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Hippocratic Solutions offers efficient podiatry billing services, including insurance claims filing and payment tracking using the latest web-based technology. Our exclusive Concierge Wound Care Solutions benefit both podiatrists and patients by streamlining the wound-care prescription process.Contact us today to learn how our revenue cycle management services can improve the productivity and profitability of your practice!

Meet the Owner - Peter Koukounas. 5 Tips for Choosing a Podiatry Billing Company. Deciding between hiring an in-house billing team and an outsourced, remote team can determine the efficiency, profitability, and reputation of your podiatry practice.

5 Tips for Choosing a Podiatry Billing Company

WIthout the right billing team in place, you could be spending a ton of your time focused on billing instead of your patients. These two types of billing teams have their pros and cons. In-house billing teams usually have a higher turnover rate and are more expensive than outsourced billing teams, but you can give immediate feedback to people who work in your office. Outsourced podiatry billing firms are cost-effective and house highly trained employees, but if you choose a billing company that doesn’t truly care about podiatry, you won’t see the efficiency and customer service-related results you’re looking for. Fortunately, you can have the best of both worlds. If you have any questions, we’re happy to help. Podiatry Billing and Coding Services - Hippocratic Solutions. Outsourced Podiatry Billing - Hippocratic Solutions. Contact Hippocratic Solutions - Podiatry Billing Company. Prevention & Management of Wound Infection in Podiatry Practices.

The role of podiatry in wound healing is indispensable.

Prevention & Management of Wound Infection in Podiatry Practices

Along with treating more complex foot problems including preventing, diagnosing and treating injuries related to sports, podiatrists should also recognize and treat any wound infections in patients. Key symptoms of an infected wound are – yellow or foul-smelling drainage from the wound, pain, swelling, or redness in or near a wound, a change in the color or size of a wound, red streaks in the skin around the wound or fever. Get A Foot Up On The Competition - Hippocratic Solutions. 9 PARTS OF THE PODIATRY BILLING PROCESS. STAY AHEAD OF THE CURVE IN PODIATRY BILLING. Less 'Footwork' With Outsourced Podiatry Billing Hippocratic Solutions. Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Orthotics Billing. Advanced Wound Care Market to Reach USD 14.89 Billion by 2026. Spend More Time On Those In Need - Hippocratic Solutions. The Preferred Partner For Outsourced Podiatry Billing - Hippocratic Solutions -

Why Is Diabetic Foot Care Important. Less 'Footwork' With Outsourced Podiatry Billing. Tips for Avoiding Podiatry Coding Mistakes. With detailed and specific codes, podiatry coding is a specialized process.

Tips for Avoiding Podiatry Coding Mistakes

Any mistake in selecting codes can lead to claim denials and thus reimbursement issues. Podiatry practices must also be up to date with the rapid changes in the coding standards or they may have to face decreased revenue. Here are some key tips to prevent podiatry coding mistakes. Prescribing Wound Dressings in Podiatry - What to Know. Prescribing Wound Dressings in Podiatry What to Know. Tips for Avoiding Podiatry Coding Mistakes. Spend More Time On Those In Need - Hippocratic Solutions. Reporting Wart Removal/ Destruction. Warts are local growths in the skin caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) infection.

Reporting Wart Removal/ Destruction

It appears as small lumps on the skin of the hands and feet. Different types of warts are – flat, genital, tuberculosis and plantar warts. Left untreated, warts can spread to other parts of the foot or even to the hands or other areas of the body. During the clinical assessment of the lesion, podiatrist will examine the wart carefully to determine that it is not a corn or a callus. Often the wart will be squeezed from side to side.

Plantar warts or foot warts are found on the sole (plantar surface) of the foot, while flat warts may arise on the face, legs and other parts of the body, often in large numbers. Diagnosis and Treatment of Warts Clinical documentation of warts includes describing the lesions including color and any secondary changes, and checking the patient’s overall health. Treatment options include. How Insurance Verification Services Can Benefit a Podiatry Practice. Patient eligibility verification or insurance verification refers to checking a patient’s active coverage with the insurer and verifying the eligibility of his or her insurance claims.

How Insurance Verification Services Can Benefit a Podiatry Practice

Podiatrists need to verify each patient’s eligibility and benefits to ensure they will receive payment for services rendered. As handling insurance is one of the most difficult tasks for podiatry front offices, wound care insurance verification services provided by an experienced medical billing company would be of great support. Submitting claims without proper verification of eligibility is one of the major reasons for claim denials in many specialties. It is crucial that the coverage is verified for both new and existing patients. The right time to discuss payment and insurance coverage is when the patient calls for appointment. Once the payment is discussed, patients can make more informed decisions regarding the practice’s recommended treatment. Some plans may have income restrictions as well.

Testimonials - Podiatry Billing Service - Hippocratic Solutions. Get A Foot Up On The Competition - Hippocratic Solutions. Four Most Common Neuropathy Types and Causes. ICD 10 Coding for Diabetic Foot Ulcers. Prescription Processes - Wound Care Kits From Hippocratic Solutions. How to Streamline Wound Care Prescription Process. Wound dressings serve several important purposes such as absorbing exudates, preventing infection, splinting the wound area and maintaining high humidity.

How to Streamline Wound Care Prescription Process

Podiatrists see patients with a wide range of conditions ranging from diabetes to peripheral artery disease that can significantly increase the risk of wounds. Electronic wound care programs are ideal to streamline the wound-care prescription process in any podiatry practice. Foot and lower-leg wounds require specialized wound care, particularly in patients who are at high risk for complications. Podiatrists know that proper dressing can facilitate faster wound healing in patients.

Understanding the purpose of a dressing, the dressing categories, and what makes up a dressing prescription can improve the quality of care podiatrists can provide their patients. Along with good clinical wound treatment, prescribing the right wound supplies is important for any podiatry practice. Podiatry Billing and Coding – Strategies for Success. Podiatrists may have to deal with diverse foot conditions – chronic or acute.

Podiatry Billing and Coding – Strategies for Success

Not all services are reimbursable. Most services related to the foot are based on medical necessity requirements, and this makes podiatry coding and billing rather complex. Key strategies involved in podiatry billing include: Insurance verification Podiatry billing process begins with insurance verification. The most common reasons for denials are – coverage is terminated, the services provided are not covered or maximum benefit for this service has been met. Wound Care Kits for Podiatrists. Wound Care Kits From Hippocratic Solutions. Coding Foot and Ankle Injuries in ICD-10. Four Neuropathy Types and What Causes Them. Podiatry Billing and Coding - 5 Tips to Boost Reimbursement. Podiatry Billing Services For Clinics [Grow Your Practice With Hippocratic Solutions] At Hippocratic Solutions, we have a team of skilled professionals with years of experience providing medical billing software and services to busy podiatrists.

Podiatry Billing Services For Clinics [Grow Your Practice With Hippocratic Solutions]

We’ve seen firsthand the problems that DPMs run into, such as getting the runaround from insurance companies when the bulk of a podiatry practice’s revenue depends on health insurance reimbursements… But that’s where we come in. We give podiatrists the assistance they need to keep their clinics in good financial shape, allowing them to focus on patient care. Further, we strive to form strong partnerships with our clients, acting as a resource they can count on for all of their billing and practice management needs.

You specialize in one area of medicine to provide the best service possible, and we believe a billing company should do the same. You might be asking, “What if outsourcing my billing isn’t enough? Rest assured that we don’t just provide the software and disappear. Five Common Foot Problems and Their ICD-10 Codes. Reports suggest that about 75% of the people in the United States suffer from foot problems at some time in their lives.

Five Common Foot Problems and Their ICD-10 Codes

Regarded as one of the most complex parts of the body, the foot is made up of 26 bones connected by many joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The feet are prone to different types of injuries and malfunctions, causing pain and restricting mobility. The causes of foot problems can range from medical conditions and sport-related injuries to ill-fitted shoes. The feet are susceptible to infections caused by viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Treatment of a Non-Healing Diabetic Foot Ulcer. A diabetic foot ulcer is an open sore or wound that occurs in a person with high blood sugar.

Treatment of a Non-Healing Diabetic Foot Ulcer

It is commonly located on the bottom of the foot. All people with diabetes can develop foot ulcers and foot pain, but in some people, the skin does not heal and can progress into an ulcer or infection. Taking Care of Wounds so they don't become Septic. Infection is a major factor that restricts proper wound healing. A wound can become septic, if bacteria grow within the damaged skin of a wound. Appropriate management of injuries is important to prevent wounds from becoming septic. Chronic wounds can be the result of surgery incisions, major trauma injury to the skin, deep burns, or even underlying medical conditions such as diabetes or some types of vascular disease. Ways to Avoid Summertime Foot Hazards. During the warm summer days, people are more active and this can expose them to various foot hazards.

Children as well as adults participate in various warm weather sports – from softball to soccer to swimming and cycling. In summer, people also tend to wear less supportive shoes or go barefoot to feel the soft grass and warm and beneath their feet.