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Higher One, Inc.

Higher One understands the challenges many college students face when managing their finances. Higher One addresses these challenges by offering various financial solutions. Additionally, the company assists colleges and universities in cutting costs with financial services.

So Your Firstborn is in College...Now What?: Preparing for that Big Day. I made the mistake of watching Boyhood last week, which was extremely touch because I just sent my firstborn off to college.

So Your Firstborn is in College...Now What?: Preparing for that Big Day

If you haven't seen the movie yet, I highly recommend it. While most of the attention so far has been on Linklater's direction showing the characters age each year, I think the best part of the movie is Patricia Arquette's acting. It's amazing. The part that killed me was at the end when she says goodbye to her child and sends him off to school. There was a feeling of uncertainty there. As a mother, the only you can do is really hope for the best and trust that the preparation you have done will be enough to get them through the next four years and beyond. I taught her the importance of financial responsibility: This was a big one. I taught her that staying in was okay: Another horror story I've heard was kids going to school and getting lost in the social scene.

Why Higher Maintains Great Ratings Among Its Customers and Community. Melissa Bailey Photo Toast of the state: Then-Gov.

Why Higher Maintains Great Ratings Among Its Customers and Community

Rell & Lasater scope the new HQ site. One day after a national report trashed the fees New Haven’s hottest young company collects from college students on financial aid, Higher One COO Miles Lasater called the attacks a baseless misunderstanding of his mission. Lasater found his company under fire after a report came out Wednesday from the U.S. Public Interest Research Group Education Fund. The report triggered a national story in the Associated Press, followed by a New York Times report Thursday featuring a photo of Higher One co-founders Lasater (the company’s chief operating officer) and Mark Volchek. “I would hope that people would take the time to learn more about us before writing articles,” Lasater lamented in an Independent interview Thursday as the Times and Associated Press stories continued to spread on the web.

He said that rather than rip off students, Higher One has been saving them money they otherwise would be paying banks. Ways Higher One Maintains Low Fees. Higher One: Fee Schedules. 1 OneAccount Premier account holders will be charged $5.95 per month.

Higher One: Fee Schedules

The monthly fee will be applied to the customer's account within 5 business days after the close of their monthly statement cycle. If the account holder performs a direct deposit of $300.00 or more per month, the $5.95 monthly service fee will not be assessed. About_higher_one. Survey of 65,000 College Students Shows Need for High School Financial Literacy Requirement. Report, Money Matters on Campus, Details How Early Financial Attitudes and Knowledge Influence Students’ Financial Decisions WASHINGTON, D.C., April 8, 2014—The second-year results of Money Matters on Campus, a survey of 65,000 first-year college students across the U.S., show that policy makers, practitioners and educators should encourage more and differentiated financial literacy education components in K-12 environments.

Survey of 65,000 College Students Shows Need for High School Financial Literacy Requirement

Further, results indicate that colleges and universities should provide financial education early on in the college experience to maximize the likelihood that students will make sound financial decisions and increase their chance of degree completion. The study—conducted by EverFi and sponsored by Higher One—surveyed students on banking, savings, credit cards and school loans, as well as a series of questions designed to assess students’ financial knowledge. About Higher OneHigher One Holdings, Inc. Higher One's online community for financial literacy. Higher One: About Us. It all started in 2000 when three college friends had an idea ... what if a conventional college ID card's purchasing power could be expanded for off-campus purchases, helping simplify student finances?

Higher One: About Us

While a great idea, there needed to be a benefit to school administrators in addition to just students in order to make it a viable business. Ah, the refund process! Noticing how frustrating it was for fellow students to get their refund money (often waiting in long lines) and how labor-intensive and costly the process was for the school ... Confidence in Reinforced. Higher One, a company that disburses excess financial aid funding to students, has set out to give students what they want – an inexpensive refund and banking option.

Confidence in Reinforced

A recent study conducted by Bretton Woods on the cost of checking accounts gives prospective and current customers the confidence they need to know that they’re making a smart choice by using this company’s services. If you’re of the opinion that financial institutions are a ripoff is because of the fees users are charged for withdrawing money from foreign ATMs, swiping for ‘debit’ instead of ‘credit,’ overdrafting, et cetera, then you clearly haven’t looked at the numbers. It is true that the cost of maintaining a HigherOne account, on an annual basis, is at a median of $49. However, research by Bretton Woods, a financial servicing firm, shows that the cost of maintaining an account with the top national banks average from $311 per year. Higher One, Inc - Financial management for colleges/universities - Higher One, Higher Education.

Higher One, Inc. Wix Page. 10 Money Tips For Real Life.