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Further Educating Yourself as a Designer – Developers Fan. Everyone knows that education is the best investment a designer can make to further his or her career.

Further Educating Yourself as a Designer – Developers Fan

But what does that mean, exactly? Should you go back to school (or attend for the first time)? Should you find a mentor or study the greats repeatedly until you perfect your craft? Perhaps you should do these things… and perhaps not. Today, we’re going to explore specific ways to further educating yourself as a designer, and apply what you learn immediately to becoming better at what you do, as well as being more desirable to clients. Marketing and The Unhappy Freelancer Let me start off with a story about a person I know. This designer could have benefited greatly from learning how to properly market his services. Learning your niche – knowing the ins and outs of your client base as well as the customers they serve – is the best way to tailor your marketing efforts for maximum effectiveness. Get A Design Mentor. 10+ Best Wedding WordPress Themes – DzineShip. WordPress is a perfect platform to create amazing websites, especially for the beginners and small to medium sized business.

10+ Best Wedding WordPress Themes – DzineShip

If you are setting up a website related to wedding, you will definitely want to take a look at these best WordPress wedding themes. But they are not just meant for the business. There are many people who want to create a website for their wedding. These themes are the good starting point for those who are thinking about designing a website featuring the great moments from their wedding ceremony. 20 Best Minimal WordPress Themes – DzineShip. WordPress is an extremely popular content management system that allows you to create stunning websites pretty easily.

20 Best Minimal WordPress Themes – DzineShip

Here are the 20 best minimal WordPress themes that will help you setup a superior quality website in no time. There is something about minimal website design that has made them so popular these days. The minimal designs are not only pleasing to the eye but they are also neat and better organized. This is why it becomes easier to spot the information one is looking for. After all, there is no clutter anywhere on the site. Top 50+ Ruby on Rails Interview Questions – Dzine Ninja. Ruby on Rails is a very popular web app framework for the server side.

Top 50+ Ruby on Rails Interview Questions – Dzine Ninja

There are many job opportunities for those who understand this framework well and thus they would like to explore the list of top 50+ Ruby on Rails interview questions we have compiled here. If you think that you know the concepts of this framework well and are ready to appear for the interview you should also take a look at these anticipated questions. You will get a very good idea as to what all you will be expected to know. Although these questions are quite comprehensive you should make sure that you don’t just mug them up as it will do no good. If there is a particular question whose answer you are not aware of, instead of learning the answer learn the concept first.

Besides learning the question and the answers you also need to make sure that you have a great deal of practice. 30+ Most Beautiful Pigeon Photos – DzineLava. Pigeons are one of those animals that have lived close to the human beings but they have never come really close – as in they have hardly been made pet by the humans – but we can see them all around on our windows, balcony, patio, backyard, streets, and sometimes flying into our homes.

30+ Most Beautiful Pigeon Photos – DzineLava

We have collected the most beautiful pigeon photos for you. Since we see these birds so often and they are all around us therefore we tend to overlook their beauty. 40+ Beautiful Collections of Colourful India Photos – DzineLava. India is a land of diverse cultures, varying landscapes, and a range of demography.

40+ Beautiful Collections of Colourful India Photos – DzineLava

Look at this colourful India photography and you will know it all. From North to South and from East to West this India is a world in its own. There is no other country that offers so much diversity within the same boundaries. Despite being divided by cultures, traditions, and habits, India still stands unified as one nation. 20+ Beautiful Creative Photography By Hossein Zare – DzineLava. Looking at the beautifully shot photographs is one of the most fulfilling feelings you could ever get.

20+ Beautiful Creative Photography By Hossein Zare – DzineLava

When you look at the beautiful creative photography by Hossein Zare you get the same feeling all the time. There is something about his photos that makes you keep looking at them. Realistic Underwater Paintings By Reisha Perlmutter – DzineLava. Underwater life has intrigued humans for a long time and we have seen many rare photographs of them.

Realistic Underwater Paintings By Reisha Perlmutter – DzineLava

But look at these realistic underwater paintings by Reisha Perlmutter and you will know that they are something completely different. The very first thing you will notice is the kind of realism depicted in the paintings. You will be surprised to see how a painting could be so lifelike. Perlmutter has mostly depicted women in her paintings and they are so real to the extent that our mind refuses to believe it. It seems that they are not paintings but the photographs. Women, water, and bubbles are the most common elements of her paintings. 35 Smile Pictures to Make You Feel Happy – DzineLava. Have you had a bad day and you are now completely stressed and worn out?

35 Smile Pictures to Make You Feel Happy – DzineLava

Well, in that case you must be looking for something that can make you happy and so you may want to look at the hopeful smile pictures to make you feel happy. There are some pictures that instantly elicit the feeling of joy in your mind but you are not able to figure out what’s so special about them. Even when you try to think hard you are not able to put the finger on what really makes them so incredible. There is barely any doubt that smile is one of the best remedies for us. This is the reason why when you look at the picture with a person smiling genuinely a feeling of happiness sweeps through your body. 25 Romantic Girls Look Images – DzineLava. There is so much inside a woman and to elicit the true feelings on her face in the art form is no easy thing.

25 Romantic Girls Look Images – DzineLava

Look at these 25 girls romantic look images and you will know what we are talking about. These beautiful women are the true mark of love and romance. Their feelings are oozing out from their eyes and are also manifested in their subtle gestures. As you can see, none of the girls has made any special, discernible romantic gesture. And yet, through their subtlety you can still understand what they are feeling in the moment. Undeniably, a lot of credit goes to the photographer as well who has done well to help these women bring out that feeling in their face and eyes. 20 Creative Travel App Designs for Your Inspiration – DzineLava. Most of us like to travel and that is why it is the part of our yearly planning. If you are someone who loves travelling then you will greatly enjoy these 20 creative travel app designs for your inspiration. Whether you have already planned the trip or planning one, you can use these apps well.

Developers all around the world have been working hard to make these apps as useful and value added as possible. If truth be told, the perfect app has not yet been designed. 30+ Most and Wonderful Unusual Animals on Earth – DzineLava. Nature has always been the inspiration for art and photography for men. Therefore, there is no surprise why these photographs show the most and wonderful unusually animals on earth. Humans have always wanted to go above and beyond their realm of knowledge into the territories unknown.

The animals that we see in these photographs are rare and very rarely seen. However, nonetheless, they are beautiful and wonderful at the same time. Adventure is not just about finding the new places in the world; it is also so much about getting to find the new living beings and animals. There are millions of species of animals and other living being on Mother Earth. 60+ Beautiful Pictures of Cute Puppies – DzineLava. It is said that the dogs are the man’s best friend. If you are someone who loves dogs and wants to raise them from a puppy then you will definitely love the beautiful pictures of the cute puppies we have brought together for you. When you look at the little puppy staring right into your eyes you know that it is one of the best sights to behold.

Those who love dogs not only want to own them in real but also want to have many things related to them. For example, if you want to have a cute picture of the puppies as the wallpaper of your computer or phone, you can use one of these amazing photographs. 20+ Cool & Creative Fast Food & Drink Logos for Inspiration – Dzine Click. A logo is an extremely important part of any brand. It will not be an exaggeration to say that it is the face of any brand. People identify the brand or product with the logo it carries.

A beautifully designing logo can leave a long lasting impression on the minds of the people. Whether you have an IT company or a fast food joint, logo can truly make your business successful. If you have a business of selling fast food and drink, you will want to have a creative and impactful logo for it as well. Creating a great logo is not always as easy as it seems. Four Seasons food logo Choolah Indian Grill logo design. 50+ Wolf Tattoo Design Ideas – DzineLava. Are you looking for a tattoo design that is fearsome and yet majestic? Well, you may want to look at these 50+ wolf tattoo design ideas we have put together for you. Humans have been in love with the animals for the longest times known. Wolf is the animal that has been the part of the man’s fantasies and imaginations almost forever.

Human has even imagined itself transforming into a wolf on a full moon day. The creature that lives as a human by the day and wolf by the night is called werewolf. Getting a wolf tattoo would be a great idea. 20 Best Freebies for Aspiring UX Motion Designers – DzineLava. Who doesn’t like the freebies? 30+ DIY Ideas of Painted Rocks – DzineLava. Setting up the beautiful interiors of your home is not just about buying the most expensive furniture items at the shop; it is a lot about your imagination and creativity. Who would have thought that these 30+ DIY ideas of painted rocks could be such a great addition to the house decor? When it comes to setting up the interiors, many people think that buying the costly items is the only thing. MTP Kit: The Safe and Trusted Pill for Every Woman – Chemist Lane. Abortion pill, as known to all, is designed to terminate unwanted pregnancy with the approval of the mother.

It is a drug resulted of highly advanced medical science where the complications for the mother’s health are absolutely minimal. There are many abortion pills available in the market, but one that has managed to win the confidence of millions of women across the world, is the safe and secure MTP Kit. With this kit, woman can terminate their pregnancy at home with guidance from the gynecologist within the first trimester.

It must be kept in mind that after 12 weeks of pregnancy, this abortion pill will not work so before using it is important to check the pregnancy age. 30+ Beautiful Pictures of Bird Nest – Dzine Click. When it comes to nature photography there are so many things one can capture through the lenses. 30+ Beautiful Examples of Couple in the Rain Photography – DzineLava. Photography is not just about colours or lighting; it is a great deal about telling the story or sending a message this is exactly what the great photographers are able to achieve. 45 Cute Pictures of Baby Animals – DzineLava. Humans have been in love with the animals for the longest times known and especially the little babies of the animals.

This is the reason why we have collected these cute pictures of baby animals. It’s not just the dogs or cats that we humans want to see. 30 Awesome Towel Origami DIY – DzineLava. Homeowners are always looking for new inspirations to beautify the interiors of their home. 50 Cool Matte Nail Polish Designs – Dzine Click. If you are looking for simple and sedate finish for the nails then the matte nail polish ideas are for you. When it comes to nail polish and nail art there are many ideas available. 20 Best Free Multipurpose WordPress Themes – DzineLava. Mifepristone: Popular Abortion Pill and its Side Effects – Chemist Lane. In case of abortion, the safest way is always to have abortion pills or any related medicines. It is safe and the success rate of the same is also much higher, the reason why many women prefer to use this birth control method.

Know the Correct Ways to use MTP Kit – Chemist Lane. 15 Best WooCommerce WordPressThemes – Dzine Click. 50+ Beautiful Sister Tattoo Designs – DzineLava. 25+ Hot Dyed Hair Ideas – Dzine Click. 20+ Valentine Day Heart Craft Ideas – DzineLava. 30+ Coffin Nail Art Ideas – Dzine Click. 40+ Creative Dorm Room Ideas – DzineLava. 5 Vital Tips to Secure your WordPress Login Page – Tutorials Lane. 40+ Creative Home Office Ideas – DzineLava. 60+ Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas – DzineLava. 40+ Stylish Heel Shoes for Women – Dzine Click. Buy Korlym Online.

Buy MTP Kit Online at Affordable Price - 40+ Curly Hairstyles for 2016 – Dzine Click. 40+ Unique Heart Tattoo Designs – Tattoos King. 60+ Most Creative Bathtub Designs – DzineLava. 20 Fresh Resources for Web Developers June 2016 – Dzine Click. 30+ Creative Lamp Ideas – DzineLava. 30+ Blonde Hair Color Ideas – Dzine Click. How to Select Data from MySQL Database Tables Using PHP – Tutorials Lane. 20+ Beautiful Food and Drink WordPress Themes – DzineLava. 40 Space Tattoo Ideas for Astronomy Lovers – Tattoos King. How to Insert Data Into MySQL Database Table Using PHP – Tutorials Lane. How to Connect to MySQL Database Server in PHP – Tutorials Lane. Turntable.js – Responsive jQuery Slider – jQuery Lane. Bringins – jQuery Plugin to Show Animated Page – jQuery Lane. How to Create, Access and Delete Cookies in PHP – Tutorials Lane. How to Upload Files on Server in PHP – Tutorials Lane. PHP file System Functions – Tutorials Lane. 50+ Beautiful Seashell Tattoos Designs You’ll Love – Tattoos King.

PHP Include and Require Files – Tutorials Lane. Formatting Dates and Times in PHP – Tutorials Lane. PHP Functions – Tutorials Lane. HTTP GET and POST Methods in PHP – Tutorials Lane. PHP Loops – Tutorials Lane. PHP Sorting Arrays. Tutorials Lane. 20 Examples Of UI Components Built Using CSS Flexbox – Balhara Infosys. How to Make Required Form field in Bootstrap. How to Launch Bootstrap Modal on Page Load. How to keep the current tab active on page reload in Bootstrap. How to insert close button in Bootstrap popover.

How to embed YouTube video in Bootstrap modal. How to add new elements to DOM in jQuery. How to remove the attribute from an HTML element in jQuery. How to add attributes to an HTML element in jQuery. How to add CSS properties to an element dynamically using jQuery. How to call a function automatically after waiting for some time in jQuery. How to define a function in jQuery. How to define a function in JavaScript. How to Install WordPress Manually. How to Remove MySQL Users and Databases. Learn How to Create MySQL Username and Database. Tutorials Lane. How to fix the issue of CSS collapsing parent having floating children. How to highlight the background of alternate table row using CSS.

How to show and hide dropdown menu on mouse hover using CSS. How to change the opacity of an element’s background without affecting the child elements or text content. How to align a DIV horizontally center using CSS. How to remove dotted line around the links or linked images using CSS. How to write comments in CSS. How to write comments in HTML. How to disable tabs in Bootstrap. Bootstrap Modal Vertical Align Center. How to Add Icon to Submit Button in Bootstrap. Confirm Delete Modal Dialog in BootStrap. Add Watermark On Image in PHP. Capatilize first letter of string in JavaScript. Change Element class Using JavaScript. Enter key press event in JavaScript. JavaScript Check if Variable is Object. Remove empty null undefined values from JavaScript Array.

Tutorials Lane. Tutorials Lane. PHP Syntax Overview.