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His and Her House Treatment Centers provide addiction and mental health treatment services.

How to Combat Stress for Successful Addiction Treatment. 3 Myths About Drug Detox Programs Debunked. How to Live With an Addict Without Enabling Their Addiction. September 13, 2017 - Drug Addiction - 0 Comments Whether it’s a close friend, family member or spouse or partner, living with someone addicted to drugs or alcohol can be a very lonely place.

How to Live With an Addict Without Enabling Their Addiction

It is not just the person going through the addiction disease from a sufferer’s point of view that feels its devastating effects – it’s a family affair. Depression and Men: What Treatment Options Are Available? Getting Over the Stigma of Mental Health in Men. August 24, 2017 - Mental Health - 0 Comments Many young men are taught at a very young age that boys are not supposed to cry, show their feelings, or express themselves in a vulnerable way.

Getting Over the Stigma of Mental Health in Men

They are simply not used to showing their emotions and often do not know how. It is important to remember that while men might not be that great at showing their emotions, it does not mean that they do not have them. Men experience hardships and emotional turmoil just as often as women do and they should have the opportunity to seek help from mental health inpatient treatment centers or mental health residential treatment without the stigma that can be attached to it. Some men will struggle with the idea of mental health residential treatment because it is not acceptable for men to have emotional issues. 4 Things to Know About Outpatient Detox. August 21, 2017 - Detox - 0 Comments The number of individuals suffering from alcohol addiction in our nation is still at an astoundingly high rate.

4 Things to Know About Outpatient Detox

4 things to be aware of in group therapy. Can Natural Drug Detox Remedies Actually Work? August 18, 2017 - Detox - 0 Comments Drug detox is the process of ridding the body of the devastating toxins from the excessive use of drugs and alcohol.

Can Natural Drug Detox Remedies Actually Work?

The drug detox process must take place if the individuals suffering from addiction are going to be able to recover from that addiction. Detox helps the individual begin their journey into recovery, as it is the first step in doing so. Should A Husband and Wife Go Through Inpatient Rehab Together? August 16, 2017 - Rehab - 0 Comments It is all too common for couples to experience drug and alcohol abuse.

Should A Husband and Wife Go Through Inpatient Rehab Together?

It could be that one partner was addicted and led the other partner to use, or both partners were already addicted and were drawn together because of their addiction. Whatever the cause of the addiction, there are benefits and disadvantages of couples attending inpatient alcohol rehab together. The truth of the matter is, without the proper treatment and counseling program to help the couple overcome their addiction and relationship issues, the cycle of addiction will continue. Drug addiction treatment centers often now include family... How to Successfully Manage Sobriety When Travelling. July 27, 2017 - Addiction, Mental Health - 0 Comments As part of a healthy recovery program, traveling on vacation can be an enormously invigorating and beneficial experience.

How to Successfully Manage Sobriety When Travelling

However, it can strike terror at the core for some recovering addicts. Taking a vacation requires stepping outside the comfort zone and when people have just completed detox from alcohol, changes to normal routines can cause anxiety. Vacations are stressful at best and so when dealing with underlying addiction issues, this can be exacerbated to such an extent that a few days’ away doesn’t seem worth the stress. Factor in any discomfort about being on a beach or ski slope where there are plenty of threats to your sobriety and it has the potential of being quite miserable when trying to stay sober. When someone has completed an inpatient program at a mental health treatment center, they often feel they are very much in need of a vacation. Choose the Destination Wisely Avoid Remote Locations Choose Activity Holidays. How to Fight the Battle of Negativity and Overcome Depression in Recovery.

July 20, 2017 - Depression - 0 Comments Addiction is often associated with clinical depression either as a result or cause of substance abuse, or both.

How to Fight the Battle of Negativity and Overcome Depression in Recovery

In severe cases after prolonged addiction, professional treatment for depression is likely to become essential for the welfare of the sufferer. Whether symptomatic or co-occurring, the negative thoughts that accompany depression can be extremely detrimental to progress in addiction treatment. The Importance of Learning to Think Positively with Depression The overwhelming feelings of hopelessness and isolation with depression are very real and often extreme.

7 Coping Mechanisms for Dealing with Mental Illness. The Tell-Tale Signs of a High-Functioning Addict. Depression and Parenting: What You Need To Know. Tips for Going into Rehab Together with Your Spouse. June 13, 2017 - Rehab - 0 Comments Not every couple suffers from addiction together. Most of the time, either the husband or wife develops alcohol or drug dependence which causes many problems financially and for the relationship. However, there are instances when both partners, sometimes even from the beginning of the relationship, are users, abusers, or addicted to drugs or alcohol. Suffering From Schizophrenia? How Mental Health Centers Can Help. June 7, 2017 - Mental Health - 0 Comments Schizophrenia is a psychotic disorder characterized by delusions, hallucinations, loss of thinking skills and normal emotional vigor.

Suffering From Schizophrenia? How Mental Health Centers Can Help

Most people who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction have the tendency to develop symptoms that resemble schizophrenia. In other cases, drug and alcohol abuse may be perpetrated by the onset of symptoms manifesting the disorder. The Most Common Addiction Triggers. June 1, 2017 - Addiction - 0 Comments Recognizing your addiction triggers can be one of the most effective ways to maintain long-term sobriety.

The Most Common Addiction Triggers

No Shame in Entering Drug Rehab – Hisandherhouses – Medium. While it is commonly believed that an individual should intentionally enter drug and alcohol treatment in order for the program to take effect, the fact is that family members and loved ones also play a highly important role in the patient’s recovery.

No Shame in Entering Drug Rehab – Hisandherhouses – Medium

Many addicts have chosen to strive for sobriety and recovery because their family, friends, and even community members acknowledged the problem and recognized the processes for the patient to get into rehab. There have been instances when addicts find it shameful to enter drug and alcohol treatment facilities. If Fear the Biggest Obstacle to Recovery? May 30, 2017 - Drug Addiction - 0 Comments There are two things that motive change. The most powerful one of the two being fear. Fear can both prevent us from taking action and drive addictive behavior. The second motivator, and the opposite of fear, is courage. Courage is pressing forward to make something happen, despite any uncertainty. Why Women Are More Likely To Suffer From Depression. Accepting Your Alcoholism. May 24, 2017 - Alcohol - 0 Comments “Life is 10 percent what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.” – Unknown. Each of us is just one person in the world of many. As much as you might like to have others listen to and do everything you say, life just does not work that way.

More often than not, it is wise to go with the flow. Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms. May 9, 2017 - Alcohol - 0 Comments Perhaps the most abused drug in the world is alcohol. It is everywhere, and easily obtainable, even for minors. It is also one of the most damaging. Why is Alcohol Detox Necessary? What is Outdoor Therapy? - Glovue - Blog For Information. Outdoor Therapy, commonly referred to as Adventure Therapy or Recreational therapy, is an approach used by drug and alcohol rehab centers as a supplement to addiction treatment. It involves the use of challenges found in nature such as hiking, white water rafting, backpacking, and camping to provide growth experiences that can help people make key changes in their lives. The first program of this nature was done by a group in Colorado in 1978.

This type of therapy is different from the conventional individual and group therapy sessions. Women’s Drinking on the Rise. April 19, 2017 - Alcohol - 0 Comments In the last hundred years, we have seen great changes as a society. The industrial revolution, world wars, proliferation of businesses and more. However, the societal changes we have seen rival perhaps any other time in our history, and for women, those changes have become significant. When You Want To Get Sober But Your Husband Doesn’t. April 21, 2017 - Sober - 0 Comments Getting sober is difficult in itself, but the difficulty of accomplishing that task becomes even harder when you are are in a co-dependent relationship. You both drink and you share that in common until it becomes a problem for one of the partners. Actions and Your Emotional State.

Why Cold Turkey is the Wrong Choice. Cognitive Testing and Alcohol Rehab Centers: What to Expect. Six Myths About Drug Detox Between Men and Women. Steps to Expect When Entering Drug and Alcohol Rehab. March 9, 2017 - Alcohol, Drugs - 0 Comments If you or a loved one are entering drug and alcohol rehab for the very first time, you may be nervous as you do not know what to expect.

What Your Body Goes Through When You Detox from Alcohol. Eight Negative Effects of Alcohol Abuse has on the Family. Six Truths You Need to Know About Alcohol Detox. Natural Drug Detox Methods That Work. Alcohol’s Effect on The Family. What to Expect in Mental Health Treatment. Forced Sobriety versus Formal Treatment. Making the Right Choice: Choosing the Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab for You. Challenges for Dual-Diagnosis Patients. 8 Tips for Staying Sober After Treatment. Sobriety and Family Relationships. What to look for in a drug treatment center? What to Expect with Your Assessment for Mental Health Treatment Centers. 5 Different Types of Drug Detox. 6 Facts About Alcohol Detox You Should Know. Why Drug and Alcohol Rehab Is So Important. Effective Treatment for Patients Who Have A Dual Diagnosis. What your college student needs to know about alcohol. Coming To Terms With Opiate Addiction. How Sobriety Helps You Manage Your Mental Illness. Surviving The Holidays In Rehab: Finding The Joy No Matter What.

A Day in the Life of Rehab. The Dangers of Detoxing By Yourself. Garbage Can Addicts – When Addicts Go to the Extreme. The Link Between Addiction and Mental Illness. Drug Addiction Education & Treatment Centers. Dual Diagnosis Inpatient Treatment Centers. Alcohol: The Unknown Addiction. Sub-Acute Care: Is This a Solution for Your Recovery? Do You Need Medical Detox? On the Right Track: Christian Track Programs in Addiction. The Importance of Treating Addictions at the Same Time.

What your college student needs to know about alcohol.