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One Seam Wonders

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Wrap Pants - AmtWiki. Step one; Stand in the center of your wrap pants with the ties out to each side.

Wrap Pants - AmtWiki

Step two; Pull the two ties from the front of the pants behind your back and tie them together in a bow knot. Step three; Tie the leg ties on the outside of each leg, or tie the corners if you elected to use the style that did not incorporate ties. [edit] History of the wrap pant Similar styles to the wrap pants we know to day are worn in India and in some parts of tropical asia. Today the pants we know are popular with hippies and larpers. [edit] How to make Wrap Pants Materials You will need the following supplies to create a single pair of wrap pants. 1 1/2 yards material (60” wide) 1 Spool of thread, matching material Sewing Machine (Hint: If working with heavy fabrics such as denim, corduroy, vinyl or fur, you might wish to purchase a pack of needles for your machine rated for leather or denim.) Directions Cut two rectangular fabric pieces against the selvage sized 30 by 50 inches. [edit] Links.

¡La Manga! ¡La Manga!: Balenciaga One Seam Coat. Left, the Balenciaga One-Seam coat in beige and black wool plaid lined in black satin, 1961.

¡La Manga! ¡La Manga!: Balenciaga One Seam Coat

Right, the toile muslin pattern in three pieces for the One-Seam coat from Felisa's atelier. The One Seam Coat is often cited as an example of Balenciaga's genius in cutting. It is a complex garment formed by the least number of seams. To me, the term 'one-seam' is somewhat of a misnomer since there are way more than one sewing seams if you examined the pattern above (upper arm, under arm, gussets,etc).

A truly one seam garment, I would argue, is akin to Halston's spiral dress; Balenciaga supposedly also created spiral garments, but I have yet to track down an example of it. This Balenciaga coat bore closer relation to what is commonly known as a Bog coat - a coat cut entirely from one piece of fabric, folded and slashed to fit the body. The coat was the highlight of 1973 The World of Balenciaga exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum. Making Woodland Style One-piece, Soft-sole, Center-seam Moccasins. 1.

Making Woodland Style One-piece, Soft-sole, Center-seam Moccasins

Place feet (or tracings) on either side of center line of paper with 1" between heels and edge of paper. Each heel should be 1/2" away from the center line, and the balls of the feet below the big toes should be 1/4" away from the center-line of the paper. 2. Even with the heels, mark points E and E' (1/2" from the center-line and 1" from the edge of the paper) Also mark points D and D' (1/2" from the center-line at the edge of the paper). 3. 8. 9.

Return to Overview of Native American Footwear ~ Moccasins Return to NativeTech's Main Leather & Clothes Menu Leather & Clothes Bibliography and Books to Buy On-Line. Wrap%20dress%20instruction%20tutorial. Little Red Infinity Dress Tutorial - Sew Like My Mom. February 14, 2011 I’m always searching for a beautiful, well-fitting, versatile dress, and I finally found it.

Little Red Infinity Dress Tutorial - Sew Like My Mom

In fact, I MADE it. The infinity dress has got it all! You can wear this amazing dress basically any way you feel comfortable–and it can look like a new dress each time! I made my infinity dress in about 3 hours and for under $20! I found these infinity dresses on Craftster years ago and have always loved them. First, you need to do some measuring. So, 30/6.28 = 4.7. Then I decided on length of skirt and came up with 18″. To make your straps, you need to decide how wide to make them. To determine strap length, you need to make them 1.5 times your height. So, got that? To make your pattern, get packing paper, freezer paper, or a bunch of pieces of computer paper taped together.

Then I measured 18″ down from that and made another line for my skirt length. Cut out on your lines. Next, cut a waistband 10″ tall and the length of your waist you measured. Now for construction. Related. Cocoonwrap. Making Woodland Style One-piece, Soft-sole, Center-seam Moccasins. HOW TO – Sew a One-Seam Convertible Dress.