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Sqworl - A Simple Visual Bookmarking Tool for Teachers. Four years ago I reviewed a neat bookmarking tool called Sqworl.

Sqworl - A Simple Visual Bookmarking Tool for Teachers

This morning the developer of Sqworl emailed me to share some new features of the service. The new features are the option to open all links in a group at once and the option to view all links within Sqworl without having to leave the service. The video embedded below provides an overview of these features.

As it always has Sqworl saves a screen capture of each page you bookmark. To help you organize your bookmarks, you can create multiple groups of bookmarks in your Sqworl account. Applications for Education Even if you're thinking, "I don't need another bookmarking tool," take a look at Sqworl to browse through the public bookmark groups that other teachers have shared. Are MOOCs the Future of Online Learning?

Teaching Strategies.

Are MOOCs the Future of Online Learning?

Social contexts for formal learning. Throughout 2011 we will be publishing extracts from The New Learning Architect.

Social contexts for formal learning

We move on to the sixth part of chapter 7: Learning can take place in a variety of social contexts ranging from the self-study through to learning in large groups. These contexts have a major impact on the effectiveness of the intervention and so some care must be taken in choosing the right social context, or combination of contexts, for each intervention. The learner alone: When the learner works alone they enjoy an obvious increase in flexibility – they can determine when they learn and for how long, the pace of the learning, and the location. We know from surveys that learners value the ability to control the pace of their learning above all other factors. Interview: Director of Virtual Learning Illustrates Vision of the Future - Social Learning Blog. Shelagh A.

Interview: Director of Virtual Learning Illustrates Vision of the Future - Social Learning Blog

McGrath works with Metrix Group as the Director of Virtual Learning. Shelagh’s passion for innovative solutions results in the creative use of educational technologies to inspire personal development. To learn more about Shelagh or contact her, check out her profile on LinkedIn. Q. Technology seems to turn science fiction into reality. Educators are now placing more emphasis on inspiring learners to focus learning -how to learn, and things like the value of universal learning opportunities. An individual can utilize the internet for example to construct a self-directed learning plan that includes collaborating with knowledge experts and peers through blogs and wikis, discussion forums and access to banks of excellent information.

Overcoming Objections to eLearning by Judy Unrein. “In each case, if the method you’re trying to bring to the organization is suitable for the need, there will be a reason it’s suitable: there will be payoffs in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, scalability, consistency, or some combination of these.”

Overcoming Objections to eLearning by Judy Unrein

Did you know that eLearning is around 50 years old? Yes, you read that right. Teaching is one of the first uses that organizations found for computers: researchers at Stanford University experimented with using computers to teach children math and science back in the early 1960s. And yet, one of the situations I occasionally encounter is that, while one department may be starting an eLearning initiative, there is a strong resistance to this “new” model elsewhere within – or maybe throughout – the organization. Euclid - Geometry & Greek Mathematics Pt 1 of 2.

College Algebra: Intro to Conic Sections Video. About this Lesson Type: Video Tutorial Length: 4:32 Media: Video/mp4 Use: Watch Online & Download Access Period: Unrestricted Download: MP4 (iPod compatible) Size: 49 MB Posted: 06/26/2009 This lesson is part of the following series: College Algebra: Full Course (258 lessons, $198.00)Trigonometry: Full Course (152 lessons, $148.50)Trigonometry: Conic Sections (12 lessons, $26.73)Trigonometry: Parabolas (4 lessons, $5.94) Taught by Professor Edward Burger, this lesson was selected from a broader, comprehensive course, College Algebra.

College Algebra: Intro to Conic Sections Video

This course and others are available from Thinkwell, Inc. Edward Burger, Professor of Mathematics at Williams College, earned his Ph.D. at the University of Texas at Austin, having graduated summa cum laude with distinction in mathematics from Connecticut College. He has also taught at UT-Austin and the University of Colorado at Boulder, and he served as a fellow at the University of Waterloo in Canada and at Macquarie University in Australia. Open Problem Garden. Can Ants Count? Do They Have Built-In Pedometers? Animated Video Explains. Saharan desert ants are known to wander great distances in search of food.

Can Ants Count? Do They Have Built-In Pedometers? Animated Video Explains

Twisting and turning on their way, the ants manage to return to their nests along surprisingly direct paths. They sense direction using light from the sky, but how do they judge distance? By counting steps, apparently. Calculation Nation® - Challenge others. Challenge yourself.® Math for America - Teacher Resources - Lesson Plans & Activities. 10 Open Education Resources You May Not Know About (But Should) This week, the OCW Consortium is holding its annual meeting, celebrating 10 years of OpenCourseWare.

10 Open Education Resources You May Not Know About (But Should)

The movement to make university-level content freely and openly available online began a decade ago, when the faculty at MIT agreed to put the materials from all 2,000 of the university’s courses on the Web.

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