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Hello SkinnyCoCo aims to build a community of women that are healthy and happy with their bodies.

Body Talks. Body Tox. What is Detox? We hear it always; “detox diets,” “detox teas,” “detox foods,” detox everywhere.

Body Talks. Body Tox. What is Detox?

I feel like we’ve fallen in love with the word without a palpable grasp of what it actually means. The very idea of being able to “flush” harmful toxins out of our system is refreshing. However, there are some things you should know before fervently investing in your next detox program; The answers may already be within us. Read on below. It’s becoming more critical that we, as consumers, know the truth.

It’s time to wake up to the sad evolution of alchemy; cheap and easy. Xenobiotics, Toxins, POPs. Toxins can be naturally occurring such as in the case of botulinum toxin (a byproduct of bacteria) but most are synthetic such as pesticides and plastic. Furthermore, the breakdown of xenobiotics can create toxic byproducts within the body. When we talk “toxins” and “xenobiotics” we can also use the term “persistent organic pollutants" (2). Simple Tips to Stay Naturally Slim. It's easy to walk into a wellness center, pay the money to have slimming treatments and see gratifying results.

Simple Tips to Stay Naturally Slim

However, what's your follow-up plan? Once you hit your last day of contouring sessions, where will that leave you in terms of maintaining your newfound body-love? These simple tips are designed to take your knowledge and motivation to new heights as you continue improving your health. Losing weight is more than simply counting calories. We also need to take a look at genetics & DNA; what we were born with and what we can alter. 1) Drink pH balanced water Westernized diets and ambient pollution put our bodies at risk for a high acid load. 2) Boost Fiber 3) Eat Chocolate, Chips, Pizza-Whatever Makes You Happy, Every Day It’s true. 4) Get Moving! While my program will help you reduce subcutaneous fat there are super easy ways that you can enhance your results. 6) Portion.

Chewing the Fat, About Fat. I see it often; a friend or family member starts a diet program only to experience misery.

Chewing the Fat, About Fat

A restrictive nutritional profile, mood and sleep disturbances, headaches, poor outcomes, no follow up, loaded artificial sweeteners and the list is long. This wheel is not complete until that same person loses all motivation and confidence to continue. I’m here to tell you, the problem may not be you. After all, you’ve put in work at the gym, restricted calories yet feel that you are getting nowhere.

The missing link between your body and your goals could very simply be knowledge. One of the most underutilized facts, as made available in nutrition, endocrinology and orthomolecular medicine journals, is that fat is not an enemy. Conditioning fat may come down to rearranging our dietary as well as other day-to-day choices in order to better control a key factor in the development of overweight-related diseases: oxidative stress.

A Pathological Story: Read on. Physiology, I’m a Systematic Learner. Hello CurvyCoCo. Beyond What is Idealized in the Media I decided to honor & love my body Looking a certain way doesn’t matter, what matters is learning to accept yourself, that is your true power.

Hello CurvyCoCo

Look & feel your best through using more natural ways to highlight the beautiful body you were born into; honor yourself. Self-care is a beautiful practice that allows you to connect with your mind and your body. There are many ways you can “take care” of your natural beauty. It was time to broaden my scope as an RMT, learn as much as I could about anatomy, physiology, and spiritual science to bring something better to the industry; promoting health as well as beautiful shapes. With 6 years of medical science studies behind me, I was ready to bring something to the world that is revolutionary. I wanted others to experience this To promote relaxation along with a healthy body and shape you will love.

Bookings Checkout. Bookings Checkout. Bookings Checkout. Hello CurvyCoCo. The Skinny Science. Chewing the Fat, About Fat. DIY Purifying Mask. Healthy Morning Routine for Glowing Skin. Body Talks. Body Tox. What is Detox? Simple Tips to Stay Naturally Slim. Chewing the Fat, About Fat. Hello CurvyCoCo. Hello CurvyCoCo. The Skinny Science. Hello CurvyCoCo. Bookings Checkout. Bookings Checkout. Helloskinnycoco. Hello CurvyCoCo. DIY Purifying Mask. Healthy Morning Routine for Glowing Skin. Body Talks. Body Tox. What is Detox? Simple Tips to Stay Naturally Slim. Chewing the Fat, About Fat. Hello CurvyCoCo. The Skinny Science. Hello CurvyCoCo. Hello CurvyCoCo.