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Volunteering And Social Support > Society statistics - countries compared. DEFINITION A tool for valuing volunteering is provided by the new Handbook on Nonprofit Institutions in the System of National Accounts, developed by the Johns Hopkins Center for Civic Society Studies in co-operation with the United Nations Statistics Division. The Handbook recommends that countries regularly produce satellite accounts of the non-profit sector, providing a comprehensive picture of its size and operation. So far, eight OECD countries have implemented this handbook, with data referring to a year between 1999 and 2004, and four additional countries are committed to do so in the future. Beyond the comprehensive information available through these handbooks, information on the size of volunteering and social support is available for a larger number of countries through household surveys. The data presented here are drawn from the Gallup World Poll.

Data on volunteering are based on the two following questions: Have you donated money to an organization in the last month? An Error Occurred Setting Your User Cookie. The JSTOR site requires that your browser allows JSTOR ( to set and modify cookies.

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JSTOR uses cookies to maintain information that will enable access to the archive and improve the response time and performance of the system. Any personal information, other than what is voluntarily submitted, is not extracted in this process, and we do not use cookies to identify what other websites or pages you have visited. Does the Welfare State Destroy the Family? Share: MyIDEAS: Login Fourni par Traduction Author Info Di Tella, R.MacCulloch, R.

Does the Welfare State Destroy the Family?

The Impact of the Welfare State on the American Family. Welfare State Begets Family Breakdown. Welfare State Begets Family Breakdown by W.

Welfare State Begets Family Breakdown

James Antle III May 6, 2002 President Bush's proposal to spend $300 million to encourage marriage among those dependent on welfare highlights the symbiotic relationship between the welfare state and family breakdown. Usaid. A Nation of Givers. Q.

A Nation of Givers

How much do Americans give? Is the amount we give going up?