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Juegos Olímpicos Londres 2012. Juegos Olímpicos Londres 2012. Speaking Rubric. Interactive Exercises - Verbs ir & ser - Preterite Tense. 123apps – Free Online Multimedia Software. Online Voice Recorder. Just as the name says, Online Voice Recorder allows you to record your voice from your computer and save the file.

Online Voice Recorder

With no membership required, this is a free and simple recording treasure! Simply push the record button and follow screen prompts to ALLOW the application access to your computer's microphone. Talk as long as desired. Then listen to the recorded playback. Trim and edit the length using easy sliders as desired. Tag(s): fluency (23), preK (273), speech (92), spelling (170) In the Classroom Have students practice spelling words orally, record speeches, practice reading fluency, and much more using Online Voice Recorder. Hay. P R E P O S I T I O N S. Gaturro. Prepositions of place. JUEGO DE DADOS. Banco de palabras y frases. Verbos reflexivos. (latino) Nivel A2. Having a simple conversation about sports in Spanish (list, phrases + quiz)

DEPORTES is how we say sports in Spanish.

Having a simple conversation about sports in Spanish (list, phrases + quiz)

There are so many of them and most of us have a favorite one even if we do not play that often. You will not find a list of all Spanish sports in this lesson, but we will show you some common ones through a nice video and also several useful Spanish phrases, questions and tips so you can talk about your favorite sport in Spanish. There are also some conversations about sports is the lesson, which are aimed to help you practice Spanish listening and learn some new vocabulary too. Introductory video: A list of basic sports in Spanish – Los deportes en español We will begin by learning the vocabulary for sports in Spanish with a short video.

How to conjugate & use Spanish reflexive verbs in sentences. Los verbos reflexivos or reflexive verbs in Spanish are a special type of verbs that we use for actions that affect the subject of a sentence directly.

How to conjugate & use Spanish reflexive verbs in sentences

In this lesson we will learn what are reflexive verbs in Spanish, the rules to conjugate these verbs and how to use them in simple questions and sentences. This lesson includes a conjugation chart for Spanish reflexive verbs, a list of VERBOS REFLEXIVOS and some rules to know when to use them. La Clase de la Señora Dentlinger. This week I wracked my brain trying to think up activities my early finishers could work on.

La Clase de la Señora Dentlinger

This is not a new problem nor is it a problem for all of my classes. Due to the big overlap between abilities in Spanish 2 (extremely gifted students combined with students who could use a Spanish 1 refresher *again*), I needed something extra for my TAG students. Luckily, I had some down time to think about an activity this weekend. The idea came from my favorite games – Words with Friends, Scramble, Boggle, etc. The activity is called BOGGLE: EL JUEGO. I made a small board at the front of my room.

I then printed out block letters, cut them out, put them on nice bright paper, and laminated them. I made a fun BOGGLE sheet for students and printed a mass amount. Here are my plans: I’m this sounds cool, make sure to check out my free BOGGLE: EL JUEGO on TeachersPayTeachers! Asking and telling time in Spanish: common expressions and questions. The time is called EL TIEMPO or LA HORA in Spanish.

Asking and telling time in Spanish: common expressions and questions

Knowing how to ask and tell time in Spanish may be very useful for everyday activities and simple conversations, but there are some differences between the way we talk about time in Spanish and how we do it in English. In this lesson you will learn some common ways to ask what time it is in Spanish, how to tell time and how all these things can be used in a conversation.

Descripción Física- Description in Spanish. Billetes: Cortometraje: El paletero. Inspiración: Documental sobre un paletero en Nogales, Sonora, México Temas: Las paletas, las profesiones Billetes: Cortometraje: El paletero (pdf) Ideas para usar los Billetes Se pueden usar para empezar la clase (warm up), para captar la atención (focus), para romper el hielo (conversation starter), para terminar la clase (ticket out) o en un momento libre (sponge).

Billetes: Cortometraje: El paletero

Cada hoja tiene diez billetes para no tener que sacar tantas copias. Unidades didácticas relacionadas.