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I hemant currently working as an intern in marketing from qss technosoft languages known HTML 5 , php , , java , angular JS ,node Js.

Yourstory. Top 10 Healthcare App Development Trends in 2019. Looking to Build a Great mHealthcare App? Here are the Top Things to Consider. Technology is driving change in almost every major industry across the world and Healthcare is no exception.

Looking to Build a Great mHealthcare App? Here are the Top Things to Consider

Digital health has brought up new approaches to the healthcare departments. Significant health growth is seen in patients with Mobile Healthcare Apps. From the past few years, the adoption of digital health apps has increased substantially among users. With over 318,000 health apps available on the top app stores worldwide, 200+ apps are adding each day. Don’t believe us? • According to research by the General Medical Council (GMC)- 30% of doctors were using mobile Apps in 2011. . • Grand View Research revealed that the global mHealth apps market size is expected to reach USD 236.0 billion by 2026. If you are looking to develop a great mobile health app then this is the best time! Things to Consider Before You Develop a Mobile Healthcare App Know Your Target Audience You must be familiar with your audience while developing your app.

Target the Individual Platforms Conclusion. Is React Native App Development Services Really Cost-effective? React Native is a next-generation framework that enables businesses to build cross-platform mobile apps across both iOS and Android platforms. Businesses are increasingly making a switch to this framework because a single app can be developed that can work perfectly across multiple platforms. Besides, you don’t have to invest capital on building applications for different platforms. However, there is a lot of misinterpretation around this framework and the first thing you should know — it’s not an ideal option for all types of apps.

Let’s dive into the subject and comprehend the strong points of react native app development services and it is worth investing your capital. The Growing Significance of React Native React Native was engineered in 2015 by Facebook and ever since that time the curiosity in this framework was swiftly burgeoning. As per Google trends, over the past 12 months, the usage of the React Native framework in the United States market has increased exponentially. How to do Appium setup with Testing in Android Studio? - QSS. Abstract: This article is targeted to the uses who wish to configure mobile automation testing with android studio.

How to do Appium setup with Testing in Android Studio? - QSS

We already have an article on Appium with eclipse. Now this time we have come with more technical aspect of configuration of Appium with android studio. Users can understand how testNG annotation can be used in test scripts if you’re interested in Appium, how it works and how it is automate to mobile app then this topic just state the basics of these concepts. I assume, you might have at least basic knowledge of Appium. Introduction: Appium goals to automate any mobile application from any languages like Ruby, Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, C# and any test framework , with full access to back-end APIs and DBs from the test code. It provides the cross platform and write tests in multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Windows using with the same APIs. How Flux Architecture used in Web Development? Abstract: This article is about Flux architecture and targeted those users who wish to take advantage of Flux architecture In this article, we are going to learn: – what is Flux architecture, the need for Flux architecture in web development, some pieces of codes which will explain how to use it.

How Flux Architecture used in Web Development?

(in this article I will code in JavaScript, however, Flux architecture is an architecture, so no need of programming language dependency). Introduction: A Flux is an architectural pattern follow a unidirectional flow of data through your Application mostly used with React, Introduced by ‘Facebook’. Why FLUX? As we know that React is a library, not a framework, used to represent ‘VIEW’ part of your application. ActionDispatcherStoreView As we discussed earlier that FLUX used a unidirectional flow of data: Dispatcher, Store, and View all are independent with separate input and output.

Action: A Beginner's Guide to Layout and Grids. Abstract Every designer has knowledge of tools when they start a design.

A Beginner's Guide to Layout and Grids

Mostly they utilize some sort of format network to arrange the components. Grids are the backbone of all layouts. The grid system acts similarly to the print layout in organizing the elements on the page. It provides a guide for designers to form multiple layouts that support responsive themes for various screen sizes. Introduction A grid is like invisible lines that hold a style along.

When starting a design, grids are used to organize the elements. In today’s world, all visual interactions are screen based, where content is viewed in multiple screens phones, tablets, laptops, TVs and smartwatches. How to Perform SSRS - Reporting With Rest APIs? Abstract With the increasing need for Data Analysis in business operations, more and more option for data analysis are required.

How to Perform SSRS - Reporting With Rest APIs?

One such tool is provided by Microsoft i.e. SSRS – SQL Server Reporting Services. SSRS can be deployed by customer on its own server. One can create, publish and manage reports using SSRS. Introduction Through SSRS, one can create reports by connecting to SQL Server, MySql Server, XML and other DB servers too. Part-I – Creating a Sample Rest API project.