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Créer un site en quelques clics avec Strikingly. Free Website Builder Templates & Responsive Web Design. Let's boogie!

Free Website Builder Templates & Responsive Web Design

Duda's turning 5! The simplest way to get your small business on desktop, tablet and mobile. Why Duda is different We build from what you already have Just enter your current URL and we'll automatically pull all your existing content from your website, Facebook, etc., so nothing you have done before is wasted! Get Started → Works on desktop, tablet and mobile No coding skills necessary. Watch Video We build your new site from beautiful and effective templates Our website builder places your content into one of our amazing templates to give your site a sleek and professional look that works hard to turn visitors into customers.

Duda provides the website...that allows us to be seen by our customers in a simple, efficient way... Plans to fit your small business One site for desktop, tablet and mobile Web hosting Community support Duda domain ( Duda branded ads Duda branded ads . . . . . . . . . $7.50/mo (annual plan) or $9/ month-to-month Create Your Account account. Graphical Bios. Stunning. Simple. Shine on the web. Gifmelter - tim baker / chris shier. Hands-On Klynt: The Basics (in french) Créer gratuitement un site Web et un blogue. Creation site internet - Créer un site internet facilement et gratuitement. Webs - Make a free website, get free hosting.

SnippetSpace. iWebKit is a file package designed to help you create your own iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad compatible website or webapp.


The kit is accessible to anyone even people with little html knowledge and is simple to understand thanks to the included user guide. In a couple of minutes you will have created a professional looking mobile website. iWebKit is the framework of choice because it is very easy to use, loads extremely fast, is compatible with all devices & extendable. It is simple html that anyone can edit contrary to some other solutions that use a lot of javascript & Ajax. Simplicity is the key! What is new in V5.04 Commercial License When to buy one? Does it apply to only this version? Can I use it for multiple projects Yes as long as it is your project (the licensee). How do I get one Click on the button above, pay once and receive a document signed by me granting you permission to use iWebKit commercially. Highslide JS - JavaScript thumbnail viewer. Voki Home. Google.

Et voilà. Votre petite boutique en ligne prend de l’ampleur et est victime de son succès : des programmes automatiques utilisent les formulaires de demande d’information sur vos produits pour vous envoyer du spam ! Les liens Associés à chaque produit de la boutique, « « , sont très fréquemment utilisés à mauvais escient. Pas de panique, en quelques clics vous pouvez ajouter une protection efficace, non seulement dans la boutique mais aussi dans d’autres formulaires de contact. Comment ? En ajoutant un , petit formulaire de test permettant de différencier de manière automatisée un utilisateur humain d’un programme informatique.

Préparation Il faut télécharger un plugin Captcha Integrator qui va vous simplifier la vie, puisqu’il se chargera de brancher le contrôle où vous voudrez dans votre site, sans faire de codage. Puis se connecter au site qui propose ce service et remplir les champs demandés pour obtenir les codes qui vont vous permettre d’activer le plugin. Activez le plugin. WP Cumulus : Le nuage de tags en flash... WP-Cumulus 2.0 is finally in development (again) I’ve been promising a new version of WP-Cumulus for a long time.

WP-Cumulus 2.0 is finally in development (again)

I’ve tried working with more experienced PHP developers, but it’s been hard to find a really good one who’s able to devote time to the project. I still think a plugin like this should be a team effort, but for now I’m going to kick things back into motion again myself. What’s ready at this point is a much cleaner rewrite of the plugin files, with the display logic in a neat little class that port authors will hopefully be able to reuse. I’ve also got a Flash movie that uses a user-defined system font, as a result is much smaller, and supports unicode tags. Burning bridges.



TemplateMonster. 34 Free & Beautiful xHTML/CSS Templates. NOTE: This post was originally posted on January 12th 2011.

34 Free & Beautiful xHTML/CSS Templates

However, I still receive requests for quality xhtml templates and these templates remain great quality. Whilst WordPress is hugely prevalent, many designers and amateurs still regularly need a simple html template for their work. Enjoy! 34 Free & Beautiful xHTML/CSS Templates Nowdays, more and more designers and developers start selling their work for money, and as time goes by less free xhtml/css templates are being released. Small Business Small Business is a beautiful, elegant and simple but very useful template for persons looking for a free, but awesome xhtml/css template.

Market Leader Market Leader is a nice-looking, high-quality free xhtml/css template with a simple but usable jquery slider placed on the center and a great use of “soft colors”. Out Liers.