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Choosing the Right Faucets for Your Bathroom - Hindware. Faucets happen to be the essential installation that can transform the entire look and feel of your bathroom. The faucets are the crowns for your bathroom that do not just bring about utility but also style and grandeur to your space. Almost any space in your home is an extension of your persona. So you must design it in a way that will truly reflect your sense of aesthetics. Now bathrooms are the rooms in the house that demand the most hygiene and sanitization to ensure that they remain germ-free. And studies have shown that faucets happen to be the most contaminated areas of the restroom.

Under such circumstances, contactless bathroom faucets can also prove to be extremely beneficial. To help you choose better, here are some of the faucet options for your bathroom. Types of Faucets Here are the major types of faucets that you can choose from. Bib Cock – The spout is crafted for ensuring minimal water wastage with fewer splashes or spills.

Latest Taps Designs. Best Water Efficient Products | Green Building Products List in India - Hindwarehomes. Sanitary ware dealers in delhi. Hindware Homes - Best Sanitary Ware Products & Bathroom Fittings Online in India. Go Touch-free With The Sensor Range Of Water Closets - Hindware. Water-closets are the thriving sources of bacteria. With 3.2 million bacteria found in every square inch of the water closets, you can well imagine the kind of exposure you face every time you use them. These days everybody wants to refrain from using public toilets, due to the pandemic. Have you ever visited a mall washroom, and hesitated to touch the flush button? Well, you are not the only one to do so. If you are working, total avoidance is not possible. Not just in commercial and retail spaces, but even for residences, touch-free is the way to go, to stop the virus from spreading.

What’s Special about the Water Closet? The water closets are both beautiful & thoughtful to help you achieve your desired bathroom ambiance. This touch-free water closet is devised in an attempt to provide you with a next-gen bathroom appliance. The completely touch-free & bacteria-free experience ensures comprehensive protection from germs & the most hygienic setting for you and your family. Advantages Decoded. Bring Innovation & Style to Your Space with Tankless Water Closet - Hindware. “Change is the only constant,” they say. And it is for this reason that innumerable people from across the world are upgrading their lifestyle by choosing the cutting-edge appliances emerging to make life easier and a bit more comfortable.

A tankless water closet is nothing but such a pioneering bathroom add-on that has gained immense popularity. You must be curious by now to know more about this. Here an attempt is made to give you a sense of how revolutionary this new addition to your bathroom can be. Take a look. No More Wall Breakage Required for Cistern Installation You heard the correct! Wall breakage is not imperative anymore for the water closet without a tank. The lesser installation hassles & the touch-free design have boosted their popularity to a great extent especially in the shopping centers and commercial premises today.

Nevertheless, their perks and stupendous aesthetics are now being desired in the residential bathroom spaces as well. Shape & Design Options Conclusion. 10 Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Bigger and Spacious: The Blissful Zest - Hindware. Big things can come in small packages – just have a look at your tiny bathroom. They are often the smallest room in any home. With limited square footage, lack of natural lighting, and the number of fixtures to squeeze in, you’re more likely to feel cramped and claustrophobic. It makes a small bathroom one of the most challenging spaces to decorate.

But if done right, the whole room can become brighter and more spacious. You can experiment with a soothing colour palette, eye-catching tiles, and minimalistic hardware and you can easily strike a balance between the form and size of your bath space – regardless of its size. Here are the top 10 ways to make your small bathroom feel more sizeable: Tip 1: Stick to soothing colours Using too many contrasting colours can make your bathroom look smaller and more cramped. Tip 2: Go for a frameless glass shower screen Tip 3: Mirror a whole wall Tip 4: Install a wall-to-wall floating vanity counter Tip 5: Add shower and bath niches.

Buy Bath Spout F460006CP Faucets Online, Price in India. Current Trends In Bathroom Themes You Need To Know | Decorating Small Bathrooms. One of the most exciting parts of the house to renovate or re-arrange is the bathroom. Having a nice bathroom will not just add elegance to your home’s overall appearance but its value as well. Investing in such projects can help you a lot in making your home interiors pretty and the living experience, highly comfortable for every member of the family. When decorating a home, you may want to speak with a professional designer to ensure that all corners of your bathroom will be turned to its best, functional condition and highest possible appeal. There are many themes you can consider using, and it is all up to your needs and personal preference to decide which of them is the most valuable to consider. The themes to consider are endless and to name some of the most popular, read below Black and white theme If you are looking for a timeless theme, black and white will never disappoint you.

Vintage meets modern vibe Give your bathroom some spa-inspired theme Keep it all white. Visualise Bathroom Design | Interior Design Inspiration Small Bathrooms. 10 Helpful Tips for doing Custom Bathrooms - Hindware Homes Blog. We spend a considerable amount of time in our bathrooms, it becomes natural to dream about sleek vanity units, unique bathtubs and grand toilet designs. Bathrooms today have a dual function to play. Besides being served as a room for utility and functionality, special focus is nowadays on aesthetics and look of the bathroom so that you enjoy your time for relaxation.

When you choose to customize bathroom according to your choice, space and budget, it becomes a reflection of your style, execution of your taste and a part of your personality. Custom bathrooms give you a feeling of serenity and bliss. To make you experience the joy of custom bathrooms, we’ve coined a few helpful tips that will help you renovate your bathroom within your budget and without the aid of professionals. A Sky Mural creates opennessWhat could be more infinite than the sky? Clear Shower EnclosuresEliminate the use of partitions or partition wall to enclose your shower area. The next big thing in Bathtub Faucets - Hindware Homes Blog. After a long day of work and hectic schedule, there nothing like unwinding and soaking yourself in a bathtub filled with warm water bubbles.

Your bathtub faucet proves to be an important element to define your bathing area that not only looks aesthetic but also complete your bathing routine with ease. Bathtub faucets have gone beyond functional with designs and styles to fit every bathtub model, theme and décor. Before you hit the showroom floor to shop for the latest bathtub faucet, understand the options and functionality, installation, styles, finishes and countless combinations that you get to choose from. Bathtub faucets adds sophistication to your bathroom along with your bathtub and also becomes a part of its centerpiece. Types of Bathtub Faucets:The style of your bathtub faucet helps to support your bathrooms overall look and feel.

Wall-Mount FaucetDeck Mount Bathtub FaucetRoman Bathtub FaucetFreestanding Bathtub Faucet. Handicapped bathroom - Bathroom Products for handicapped - Hindware. Visualise Bathroom Design | Interior Design Inspiration Small Bathrooms. Online Bathroom Products - Best Bathroom New Design Products. Bath Mixer Taps - Buy Single Lever Exposed Bath & Shower Mixer With L Bend F360019CP Faucets Online - Hindware Homes. Water Tap - Buy Bathroom Tap Online at Best Price in India. Bathroom Themes - Hindware. Bathroom Themes - Hindware. Buy Element Star Rated Wall Mounted Closet 92081 Water Closets Online, Price in India. Hindware Homes - Best Sanitary Ware Products & Bathroom Fittings Online in India. Buy Single Lever Exposed Bath & Shower Mixer With L Bend F360019CP Faucets Online, Price in India. Hindware Homes - Best Sanitary Ware Products & Bathroom Fittings Online in India.

Sanitaryware Products - Manufacturers & Suppliers in India - Hindware Homes. Current Trends In Bathroom Themes You Need To Know | Decorating Small Bathrooms.