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Nanogenerator. Nanogenerator is a technology that converts mechanical/thermal energy as produced by small-scale physical change into electricity.


Nanogenerator has three typical approaches: piezoelectric, triboelectric, and pyroelectric nanogenerators. Both the piezoelectric and triboelectric nanogenerators can convert the mechanical energy into electricity. However, the pyroelectric nanogenerators can be used to harvest thermal energy from a time-dependent temperature fluctuation. Piezoelectric nanogenerator[edit] A piezoelectric nanogenerator is an energy harvesting device converting the external kinetic energy into an electrical energy based on the energy conversion by nano-structured piezoelectric material.

Mechanism[edit] Working principle of nanogenerator where an individual nanowire is subjected to the force exerted perpendicular to the growing direction of nanowire. The working principle for the first case is explained by a vertically grown nanowire subjected to the laterally moving tip.

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