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SCORM & TinCan

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Moodle-mod_tincanlearnerstream/ at master · garemoko/moodle-mod_tincanlearnerstream. Tin Can Learner Stream. Benefits of an LRS. Bookmarklet. Note: This is the version of the bookmarklet that works with Tin Can API version 1.0.0.


The Tin Can API lets you record self-directed learning experiences, such as reading a web page. The Tin Can Bookmarklet is a simple tool that shows a little bit of that power. A bookmarklet is a simple application that runs inside of a standard internet browser bookmark. The Tin Can API bookmarklet lets you record any webpage that you “experience” to an LRS. Here are the steps to get going: Use the generator below to generate your own personal bookmarklet (it will just look like a link), then add the bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmarks (or bookmark toolbar).

To generate your bookmarklet, just enter an email address, the LRS endpoint where you’d like to send your statements, and the LRS credentials. Note: when sending statements to the public LRS, remember that everyone will be able to see the email address that you choose, as well as the web sites that you generate statements for. Installing the SCORM Cloud Moodle Module : Support. Web Service API Documentation - Rustici Software - Confluence. Introduction Thanks for the interest in SCORM Cloud!

Web Service API Documentation - Rustici Software - Confluence

This document should serve as a good starting point for integrating the service into your own system. What you'll find below is a brief conceptual overview, an outline of the key steps in running a minimal SCORM Cloud integration (which includes links to a demo application written in .NET), and a full listing of the SCORM Cloud web services API. Conceptual Overview Before you read any more, we should let you know we're assuming a couple things about you. At this point, you probably already know that SCORM Cloud is a hosted player that provides best-in-class SCORM compatibility. No matter how simple or complex, the key concept of a successful integration with SCORM Cloud is that your system and SCORM Cloud should be tightly integrated, but loosely coupled.

Quick Start Signup First, the SCORM Cloud service needs to know who you are. What you need for identification, at a technical, web service level, is what we call an AppId. Download Import. How To's - Watershed LRS.  SCORM Driver - Free for Non-Commercial Use - Download » SCORM - Free download of SCORM Driver for non-commercial use. Read the SCORM Driver quickstart guide. SCORM Driver download: free for non-commercial use If you want to use SCORM Driver for non-commercial use, then we want you to have it for free. Read the license to see what constitutes “non-commercial use.”

(It’s a short read, don’t worry.) How do I get it?  SCORM Driver » SCORM - Web developers don’t have time to learn all the complexities of SCORM, so our SCORM Driver is all about making any learning content compliant.

 SCORM Driver » SCORM -

Automatically adjusts to each learning standardExcellent compatibility… it works everywhereYou can convert content yourself, or have us do it for you SCORM Driver is free fornon-commercial use. Anything keeping me from having to think about compliance all the time is good. “How does it work?” Think of a SCORM-compliant LMS as a nice restaurant with a dress code—coat and tie only. - Converting SCORM packages to Tin Can API. Helping you Tin Can since 2012. - Converting SCORM packages to Tin Can API

This guide provides guidelines on how you might convert e-learning content which currently using SCORM into TCAPI content and suggests how particular SCORM calls might translate into Tin Can statements. The aim is to define a common way of doing this so that all Tin Can traditional e-learning content makes comparable statements at comparable points in the learner's experience. This guide is not intended to be a complete guide for writing Tin Can API compatible content, and if you are new to Tin Can API, it is recommended that you attempt a simpler, single statement activity before progressing further with this guide. In a lot of places, this guide will tell you what to do without going into detail of how to actually do it. You will need to look up the relevant Tin Can features as they are mentioned if you are not familiar with them. This guide will refer to a wrapper for Adobe Captivate swfs which have been published for SCORM (1.2 or 2004). 1.

Top. SCORM to Tin Can Solution. And in reality, SCORM is still being used widely.

SCORM to Tin Can Solution

As the world shifts from SCORM to Tin Can, you might be wondering if all of your SCORM content and courses will still be usable in a Tin Can environment. The definitive answer is yes, you can still use SCORM (and AICC) content in a Tin Can environment, with an LRS. Verbs : The Registry provided by Rustici Software. To read more about Activity Types, check out Deep Dive: Activity (Definition).

Verbs : The Registry provided by Rustici Software

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