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List of cognitive biases. Cognitive biases are tendencies to think in certain ways.

List of cognitive biases

Cognitive biases can lead to systematic deviations from a standard of rationality or good judgment, and are often studied in psychology and behavioral economics. There are also controversies as to whether some of these biases count as truly irrational or whether they result in useful attitudes or behavior. For example, when getting to know others, people tend to ask leading questions which seem biased towards confirming their assumptions about the person. This kind of confirmation bias has been argued to be an example of social skill: a way to establish a connection with the other person.[6] The research on these biases overwhelmingly involves human subjects.

Decision-making, belief, and behavioral biases[edit] Many of these biases affect belief formation, business and economic decisions, and human behavior in general. Social biases[edit] Most of these biases are labeled as attributional biases. Memory errors and biases[edit] Top five regrets of the dying. There was no mention of more sex or bungee jumps.

Top five regrets of the dying

A palliative nurse who has counselled the dying in their last days has revealed the most common regrets we have at the end of our lives. And among the top, from men in particular, is 'I wish I hadn't worked so hard'. Bronnie Ware is an Australian nurse who spent several years working in palliative care, caring for patients in the last 12 weeks of their lives. She recorded their dying epiphanies in a blog called Inspiration and Chai, which gathered so much attention that she put her observations into a book called The Top Five Regrets of the Dying. Ware writes of the phenomenal clarity of vision that people gain at the end of their lives, and how we might learn from their wisdom. Here are the top five regrets of the dying, as witnessed by Ware: 1. "This was the most common regret of all. 2. "This came from every male patient that I nursed. 3. "Many people suppressed their feelings in order to keep peace with others. 4. 5. Boost Your Brain Power: A Simple Exercise.

Sure, exercise is good for your health.

Boost Your Brain Power: A Simple Exercise

We all know that. But exercise is also a scientifically proven way to make yourself smarter. According to Gretchen Reynolds, author of the soon to be released The First 20 Minutes, a book about the science of exercise, recent research shows that exercise can help your brain resist physical shrinkage and improve cognitive flexibility. "Exercise," she writes in this New York Times article, "...does more to bolster thinking than thinking does. " Here's why. But what is surprising is that, just like with your muscles, exercise can slow or even reverse the physical decay of your brain. While you may have been told (most likely by parents referencing the "This is your brain... and this is your brain on drugs" public service announcements) that once you lose brain cells you can never get them back, new brain cells can be created—and exercise helps trigger that process.

Exercise also makes those new brain cells more effective. The Creative Monopoly. Couples and housework: The ironing lady. How I Got Ripped At 500 Startups. Editor’s note: Dick Talens is one of the founders of Fitocracy and an amateur competitive bodybuilder.

How I Got Ripped At 500 Startups

Follow him on Twitter @DickTalens. Little sleep, lots of stress, free food at all hours, and Paul Singh constantly try to booze you under the table. Sounds like the old college days when you tried to rush for Sigma Chi, doesn’t it? But nope. That describes life at 500 Startups. For a former fat kid like me, it’s an environment where I can accidentally gain 15 lbs in the blink of an eye. I’m sure you’ve heard it before – the myth that losing weight is impossible for the busy entrepreneur. Exercise I skipped cardio Herein lies the greatest irony: in the office, we endlessly obsess over ROI; in the gym, however, we pound away on the treadmill for hours and hours (probably while thinking about none other than ROI). Weight loss comes from nothing more than a caloric deficit. I focused on strength training Monday (40 minutes) – 3 sets of barbell squats 2 sets of stiff legged deadlifts Diet. To Find Happiness, Forget About Passion - Oliver Segovia.

By Oliver Segovia | 12:05 PM January 13, 2012 Several years ago, a friend decided she wanted to follow her passion.

To Find Happiness, Forget About Passion - Oliver Segovia

She loved the liberal arts and academe. She was a talented graphic designer, a great writer, and was the president of a student club. But the prospect of working a nine-to-five job was never interesting. I can’t blame her. Then the recession hit. It’s a poster tale for our times. Like myself, today’s twentysomethings were raised to find our dreams and follow them. Putting problems at the center of our decision-making changes everything. The good thing is that there are a lot of big problems to go by: climate change, sustainability, poverty, education, health care, technology, and urbanization in emerging markets.

Develop situational awareness. Look into problems that affect you in a very personal way. Connect with people working on big problems. Take time off and travel. We don’t find happiness by looking within. What big problems are you trying to solve? Dont Follow Your Passion, Follow Your Effort. I hear it all the time from people.

Dont Follow Your Passion, Follow Your Effort

“I’m passionate about it.” “I’m not going to quit, It’s my passion”. Or I hear it as advice to students and others “Follow your passion”. What a bunch of BS. “Follow Your Passion” is easily the worst advice you could ever give or get. Why ? Think about all the things you have been passionate about in your life. If you really want to know where you destiny lies, look at where you apply your time. Time is the most valuable asset you don’t own. Let me make this as clear as possible 1. 2. 3. 4. Don’t follow your passions, follow your effort. A Man. A Woman. Just Friends? There’s a history here, and it’s a surprisingly political one.

A Man. A Woman. Just Friends?

Friendship between the sexes was more or less unknown in traditional society. Men and women occupied different spheres, and women were regarded as inferior in any case. A few epistolary friendships between monastics, a few relationships in literary and court circles, but beyond that, cross-sex friendship was as unthinkable in Western society as it still is in many cultures. Then came feminism — specifically, Mary Wollstonecraft, the mother of feminism, in the late 18th century.

Wollstonecraft was actually wary of platonic relationships, which could lead too easily, she thought, to mischief. In the 1890s, when feminism emerged from the drawing rooms and genteel committees to become a mass, radical movement (the term “feminism” itself was coined in 1895), friendship reappeared as a political demand. The New Woman was intelligent, well read, strong-willed, idealistic, unconventional and outspoken.

How to spot a liar: the hint of a smile and raised eyebrows. How Casinos in Macau, China Made Siu Yun Ping Rich. In the late summer of 2007, a fifty-year-old former barber named Siu Yun Ping began making regular visits from his village, in Hong Kong, to the city of Macau, the only Chinese territory where it is legal to gamble in a casino.

How Casinos in Macau, China Made Siu Yun Ping Rich

Macau sits on a horn of rocky coastline, where the Pearl River washes into the South China Sea. It’s about a third the size of Manhattan, covering a tropical peninsula and a pair of islands that look, on a map, like crumbs flaking off the mainland. Chairman Mao banned gambling in China long ago, but it endures in Macau because of a wrinkle of history: the city was a Portuguese colony for nearly five hundred years, and when it returned to Chinese control, in 1999, it was entitled to retain some of the flamboyantly libertine traditions that led W. H. Auden to christen it “a weed from Catholic Europe.”

Siu Yun Ping—or Brother Ping, as friends called him—had known little good fortune. As an adult, he continued to play cards, though with little success. 90+ Incredibly Useful Windows 7 Apps & Tips. Everyone has scratched their brain after a fresh OS install, trying to remember all their favorite applications and where, exactly, to download them.

90+ Incredibly Useful Windows 7 Apps & Tips

You can use services like Ninite to some extent, but wouldn’t it be nice to have every awesome Windows app, new and old, in one spot? We’ve gathered the best applications for any occasion in one list. Bookmark old favourites, and discover new tools you didn’t know you couldn’t live without. If you use and love Windows, we guarantee you’ll find a huge selection of fantastic software in today’s roundup. We’ll also share a series of 15 Nifty Windows 7 Tips and Tricks that you may not have come across before… Read on to find out more! Subscribe to Windows.AppStorm! If you enjoy this post, you’ll be pleased to know that Windows.AppStorm is launching in early 2011!

We hope you’ll really love the new site when it launches, so to subscribe and stay up-to-date, be sure to either: Evernote Price: Free, $5 a month or $45/year for premium upgrade OneNote. Teller Reveals His Secrets. The Art Of Showing Off (Subtly) Advertisement You’ve exchanged glances more than once with the girl who has caught your eye and the time for introductions is now.

The Art Of Showing Off (Subtly)

In order to really sweep this woman off her feet, you’ll need to let her know you’re the full package – a man of depth, promise and expertise in all the areas she cares about. But, how do you talk yourself up without sounding like a braggart? Use this five-point plan to perfectly balance your hubris with humility. 1. Your strategy: Focus on the foundations of your pride, not the results of it – the things you love, the moments when you knocked it out of the park. 2. Your strategy: Weave nuggets about yourself into the conversation. 3.

Your strategy: If you’re not seeing any natural openings, consider an even stealthier approach. 4. Your strategy: Broadcast that you’re comfortable and self-assured. 5. Your strategy: Be playfully dismissive of your achievements. Start Every Day as a Producer, Not a Consumer. I have to agree that my most productive days are those where I don't allow myself to read the news, check e-mail, facebook, etc., right after I get up. However, that happens because I've got a ton of stuff to get done, and the outside world takes a back seat until my workload is under control. However, there are certain biological necessities that have to happen before I can be productive. The dog gets let out, I go to the bathroom, I eat/drink something, and *then* I sit down to be productive. I also *have* to check my e-mail, because if something blew up overnight or there's something that needs to be dealt with ASAP, I need to know as early as possible.

I've found that reading my e-mail on my phone curbs the impulse to respond to everything immediately, because composing a lengthy e-mail on a tiny touchscreen sucks. Flagged. How to Send Back Food at a Restaurant Without Pissing Off Your Waiter. I agree with this, picking a nice place makes all the difference. Anyway, in most places where I've eaten, waiters would actually come back a couple minutes later and ask if everything was to my taste. Sending back was never an option to me. There was this place I LOVED to eat because something that happened the first times I went to this restaurant: I've looked at the daily stuff and when the waiter asked me what I wanted, I actually told her I didn't really like some of the dishes and she told me what if there was something I'd like to eat that wasn't on the menu.

I said I'd be happy with a pork steak, french fries, rice and lettuce. Not only did they gladly bring me that, she actually put together an enormous place and they charged me a lot less than the daily meals price; apparently I eat cheap stuff! This x infinity.