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SportsRig Micro Trailers for kayaks and bicycles - lightweight eco-friendly for fuel efficiency. For People Who Live in Small Places. Amarr Garage Doors. Please Note: Door shown represents a 8'x7' door.

Amarr Garage Doors

Actual design may vary based on door width and height. Amarr reserves the right to modify designs without notice. FLOR. Primavera Oven. The Primavera60 includes a metal stand.

Primavera Oven

The larger Primavera70. Primavera60 at the beach. Peter Reinhart with his Primavera60 Specifications Online Primavera60 24" Round Oven Primavera70 28" Round Oven Specification Sheets (download pdf) Primavera Specification Sheet. Studios. Wall-Mounted Prayer Wheel: DharmaCrafts meditation supplies. Send blessings throughout the ten directions to benefit all sentient beings.

Wall-Mounted Prayer Wheel: DharmaCrafts meditation supplies

Metal prayer wheel is accented with brass and copper, and decorated with the mantra of great compassion, 'Om Mani Padme Hum', as well as the Eight Auspicious Symbols. A printed scroll filled with prayers and blessings is sealed within the spinning prayer wheel. Masterfully crafted with exceptional detail by Newari craftsmen in Nepal. Use outside in a protected area or indoors. 3" w x 4" d x 8 3/4" h. English Translated Prayer Flags. IKEA.