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3ieimpact-3ie:International Initiative for Impact Evaluation. Global Research Programme. The Environmental Law Institute (ELI), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the University of Tokyo and McGill University developed a series of edited volumes that assess experiences in strengthening post-conflict peacebuilding through natural resource management.

Global Research Programme

This four-year research and publication project has yielded more than 150 peer-reviewed case studies and analyses by over 230 scholars, practitioners, and decision makers from 55 countries. These case studies and analyses have been assembled into a set of six edited books, each focusing on a specific aspect of post-conflict peacebuilding (click on each publication for a detail of the contents of each book, including authors, topics, articles, and article abstracts): Additionally, a synthesis book will summarize the lessons learned in each of the 6 edited volumes: Post-Conflict Peacebuilding and Natural Resources: the Promise and the Peril. Four of the books have already been launched. Global Development Lab. The U.S.

Global Development Lab

Global Development Lab is a new entity within USAID that brings together a diverse set of partners to discover, test, and scale breakthrough solutions to achieve what human progress has only now made possible -- the end of extreme poverty by 2030. But we can't do it alone. Let's co-create a sustainable future for everyone. Learn more about the Lab The Challenge 1.2 Billion People live on less than How do we deliver the solutions that will The LaunchApril 3: USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah announces the establishment of the U.S.

DataData driven results are the foundation of our workLearn More ToolsConnecting developers with the tools and data they need to increase transparency, collaboration, and impact.Learn More FellowshipsWe are connecting bright minds with key organizations in 13 countries to collaborate on complex development challenges.What would you do? IDIN. CITE. Vol 4, No 2 (2015) Resources. Choose language: Biblioteca Sort 1868 results by: Upload Year Author Downloads Views 7425 Total Views • 679 Downloads Gjinali, E., Niklas, J., Smid, H. (2012) Wastewater treatment using constructed wetlands Tirana, Albania Case study of sustainable sanitation projects read more & download … 7218 Total Views • 1392 Downloads.


End Water Poverty. Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor. Red Nacional de Acueductos Comunitarios. Diseño y Tecnología para el Desarrollo. EIEI ACOFI 2015. Peace Innovation Lab. Current Projects Governance Innovation for Security and Development Governance Innovation for Security and Development (GISD) is a collaborative project that seeks solutions to the challenges of supporting governance in the context of intense conflict and low development.

Peace Innovation Lab

GISD aims to develop a framework to utilize stable governance—provision of essential services, political moderation and accountability, stewardship of state resources, and civic participation and empowerment—as a means to promote both peace and standards of living. In doing so, GISD will also draw from a wide breadth of the international development community, including scholars and practitioners, and develop improved analytical methodologies and technological tools toward the study and promotion of governance. Global Open Social Sensor Array Incubator Program a targeted behavior that can be shaped and measured by the application of an existing or development of a new social or mobile technology Games for Peace Past Projects. Nodo Ká. En Colombia existen más de 135,000 organizaciones sociales que buscan combatir la desigualdad y la pobreza mejorando las condiciones de vida de millones de personas.

Nodo Ká

Estas organizaciones enfrentan grandes retos e ineficiencias en el manejo de sus recursos, el uso de la información y la tecnología, la falta de herramientas adecuadas y de acceso a fuentes de conocimiento, financiación y alianzas nacionales e internacionales. Con base en esta realidad, Makaia ( lanza Nodo Ká, una plataforma online, basada en la nube, adaptada a las necesidades administrativas, de gestión (interna y externa), colaboración y conocimiento de organizaciones sociales, ofreciéndoles herramientas de fortalecimiento institucional para incrementar su impacto social y lograr mayor eficiencia en el cumplimiento de sus objetivos. En esta primera fase de lanzamiento, la plataforma contará con los siguientes componentes: Gestión Externa Gestión del conocimiento. Journal of peer production. Peter Troxler and maxigas The last years saw an incredible proliferation of shared machine shops in a confusing number of genres: hackerspaces, makerspaces, Fab Labs and their more commercial counterparts like TechShops, co-working spaces, accelerators and incubators.

Journal of peer production

Without being comprehensive, the articles collected here address Fab Labs, hackerspaces and hacklabs, but the questions raised reach beyond the walls of each. Shared machine shops figure as the occupied factories of peer production theory – worker owned production units which often look like the perfect illustration of the revolutionary theory on first sight, yet on closer look exhibit all its contradictions. Of the phenomena customarily examined under the rubric of peer production, they are probably as close as we got to an image of a peer produced social fabric – a society of peers. We learn from Adrian Smith that Shared Machine Shops are not new. Autores y temas. Innovation and the Development Agenda. Stswiki.