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Videos - TMBW: A list of official They Might Be Giants music videos: Video sets[edit] Direct From Brooklyn[edit] Here Come The ABCs (2005)[edit] Venue Songs (2005)[edit] Here Come The 123s (2008)[edit] Here Comes Science (2009)[edit] Them Ain't Big Eye Ants (2012)[edit] Misc. filmed music videos[edit] QuickCam (1996-2001)[edit] Brave New World (1999)[edit] All Alone - Watch it on Brave New World Theme - Watch it on Cut The Strings - Watch it on Dan Vs.

Videos - TMBW:

Malcolm In The Middle (2000)[edit] Boss Of Me Watch it on Homestar Runner Puppet Jam videos (2004)[edit] Television commercials (2001 - present)[edit] See also: Songs Used In Commercials Dr. PBS (2003)[edit] The Share A Story Song - PBS Commercial Play-Doh (2003-05)[edit] Dunkin' Donuts (2006)[edit] Other[edit] Rabid Child (1985) - Full length video, never released The Long Grift (2005) - Full length videoScott Bower (2006) - Watch it on And Mom And Kid (2010) - Opening theme for the HBO documentary "A Family Is a Family Is a Family". Dial-A-Song. This article is about the phone service.


For the website, see For the 2002 compilation album, see Dial-A-Song: 20 Years Of They Might Be Giants. A Record-A-Call 690 answering machine, the model most recently used by TMBG for Dial-A-Song Flansburgh examining the $2 price tag on his Record-A-Call 675 in 2001 A promotional card for Dial-A-Song A Dial-A-Song advertisement in the Village Voice, a NYC paper, during the mid-80s A promotional sticker for Dial-A-Song Dial-A-Song, which could be reached at (718) 387-6962, was a service that They Might Be Giants had been operating almost since the band first formed in 1983, more-or-less regularly through 2006.

The service started in late 1983, back when TMBG's hopping around the early 80s NYC punk scene hit an unexpected snag—John Linnell broke his wrist in a biking accident and John Flansburgh had his new Brooklyn apartment thoroughly burgled. On November 15, 2008, the Dial-A-Song number was officially disconnected. They Might Be Giants: Join Us. Artists: They Might Be Giants Album: Join Us Release Date: July 19 Labels: Idlewild / RounderTracklist: 01 Can't Keep Johnny Down 02 Cloisonné 03 Never Knew Love 04 Old Pine Box 05 Judy is Your Viet Nam 06 You Probably Get that A Lot 07 In Fact 08 You Don't Like Me 09 2028 10 Let Your Hair Hang Down 11 Three Might Be Duende 12 When Will You Die?

They Might Be Giants: Join Us

13 The Lady and the Tiger 14 Protagonist Notes: New album from the nerd-rock mainstays. Media: Listen to "Can't Keep Johnny Down" below. They Might Be Giants: Can't Keep Johnny Down. They Might Be Giants.