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Supporting Seniors to Stop Smoking. Bad habits ruin any good effort.

Supporting Seniors to Stop Smoking

An unhealthy habit can put a senior’s life at risk – even when they are undergoing medical intervention or receiving home care services. As someone who truly cares about them, we hate seeing our senior loved ones putting their lives at risk with every smoke they inhale. The good news is that you can support your senior loved one to quit smoking. It may not be easy but as long as you are firm on the commitment, your loved one will feel it too. Here are some strategies you can apply. Conversations That Keep Seniors Going. Conversations are powerful.

Conversations That Keep Seniors Going

They can make us feel emotions, brighten the day, make us think deeper, and inspire hope. While we have been providing home care services to many families for years, we have seen the real power of conversations. We provide services as your trusted home care service provider in Hawaii. While we do so, we engage our patients and their families in meaningful conversations. Making the Kitchen Safe and Friendly for Seniors. The aroma and warmth of home-cooked meals make the house a place like no other.

Making the Kitchen Safe and Friendly for Seniors

Stop Before It Starts: Preventing Elderly Abuse. It is unfortunate that painful events can happen to the vulnerable members of our community – our seniors.

Stop Before It Starts: Preventing Elderly Abuse

Elder abuse refers to any action, both intentional and not, that creates risk or harm to someone 60 years old and above. Elder abuse leads to physical and emotional effects on our senior loved ones. With the right care, abuse can be prevented before it starts. Getting a trusted home care service provider in Hawaii ensures your good faith. Helping Hands Health Care make sure the senior receives the care and services we have agreed on providing. As your healthcare service provider in Hawaii, we provide the family members or designated contact person with updates on the senior patient.

Promote the Elderly’s Mental Health with These Morning Routines. Upholding the elderly’s mental health can never be emphasized enough.

Promote the Elderly’s Mental Health with These Morning Routines

Remember, their limited mobility and isolation, as well as the negative news, could contribute to their anxieties and worries. But did you know that you can help the elderly cope with these stress triggers with the right morning routines? How to Know When a Senior Loved One Needs 24 Hour Care. Home care services provide the opportunity for your senior loved ones to live an independent life in the comfort of home.

How to Know When a Senior Loved One Needs 24 Hour Care

However, there are instances that they may need an increased level of care. Instead of receiving care for a specific time of the day, your elderly loved one may require 24/7 care. Why Having Dogs as Pets Is Beneficial for Older People’s Health. Pets are wonderful companions, especially if you choose dogs (or cats, depending on your preference).

Why Having Dogs as Pets Is Beneficial for Older People’s Health

A home care service provider in Hawaii lists down the following ways they can particularly help improve older adults’ overall wellness: They provide companionship. Your children are mostly full grown-ups now and living away from you, so you may find yourself alone at home most of the time. However, owning a dog can help dust off feelings of loneliness that may lead to depression.

Caregiving Tips: Healthy Brain. Whether you are a caregiver in the family or from a healthcare service provider in Hawaii, you are exposed to stress and burnout.

Caregiving Tips: Healthy Brain

Caregiving could greatly affect your health and wellbeing. The following stress management ideas could help you cope as a caregiver. Let us examine some of the controllable health factors that could influence your brain health. Stress.When you are very busy during the day, your body produces hormones called cortisol. Too much cortisol in the body could interfere with the brain’s ability to take in new information. Preventive Health and Safety Measures to Have at Home. Home should be a safe and happy place for your loved ones.

Preventive Health and Safety Measures to Have at Home

But do you think your house still has a lot of room for improvement to exude a homely vibe? If yes, you should start by hiring a housekeeper and home care service provider in Hawaii to get started. Then, set up health and safety measures in place. Professional Senior Care: Aid to Avoid Viral Infection. The past few months have been challenging for everyone, however, we never stopped caring.

Professional Senior Care: Aid to Avoid Viral Infection

During this difficult time, anyone who works as a healthcare service provider in Hawaii has stepped forward to solve the problem. Seniors and Their Susceptibility to Infections. We are all aware of how aging affects our bodies. Depending on our lifestyle and genetics, physical and mental conditions and complications may arise as we age. Likewise, seniors are most vulnerable when it comes to bacterial and viral infections. As much as we want to care for ourselves, or our elderly loved one, sometimes it’s better to acquire help from a healthcare service provider in Hawaii.

One of which is Helping Hands Health Care. Bacterial and viral infections can cause complications for anyone. Our staff is proactive and compassionate when it comes to caring. We have various services that can suit your needs. A Homecare Pro Tip for the Working Mom. Moms are full of wonders. Some are adored for their ability to manage the household, while some are admired for pursuing a career while raising amazing children.

If you are one of those supermoms who juggle work and household chores, you have our utmost respect. Heart Health Benefits of Omega-3 for Seniors. Seniors have a higher risk of acquiring heart diseases. As such, it is only natural that caregivers offering senior services in Oregon should consider how to improve an older adult’s heart health. One of the best ways to do so is to add foods rich in Omega-3 into their daily diet. Here are the top benefits that seniors can enjoy with Omega-3 rich foods: Cholesterol Levels Cholesterol can be divided into two types: the good cholesterol and the bad ones. The good cholesterol, otherwise known as the HDL cholesterol, must be increased to promote better heart health.

Caregivers offering companionship in Portland should already have an idea of the heart-health benefits of Omega-3 to seniors. Canola oilChia seeds, walnuts, flaxseeds, soybeansSardines, salmon, mackerel. In-Home Recovery Care and Its Benefits. Individuals with illnesses or injuries are provided with recovery care. Recovery care covers both medical and non-medical care services that are performed by professionals whose collective aim is to see their patients get better. Recovery care takes place in hospitals, where patients are already admitted or in other care facilities designed to administer recovery care services. However, patients also have the option to receive recovery care in the comfort of their own homes. Apart from comfort and familiarity, the other benefits of receiving in-home recovery care include the following: Patients may be easily monitored by their loved ones.Patients no longer have to adjust to the environment in hospital rooms or separate care facilities.

How to Keep a Senior from Being Isolated. Isolation is one of the risks that seniors face. Seniors tend to be aloft from their family members and friends when they have medical conditions and they don’t want to burden other people. At times, it may also be because they lost a spouse. Caring for an older adult means offering them companionship in Portland so they won’t get isolated. Here are some steps you can take to prevent isolation: Match them with a pet. Ensures that our senior services in Oregon are aimed to improve senior’s health, lifestyle, and quality of living. Pet Care for a Busy Family. “I love dogs but I’m too busy to take care of it.” Everyone indeed seems to be very busy these days, and owning a pet is a major responsibility. But it’s not impossible to be a good pet owner.

The Benefits of Walking for Older Adults. There are so many ways to keep yourself healthy as you get older. Combined with good nutrition, physical activities can help you live a better quality of life. One of the easiest and most low-risk activities that the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases suggested for older adults to do is walking. Right Nutrition for Healthy Aging. Meeting the nutritional needs of elders should be one of the goals of a Healthcare Service Provider in Hawaii. Things That Impact a Senior's Ability to Eat. Over the years, the correlation between poor diet and chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease has become more apparent. Unfortunately, despite this knowledge, many seniors still struggle to eat healthily and remain well-nourished. While there are many reasons why this happens, there are three main reasons.

Loss of sense of taste and smell due to aging or medicationLimited access to grocery stores and food marketsLack of appetite due to loneliness and depression We can’t do much to prevent the loss of senses due to aging. Keeping a Healthy Diet as an Elderly. Healthy eating changes as we age. As we grow older, our metabolism slows down and food intake becomes more complex. Make Your Life Easier by Outsourcing Household Tasks. Home Care: A Modern Approach to Senior Healthcare. Most of the developed nations have been experiencing an aging population, which is mainly due to a significantly lower birth rate. The United States, a notable example, has been facing this over the past several years. With this current demographic trend, the demand for elderly care continues to rise. Maintaining Privacy While Working with Caregivers.

Majority of us value our own privacy. Home care service providers in Hawaii apply information privacy laws—a.k.a. HIPAA or The Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act—in areas involving their patients’ federal privacy. Why Home Healthcare Agencies Need to Screen their Staff. Being a leading Home Care Service Provider in Hawaii, we put high value on the welfare of our clients.

We’re not only serving individuals, but we’re also making the lives of their whole family better and more manageable. Aging in Place: Why Independence is Vital in the Senior Years. What does the word ‘independence’ mean to you? If you’ve been thinking of freedom, doing things your way, or enjoying what you do with no restrictions, then you’ve had a taste of what independence is like. For our aging loved ones, however, independence means everything.

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