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6 Over-hyped Myths of Digital Transformation - Cygnet. We have witnessed several decades of technology revolution, yet there are so many myths and hyperbole surrounding digital transformation.Digital Transformation is a nuanced and intricate subject, and many leaders are engulfed with assumptions and confusions that barricade them from adopting technology while looking to embark on the digital transformation journey.

6 Over-hyped Myths of Digital Transformation - Cygnet

60% Reduction in Manual Testing Process of Healthcare Web Application - Cygnet.

6 Software Testing Trends for Businesses to Consider

6 Software Testing Trends for Businesses to Consider - Cygnet. Worldwide IT spending is projected to total $3.4 trillion in 2020. - Gartner This prediction clearly states the speed with which technology is shaping the future of businesses globally.

6 Software Testing Trends for Businesses to Consider - Cygnet

Evolving IT sphere offers new and exciting opportunities to the businesses almost every day. Software engineering and testing services widely rely on the capabilities of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and more to grab the attention of their end-customers with reliable, secure and high-performing software products. Such products help businesses to compete and make a mark in the challenging and turbulent market space. NelsonHall interviewed leading IT players and published a report named “Next-Gen Software Testing Services.”

With such developments, the demand for high-quality business-critical software products is on the rise. Businesses must engineer highly complex but advanced software products to live up to the expectations of a younger tech savvy market. Advancing Enterprise Productivity with Orchestration in DevOps - Cygnet. Thriving enterprises have harnessed the power of DevOps for overcoming the bottlenecks of software development and deployment process.

Advancing Enterprise Productivity with Orchestration in DevOps - Cygnet

The utilization of an effective DevOps strategy has accelerated the performance of businesses with its ability to develop, test, and deploy software at a much higher velocity than legacy enterprises. DevOps is an asset for enterprises and technology evangelists for a quick and uber effective implementation of the SDLC. Despite this, executives are skeptical about the utilization of DevOps and the revolutionary capability it brings when practiced within enterprises. We’re here to bust that myth today.

Chatbots and CMS: Thriving your Enterprise’s Content Marketing Strategy - Cygnet. Digital Transformation has given several businesses the renewed zeal of tapping into their target audiences with hopes of conversion.

Chatbots and CMS: Thriving your Enterprise’s Content Marketing Strategy - Cygnet

As discussed earlier, Digital Transformation is an enterprise-wide strategy to maximize the potential of technological innovations to streamline business processes and have a seamless revenue stream. It is relatively easier for enterprises to get access to technological innovations or gadgets that can make a difference in productivity. Then, what differentiates a business from its competitor? The answer is the ‘Content Experience’ of the potential client/customer. According to Gartner, Content Management is the “process of creating, managing, and delivering content over one or more digital channels through the use of specific management solutions based on a core repository.”

It is the Content Experience that ensures your target client thinks of your brand that too when the time is right and becomes a loyal customer. What is a Chatbot? Faster Finance: The Automation Guide For Future-ready Financial Institutions - Cygnet. Automation and Covid19: Light in the Darkness. Product Engineering - Achieve Product Excellence with Agile Product Development Lifecycle. Decentralizing Blockchain Your A-Z Guide for Blockchain Technology for Businesses. Salesforce CRM - Manage Customer Relations at Your Fingertips.

Quality Assurance at Speed: The Enterprise Guide to High Performing Applications. Getting IT Right: How to solve your Enterprise’s Content Management Crises - Cygnet. eBook - SAY ‘HELLO’ TO BOTS AT WORK. SharePoint Point of View: Mobilizing Your Enterprise with SharePoint - Cygnet. A Blockchain Based B2B Platform for Anonymous Trading. DevSecOps Reinforce Business Processes with Security and Speed - Cygnet. Gone are the days of tossing over a “full fat” release with a belief that it will work well in production.

DevSecOps Reinforce Business Processes with Security and Speed - Cygnet

Today, it is about better collaboration between teams, short sprints, productivity, quick releases and stricter go-to-market windows. It is about being agile to fit the modern landscape. That’s where DevOps comes into the picture.

Blockchain: A Catalyst to Profitability in the Supply Chain Industry

SAP Solution for International Retail Merchandising Business. How to solve your enterprise's content management crise. Product Engineering Services - Cygnet Infotech. Chatbots and CMS: Thriving your Enterprise’s Content Marketing Strategy. Quality Assurance for a Blockchain-based Solution Disrupting the Podcast Industry. THE CROWD TESTING GUIDE FOR SUPERIOR APPLICATION. Getting Agile: How to Ensure High-Performing Applications. A Boon in Disguise for Taxpayers as Cygnet GSP is now GSTR-9 Ready. Chatbots: The Competitive Advantage in Supply Chain Management. Artificial Intelligence has already received significant buzz in the past few years.

Chatbots: The Competitive Advantage in Supply Chain Management

In fact, it’s remarkable potential continuously garners eyeballs, especially, when it comes to the business fraternity. Enterprises have begun to employ AI powered solutions for better delivery of products by integrating these solutions with an array of systems and technologies. Customers now have higher expectations in terms of service when they make a purchase, which is why, it’s crucial to provide better customer experience than at least your direct competitor, if not everyone else. In fact, they also demand faster and better responses to their queries. In order to save up on the time that manual processes take, Chatbots emerged on the scene as the trusted sidekick. What are Chatbots? Chatbots have become the new norm when it comes to addressing customers’ queries and concerns digitally. In fact, people have already got used to digital assistants such as Siri, Ok Google and Cortana. What are Chatbots? Business Process Automation Reshaping the Future of Banking.

It is essential for businesses to provide superior services in the era of volatile dynamic economies.

Business Process Automation Reshaping the Future of Banking

In fact, the impact of economic forces is most strongly felt by the Banking Industry. The industry is currently experiencing a significant change driven by mounting regulatory compliance pressure, emerging competition from FinTech, changing business models and disruptive technologies. Traditional banking sectors are enforced to rethink the way they do business. Moreover, increasing and changing customer demands, creates customer retention even more challenging than ever.

DevOps Services

Cygnet Infotech - Your Go-To Technology Innovation Partner. Managed Services. Increase Customer Value and Enhance Customer Experience with Cygnet’s Reliable SAP Services. Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Speeds up Digital Transformation. PHP Application Development Services. A Quick Checklist to Choose the Best Content Management System. Microsoft Application Development Services. Content Management Services - Cygnet Infotech. DevOps Automation to Improve Mission-critical SAP Delivery. Explore the Potential of AI-Driven Automated Testing.