Facebook, benefits real estate

Left with no option I started looking out for a few apartments and got engrossed in searching for a rented apartment whilst pushing few of them in my wish list. Later while getting back from a busy day at office I open my Facebook and found relevant ads of apartments for rent popping up on my screen. How is this possible? I haven’t even searched for apartment on Facebook… so? In this article, we will go through how Facebook helps in collecting user information and how real estate agents and real estate firms can use it for better business opportunities. It is getting quite common these days when people browse through their Facebook they come across a perfect ad at a perfect time. Following best practices at Facebook.

Why B2B and B2C eCommerce players should outsource order fulfillment? May 2nd, 2017Posted by Chirag Shivalker | Data Processing Sales strategy of every business today, works on one standard element – eCommerce.

Why B2B and B2C eCommerce players should outsource order fulfillment?

Companies both, B2B and B2C, are required to have mandatory online shopping feature on their sites to increase their market reach. There is nothing wrong in it. Having an online purchase option or placing the purchase order online on the manufacturer or distributor’s website paces up the process – across. It reduces the time taken for an online retail order to be picked, packed and handed over to the courier service or package courier. Ecommerce businesses have realized that online shoppers not only need free shipping but also fast delivery and hence; have come a long way to meet customer requirements and expectations of order processing resulting in fast shipping. Inflection & eCommerce industry. Poor Quality of Customer Data is Hitting Marketers Where It Hurts. July 9th, 2018Posted by Chirag Shivalker | Data Cleansing As a sales and marketing division of a leading organization, do you know what the quality of your customer data is?

Poor Quality of Customer Data is Hitting Marketers Where It Hurts

Like other departments, though your division knows that it is something really important and should be managed; as a marketer you try and stay away from it. And it is not your fault completely, either. Automatic Data Processing and Analysis; Right Time to Buy In the Opportunity. Outsourcing Data Mining; Businesses Can Generate More Profit. Jewelry Image Editing & Retouching; Budgets keep Expectations Realistic. Web Scraping: Best Way to Optimize the Price of your Product. What are some of the major advantages of OCR based data entry? Key ways in which web data extraction can be beneficial to businesses. Measuring Document Management ROI is NOT at All a Tricky Business. Outsource Data Cleansing; Not Only Gives Useful Information but Also Helps in Legal Compliances. Businesses, small or large, are required to process humongous amount of data almost every day.

Outsource Data Cleansing; Not Only Gives Useful Information but Also Helps in Legal Compliances

Though data cleansing seems to be a simple task, it includes giving due diligence to duplicate entries, partial records, discrepancies, and errors and a lot more. Outsourced data cleansing service providers assist you to maintain efficient and effective information; your company’s most valued asset. Some stunning statistics: Every 6th minute in an hour, there is a business which moves from one to another locationSome or the other business fails in the world, every 4th minuteBusiness and employee details change to the tune of 5.7 billion, each yearBusiness information becomes incorrect in tune to 35% of the total information availableMore than 14 million mobile numbers & names are already registered with Telephone Preference Service (TPS)More than 1 billion businesses are registered with Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS) Conclusion:

Data Collection, Real Estate & Facebook. 5 vital points to be kept in mind before outsourcing data entry. Importance of HQ images in real estate industries. Outsource Web Scraping vs Web Scraping Tools, which Option is BEST. November 6th, 2017Posted by Chirag Shivalker | Web Research Companies are aware that web scraping is a technique for targeted, automated extraction of information from websites.

Outsource Web Scraping vs Web Scraping Tools, which Option is BEST

Resume Data Entry Makes Automated Resume Screening, a Convenience. March 9th, 2017Posted by Chirag Shivalker | Data Entry Services A lot of staffing and recruiting companies, corporate HR departments, job boards, job fair organizers and several others; in this age of automation, consider automated resume screening to be a novelty.

Resume Data Entry Makes Automated Resume Screening, a Convenience

They are grossly underestimating its impact, and making a huge mistake in doing so. Paper resumes have and will keep causing problems at most of the corporations, organizations and businesses. Individuals who submit paper resumes by email or at a career fair are known to create challenges as they are not in a uniform format, and are full of mistakes and formatting mistakes done due to individual beliefs or misconceptions. Unless recruiters take assistance from experts, they are quite likely to keep stumbling over piles of resumes; never to reach out to that right candidate they are looking for. Importance of Data Quality to Increase Company’s Bottom Line. January 25th, 2018Posted by Chirag Shivalker | Data Processing Data quality is the key element to the continued progress and success of any business, is what most of the companies know.

Importance of Data Quality to Increase Company’s Bottom Line

And, enterprises also know, that poor quality of data is wreaking havoc on their revenues. Bad data wastes time, increases operation costs, weakens decision-making process, irritates customers and lose faith in the brand; ultimately worsening the execution of any type of data strategy. It is an eye opener – your data has a credibility problem. Poor Quality of Customer Data is Hitting Marketers Where It Hurts. Online Product Data Extraction for Efficient Lead Generation and Price Optimization. June 11th, 2018Posted by Chirag Shivalker | Web Scraping In last two decades, world has witnessed the evolution of internet from a geek’s hobby to a common man’s daily functioning tool for nearly anything and everything. Widespread use of internet has not only succeeded in simplifying the day to day functioning, but has also opened up new avenues of possibilities that we could never imagine before. But one sector that’s immensely affected is Retail. Earlier it was not an easy task to launch an own online store, find a product to sell, or start an advertising campaign.

But with help of web scraping or data extraction facilities, increasing number of aspiring entrepreneurs will be entering the world of e-commerce, as they might not have had these advantages on their side – previously. “Where can I get new leads?” 1. Businesses are required to generate more and more leads to not only survive, but thrive in the market. How to find a globally reputed and reliable data entry service provider? June 20th, 2016Posted by Chirag Shivalker | Data Entry Services.

How to find a globally reputed and reliable data entry service provider?

Why Should I Outsource Data Entry? Why B2B and B2C eCommerce Companies Should Outsource Order Fulfillment? Why Outsource Image Editing to Hi-Tech BPO Services India? Where to Outsource Data Entry Services and How to Find a Reliable Data Entry Service Provider? Which Points to Consider Before Selecting Ecommerce Photo Editing Company? October 4th, 2016Posted by Chirag Shivalker | Photo Editing & Retouching Photographers and photography is not only about clicking or capturing good pictures and images. It is also about delivering high quality results in a timely fashion to clients. To attain this, photographers hugely rely on photo editing and retouching services based in India.

Photographers, amateur & professional both, know very well how to take assistance of these eCommerce image editing and retouching service providers, and develop their career as successful eCommerce product photographer. At first it seems that photographers and photo studios seek help from professional photo editing services for help with small tasks such as photo retouching and photo culling services. Managing timelines while editing and retouching couple wedding portraits, professional photo albums for a business portfolio, or a kid’s graduation shots, is one of the basic virtues of these service providers. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Conclusion: How to Avoid Data Entry Disasters? May 14th, 2015Posted by Chirag Shivalker | Data Entry Services Women produce about 10 million new Sperm daily – What earth shattering thing was that – This will be you first reaction when you read this sentence; Mine was the same!!! Then I realized that there was nothing wrong with the nature – it is just a DATA ENTRY ERROR! Flawless Data entry for establishing reliable database has become an imperative part of any organization; irrespective of the industry. Every enterprise has to maintain an information cache that helps them to sustain their business in this information-obsessed era. Importance of accurate data can never be undermined – Inaccuracy is likely to create irreversible damages and misunderstanding!!! Anyways, since accurate and error-free database has become the need of hour; one needs to be very careful and very alert as to avoid any silly mistakes; which can change the context.

Inflecting Ecommerce Industry Should Outsource Order Fulfillment. Outsource Online Data Entry Gives Your Business that Competitive Edge. November 14th, 2016Posted by Chirag Shivalker | Data Entry Services Advent of technology has supported businesses and companies in many ways, and at the same time has also brought us to a juncture where businesses today generate a lot of data in the course of their operations. The laundry list can be really long including, invoices, receipts, coupon codes, survey forms, deal numbers, order slips, package label information, transaction details and much more. All this accumulated data, though it seems to be a routine; proves extremely important at times when the company is required to make well informed futuristic decisions or drawing conclusions about the state of the business.

This makes it mandatory that all this data is organized in a perfect manner, through outsourced online data entry solution, and is handily available in a ready to use format. But it is all easier said than done. Automatic Data Processing and Analysis; Right Time to Buy In the Opportunity. Banks and Financial Institutions Fear Data Aggregators are Eroding Their Competition. Launched in 2007 as one of the very first online consumer platform that aggregated financial data from several different services, succeeded in attracting more than 1.5 million users in just two years. Looking at its success, there were others who followed the footsteps and raised millions in venture capital targeting the investment end of the data aggregation spectrum and providing healthy competition to human financial advisors. Though this success was the beginning, soon these data aggregators hit unprecedented roadblocks.

Banks, brokers and a wide plethora of financial institutions started getting hesitant in allowing these aggregators to access their data. They now fear that customers and competitors can conveniently see and compare interest charges and various other sensitive personal financial details. How Data Quality is Important to Your Company’s Bottom Line?

Dirty Data Is OK, How You Cleanse It Matters. How Data Mining Pumps Up Organizational ROI; If Done Right. How Companies Use Online Marketplace Dashboard to Gauge Performance? 6 Best Practices for Designing Dashboards for Businesses. Why Statisticians and Market Research Firms Determine Sample Size Before Data Collection? Choosing the number of observations or replicates to include in a statistical sample is sample size determination as we all know. It happens to be one of the most important features of any empirical study, where the aim is to make inferences about a population from a sample. With only 5% chance of your sample results differing from the true population average, means you can attain 95% confidence level.

Margin of error can be estimated, or as you may say the confidence interval, is given by 1/√N. Here, N is the number of participants of same size. Using Social Media For Predictive Data Analytics Is In Its Infancy. Advertisement Social media is increasingly successful in putting across social phenomena which previously was studied only through traditional surveying techniques such as telephone or face to face interviews. Customers scrolling through Facebook, when coming across a post from one of their favorite apparel store showcasing a fantastic pair of jeans and some shirts, “like” it and at times leave a comment that they are eager to buy some or all of these; and eventually scroll down. HabileData’s Document Processing Services for Transportation & Logistics. Digitizing Paper Documents is More Important than Digital Transformation of Business. A lot of people say they want to digitize their business: But what exactly do they mean by it? Companies Should Outsource Web Scraping or Use Web Scraping Tools?

Web Research for Market Intelligence — Paid Vs. Free. Internet has been the greatest source of information, rather free information, for people to use. Linear Models Don’t have to Fit Exactly for P-Values To Be Accurate, Right, and Useful. Why More Data Does Not Guarantee Better Business Decisions? — 5 Reasons. Predictive Data Preparation Makes Analytics A Success. 10 Things Data Modelers Should Understand to Enhance the Value of Business Data. 4 Pillars Of Trusted Data Analytics. Audience is The Future Business Model, Data Analytics Can Improves It.

Customer Data Analytics to Uberize Retail Landscape. People Analytics is Transforming HR into a Data-Driven Function. When to Categorize Continuous Predictor in a Regression Model? HabileData's BPO Solutions for Retail and Ecommerce Industry. Human Intervention Turns Ecommerce Data Challenges into Opportunities. Data Analytics Is Not For Datasets Full Of 'White Noise' Data Does Not Guarantee Better Decisions, But Better Decisions Start with Data. Infographic: Why Data Cleansing is Important to Your Company? How to Find Required Information to Create Ideal Customer Profile? Can Your Company Survive without Outsourcing Data Entry? For Companies, Data Analytics is a Pain; But Why? 10 Steps To Data Analytics Maturity. Data Cleansing Solutions that Grow Your Business. Real Estate Image editing: Master your Strengths, Outsource your Weakness. Companies are Spending More Money to Degrade Customer Experience. Companies Should Use Data on Hand to “Out-Think” Their Competitors.

Why Outsource Image Editing to Hi-Tech BPO Services India? Customer Data Analytics to Uberize Retail Landscape. Data Visualization; Everything About Presentation of Data in a Pictorial or Graphical Format. Infographic: Do you Trust Your Data? Market Research & Not that Leap of Faith Will Help Your Business Succeed. Best Practice Customer Profiling and Its Five Elements. Client Profiling is not A Persona, But A Customer's Journey. Companies Can Gain Strategic Advantage By Leveraging Advanced Analytics. Retailers: Provide Personalized Customer Experience or Go Extinct. Visual Experience is Redefining Ecommerce Space - Are You Poised to Deal with the Change? Data conversion has become need of the hour! Dedicated Ecommerce Catalog Management: A Good Leverage to your Online Store! Data and Analytics; Don’t Trust Numbers Blindly. Insight-driven decisions and not instinct-driven decisions are the game changers. Outsourced Invoice Processing Leverages the Financial Health of Logistic Companies.

Retailers Opt for Holistic Data Management to Create Best Shopping Experience for Their Customers. Statistical Modeling; Selecting Predictors is a Challenge for Data Scientists. Data Analytics Not A Luxury Anymore; It’s Gone Mainstream. Data Cleansing helps Your Expiring Data & Poor Leads. Outsource Image Editing & Retouching Because Smart Ecommerce Stores Should Have Better Product Images. Qualitative & Quantitative, Market Research Should Succeed So Your Business Does.

Photo Editing and Retouching – Why should eCommerce Websites Concentrate on High Definition Images? Make Your Online Store Logo More Enticing With These Do’s And Don’ts!!! Which are the Major Data Entry Services that can be Outsourced? How do Image Editing Experts Determine Photo Retouching Technique and Time Applicable? Outsource Magazine Design Layout Service, Reinforces Professionalism, Relevance & Your Authority.

Outsourced Data Entry Services & Warren Buffett’s Rules to Succeed in Online World. Banks Turn to Outsourcing Expertise and Experience to "Run the Bank" Automated Order Processing Manages Customer Retentions and Relations. Data Extraction & Analytics; Transforming Future of Retailers.