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CTC Global – Technical Support. Put our smarts to work for you We offer technical support to assist you with conductor selection, line optimization, and economic and environmental analysis.

CTC Global – Technical Support

Our experience in deploying our conductor to over 450 installations worldwide has given us a tremendous database of information that we can draw from in projecting the needs, challenges, and solutions related to your project. We’re all about the details CTC Global’s engineering staff can address electrical and mechanical questions, perform conductor comparisons, assist with PLS CADD™, Sag10™, CCP™ or other software design programs, and address other questions that relate to the conductor, ancillary hardware, or project economics. Help us help you with a specific project Please download and fill out the CTC Global Project Questionnaire, then email it back to us at to provide more specific project information to help our engineers help you with a specific project. Videos to Learn about CTC Global’s in detail.

CTC’s ACCC informational resources. Finest Conductor Manufactures - CTC Global. CTC Global – ACCC Hardware Suppliers Database. CTC Global’s ACCC Conductor Overview. Why to Choose CTC Global technology? The CTC Global Technology that we use, develops, tests, and commercializes the ACCC® conductor and ancillary hardware components that improves the efficiency, capacity, reliability and resiliency of the electric power grid. The CTC Global Technology provides ACCC conductor that is based on advanced composite technology initially developed for aerospace and other highly-demanding applications where superior performance and longevity are mission critical.

The ACCC conductor uses a high-strength composite core consisting of carbon and glass fibers embedded in a toughened thermoset resin matrix. CTC Global’s ACSR and ACCC conductors are efficiency impacts on CO2 Emissions. In the world of commodity transmission conductors, conductor efficiency is generally not considered to be high on the priority list.

Conductor selection is generally based on load considerations. But times are changing. Looking back a few years, consider the substantial investments that were made to improve the efficiency of generators to reduce fuel consumption and/or help improve the economic viability of competing generation technologies such as solar and wind. Improved transformer technologies, while slightly more expensive, were also easy to justify – as they offered reduced lifecycle costs and improved efficiency. On the demand side, consider that billions of dollars have been spent to improve the efficiency of demand side appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioning units and even light bulbs. ACCC conductor carbon/glass fiber core embedded in epoxy matrix. The CTC Global ACCC conductor utilizes a hybrid carbon and glass fiber core embedded in a high-performance thermoset epoxy matrix.

ACCC conductor carbon/glass fiber core embedded in epoxy matrix

The central carbon fiber core consists of tens of thousands of high-strength, high-modulus unidirectional carbon fibers that are surrounded by a protective layer of glass fibers. The outer glass fibers improve toughness and flexibility while also providing a galvanic barrier to prevent corrosion with the conductive aluminum strands. The lighter weight allows the CTC Global ACCC conductor – of any size – to utilize ~28% more aluminum without a weight or diameter penalty.

The compact trapezoidal strands and smooth surface composite core work in unison to dissipate wind-induced vibration. While the aluminum strands are fully annealed, offering the highest degree of conductivity for any aluminum available today, the composite core offers a coefficient of thermal expansion about ten times less than steel. Increase the capacity of existing lines with CTC Global’s ACCC Conductor. CTC Global’s ACCC® conductor was developed to increase capacity and carry twice the current of conventional all-aluminum and steel reinforced conductors.

Increase the capacity of existing lines with CTC Global’s ACCC Conductor

While classic AAC, AAAC and ACSR conductors were limited to operating temperatures of ~90°C, other high temperature conductors such as ACSS, Invar and GAP were also designed to carry twice the current as well. The capacity advantages CTC Global ACCC offers over the alternatives is based on CTC Global’s patented composite core which has a coefficient of thermal expansion about 90% lower than steel core strands. So while other high-temperature conductors can operate at higher temperatures while carrying more current, CTC Global’s high-capacity ACCC conductor mitigates thermal sag.

This makes it an outstanding choice for increasing the capacity of existing transmission and sub-transmission lines without the need to replace or reinforce existing structures. Added line capacity offers several advantages. CTC Global's ACCC conductor less costly CO2 reduction than electric cars. Replacing old power lines with CTC Global’s ACCC conductor less costly CO2 reduction compared to buying electric cars.

CTC Global's ACCC conductor less costly CO2 reduction than electric cars

If you still don’t believe in climate change, turn on your TV and listen to all the discussion about heat waves in the northeast, severe fires in the northwest, floods in the southeast, drought conditions in the southwest and crazy weather patterns and storms worldwide. If you stay up for the late night news you might also catch the politicians talking about international treaties and the Paris Climate change agreement, for instance.

If you’re not a TV person, you are probably still aware of all the hype surrounding electric cars. Electric cars, so we’ve heard, don’t pollute. “ZERO EMISSIONS” according to the folks at Tesla who proudly display that verbiage inside the license plate frames on their new cars. Did you know that much of the electric energy generated doesn’t actually get delivered? CTC ACSR & ACCC conductor efficiency impacts CO2 Emissions. CTC Global ACCC® Conductors for a Low Carbon World™