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His and Her House Treatment Centers provide addiction and mental health treatment services.

If Fear the Biggest Obstacle to Recovery? May 30, 2017 - Drug Addiction - 0 Comments There are two things that motive change.

If Fear the Biggest Obstacle to Recovery?

The most powerful one of the two being fear. Fear can both prevent us from taking action and drive addictive behavior. The second motivator, and the opposite of fear, is courage. Courage is pressing forward to make something happen, despite any uncertainty. Fear is a substantial part of both active addiction and recovery. There is nothing wrong with feeling fear. Fear is never in the present. Fear is also nothing unless you give it power. Fear is about loss. There is a saying in Alcoholics Anonymous that goes like this.

Why Women Are More Likely To Suffer From Depression. Accepting Your Alcoholism. May 24, 2017 - Alcohol - 0 Comments “Life is 10 percent what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.” – Unknown.

Accepting Your Alcoholism

Each of us is just one person in the world of many. Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms. May 9, 2017 - Alcohol - 0 Comments Perhaps the most abused drug in the world is alcohol.

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

It is everywhere, and easily obtainable, even for minors. It is also one of the most damaging. So damaging in fact, that alcohol consumption is the #1 risk factor for early death and disability among people 15-491. That is a huge range of ages, proving that alcohol doesn’t care who it gets at. Part of the reason for this is the way alcohol is used. Why is Alcohol Detox Necessary? May 17, 2017 - Alcohol - 0 Comments Alcohol is one of the most dangerous substances to quit cold turkey.

Why is Alcohol Detox Necessary?

In fact, every substance has its own symptoms and risks and can affect each person differently both in active addiction and in detox. What is Outdoor Therapy? - Glovue - Blog For Information. Outdoor Therapy, commonly referred to as Adventure Therapy or Recreational therapy, is an approach used by drug and alcohol rehab centers as a supplement to addiction treatment.

What is Outdoor Therapy? - Glovue - Blog For Information

It involves the use of challenges found in nature such as hiking, white water rafting, backpacking, and camping to provide growth experiences that can help people make key changes in their lives. The first program of this nature was done by a group in Colorado in 1978. This type of therapy is different from the conventional individual and group therapy sessions. This is because each person’s addiction develops differently and at times, the traditional approaches may be insufficient to help patients overcome the hurdles they may be facing in their recovery process.

Women’s Drinking on the Rise. April 19, 2017 - Alcohol - 0 Comments In the last hundred years, we have seen great changes as a society.

Women’s Drinking on the Rise

The industrial revolution, world wars, proliferation of businesses and more. When You Want To Get Sober But Your Husband Doesn’t. April 21, 2017 - Sober - 0 Comments Getting sober is difficult in itself, but the difficulty of accomplishing that task becomes even harder when you are are in a co-dependent relationship.

When You Want To Get Sober But Your Husband Doesn’t

You both drink and you share that in common until it becomes a problem for one of the partners. The co-dependency you share is likely not just limited to substance abuse and could be one of you having an illness who depends on the other, other addictions such as food, sex or gambling, and physical or mental abuse by either partner. When you have been living in addiction for years and years, sometimes 20 years or longer, the decision to get sober is a big one. It is signaling a clear change in the opposite direction. It’s not just about stopping drinking, though.

Sobriety can make the world your oyster. Actions and Your Emotional State. April 5, 2017 - Mental Health - 0 Comments We often don’t think of how our emotional state affects the actions and decisions we make.

Actions and Your Emotional State

The truth is that our mental state often dictates the quality of our lives. The way you feel can cause you to take actions that you otherwise might not take. Why Cold Turkey is the Wrong Choice. March 23, 2017 - Alcohol - 0 Comments The term cold turkey is used when an individual gives something up straight away.

Why Cold Turkey is the Wrong Choice

Cognitive Testing and Alcohol Rehab Centers: What to Expect. March 14, 2017 - Alcohol, Rehab - 0 Comments Alcohol rehab centers use several forms of treatment to be able to assist individuals who have an alcohol addiction problem.

Cognitive Testing and Alcohol Rehab Centers: What to Expect

From therapy to testing, professionals employed by the treatment center work hard to find solutions for every patient. Six Myths About Drug Detox Between Men and Women. March 17, 2017 - Detox, Drugs - 0 Comments Both men and women are known to abuse drugs and alcohol, with both genders needing to seek drug and alcohol treatment. There are many myths in place when it comes to drug and alcohol use based on gender that can hinder individuals from seeking treatment. It is important to note that every individual is different, no matter their gender. One treatment option that works for some, might not work for others. Any individual, male or female, who suffers from a drug and alcohol addiction needs to seek treatment based on their individual need to be successful in breaking their addiction. Women are more at risk for drug addition This is not the case. Women enter treatment as often as men This is untrue. Steps to Expect When Entering Drug and Alcohol Rehab.

March 9, 2017 - Alcohol, Drugs - 0 Comments If you or a loved one are entering drug and alcohol rehab for the very first time, you may be nervous as you do not know what to expect. First of all, congratulations for taking the first step to recovery. You will find that when you are willing to enter rehab, the treatment process will be a lot smoother. Rehab facilities need patients to be willing to accept treatment in order to learn more about their addiction. Deciding to go inside and begin treatment is the first of many steps in the process. What Your Body Goes Through When You Detox from Alcohol. Alcohol addiction is real, and almost everyone has a family member or a friend battling to quit alcohol. It may not be because they are not willing but it all boils down to the body and what it has already gotten used to having.

Once you decide to stop the use of alcohol and detox your body, your body goes through a strenuous and a painful process. Eight Negative Effects of Alcohol Abuse has on the Family. Alcohol abuse can wreak havoc on an individual’s health and emotional well-being. But, it doesn’t just affect the alcohol abuser. Family members are affected as well, sometimes to a tragically great degree. The overall effect on family members may differ according to what the family structure is, but there are almost always negative consequences.

Six Truths You Need to Know About Alcohol Detox. February 22, 2017 - Alcohol, Detox - 0 Comments If you are an alcoholic and you have come to a point where you have decided to call it quits and come clean, whether on doctor’s orders or you have just made it your new year’s resolution, you need to know some truths about alcohol detox. This is not meant to scare or intimidate you, but it is to prepare psychologically for what it takes to be sober again. Drug and alcohol detox does not cure addiction Addiction is well understood as a life-long chronic disease and curing it also requires as much effort. Natural Drug Detox Methods That Work. Alcohol’s Effect on The Family.

What to Expect in Mental Health Treatment. January 24, 2017 - Mental Health - 0 Comments Checking into a mental health treatment center can feel like a daunting task, often because there are many unknowns attached to it. Many patients wonder what they can expect in terms of daily routine, visitors, therapy, and free time. They wonder whether they will have a private room or share a room with other patients. Forced Sobriety versus Formal Treatment. Although some addicts have been fortunate to have temporary sobriety forced upon them and they realized the need to stay off drugs, it’s a proven fact that supervised alcohol detox followed by formal treatment produces more reliable results toward successful ongoing recovery.

Although simply not having access to alcohol for a brief period can allow the addict (painfully) detox, it simply doesn’t provide the tools needed for extended recovery. Making the Right Choice: Choosing the Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab for You. Challenges for Dual-Diagnosis Patients. 8 Tips for Staying Sober After Treatment. Sobriety and Family Relationships. What to look for in a drug treatment center? What to Expect with Your Assessment for Mental Health Treatment Centers. December 29, 2016 - Mental Health - 0 Comments A mental illness is a physical condition that drastically changes a person’s thinking, behavior, mood, and their capability to cope, function, and interact with others. Choosing the right treatment center to provide help for yourself or a loved one may be challenging at the start. 5 Different Types of Drug Detox.

6 Facts About Alcohol Detox You Should Know. Why Drug and Alcohol Rehab Is So Important. Effective Treatment for Patients Who Have A Dual Diagnosis. What your college student needs to know about alcohol. Coming To Terms With Opiate Addiction. How Sobriety Helps You Manage Your Mental Illness. Surviving The Holidays In Rehab: Finding The Joy No Matter What. A Day in the Life of Rehab. The Dangers of Detoxing By Yourself. Garbage Can Addicts – When Addicts Go to the Extreme.

The Link Between Addiction and Mental Illness. Drug Addiction Education & Treatment Centers. Dual Diagnosis Inpatient Treatment Centers. Alcohol: The Unknown Addiction. Sub-Acute Care: Is This a Solution for Your Recovery? Do You Need Medical Detox? On the Right Track: Christian Track Programs in Addiction. The Importance of Treating Addictions at the Same Time. What your college student needs to know about alcohol.